Cedric Robinson Knight Releases Their Latest Smooth R&B Hip Hop Jam “Back Up Off Me”

“Back Up Off Me” is the latest single from up and coming Hip Hop R&B artist Cedric Robinson Knight who laid down a laidback rhythm paired with infrequent yet effective lyrical versing.

With the single which was released in March 2019 Cedric Robinson Knight proved they can weave together indulgent instrumental melodies which sit in perfect synergy with the lyrical layering. There’s plenty of spatial effect put to good use; ensuring that throughout Back Up Off Me you never let your attention slip from the magnetism of the beat. Yet, the lyrical depth of the single was left fairly shallow. If Cedric Robinson Knight dared to pair his poignant production style with compelling lyrics, there’d be no stopping him.

You can check out Cedric Robinson Knight’s latest single Back Up Off Me for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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