Cesare – Forget The Cliche, Sometimes More Is More

There is a move at the moment for hip-hop and rap to head into ambient sonic territory, for beats to become sparse and grooves to slow down into real chill out territory.  Well, Cesare obviously didn’t get the memo, which makes for a refreshing change because against this backdrop of back bedroom, minimalist music makers his remix of Silence stands out like a beacon in the dark.

Ironically, considering the tracks title, he layers up the musical textures and although the song does run on fairly simple lines it is what he hangs on those sparse beats which is the real charm here. Not just the usual cross raps and flowing harmonies, but everything from glitchy electronica, street sounds and skittering trap percussion, synth washes, reggae melodica and distant disembodied choral work gets a look in. But it isn’t just a case of throwing everything into the mix, it is how you piece it together and the clever thing here is that even though there is a so much going on it all has room to breath, and room to work its magic. And that, after all, is the art of it.

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