Caxiel releases debut single “Never Stop” and simultaneously proves to be the prodigal son of Pop

Anyone with a vocal presence which is reminiscent of the King of Pop’s is never going to fail when it comes to amassing plenty of attention with his releases. Which is exactly what happened with up and coming artist Caxiel’s debut single “Never Stop”.

Never Stop is simple, sweet, soulful, and incredibly effective when it comes to drenching you in synth-laden EDM Pop catharsis. Never Stop may not be the most energetic EDM Pop track, but the layers of Funk and Ambience weave together in a sublime mix guarantee it’s a contemporarily fresh track which you’ll always want to hit play on.

Considering Never Stop was released a year ago, it’s getting to that point where it would be an aural crime for Caxiel not to step back into the studio soon. We’re sure he’s got another sticky earworm in the pipeline though.

You can check out Caxiel’s latest single Never Stop for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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