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8 Evolutions – Spirit Guides: A Joyful Journey Into Existentialism

Tackling a difficult subject matter takes a lot of bravery but doing it in a lighthearted way, through music, takes a level of artistry and courage that 8 Evolutions prove they have in spades! Their latest release, ‘Spirit Guides’, tackles questions about the afterlife head on, in a positively uplifting and fun way, through youthful but classic rock, layered guitar riffs, and a strong lead vocal.  The harmonies are tight and on point so, all the singers out there, no need to edit your ears or suspend musical reality in order to enjoy the track! It’s all good.

8 Evolutions are the real deal. The fact that they are gifted musicians is irrefutable. Their workmanship is crystal clear and their authenticity sets them apart from their peers. With that said, ‘Spirit Guides’ is a perfect example of song writing gold. The seamless flow from the verses to the chorus and then the bridge, is genuinely epic. Its original while being satisfyingly familiar and it’s the type of track that is sure to put these guys indelibly on the map.

Don’t take our word for it! Have a listen to ‘Spirit Guides’ here at Soundcloud and let us know what you think, Have fun!

Review by Susan Harriott


Philip James Turner & The Crow Mandala – The Loneliest Boy in the World

If you’re looking for a slice of smile-inducing sonic juicy funk-laced Alt Rock, I couldn’t point you in any better direction than the title track from Philip James Turner & The Crow Mandala’s second album “The Loneliest Boy in the World”

If you could imagine what it would sound like if Bauhaus or The Cure injected a little humour and arcane synth chaos into their music, you may be able to get an idea of what is on offer through the Loneliest Boy in the World. Despite how much playful personability has been injected into the track, it still remains incredibly stylistic. In short, even the most pretentious goth’s aural voids will be filled by this sticky-sweet jam which was never in danger of resonating as saccharine.

If The Loneliest Boy in the World was adapted into a Rock Opera, I’d be amongst the first with tickets.

You can check out The Loneliest Boy in the World along with the rest of the album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Primary Colours – Trip Advisor: Cosmic Riff-Driven Alt-Indie Rock Alchemy

“Trip Advisor” is the instantly enamouring latest single from Newcastle-based Alt Indie experimentalists Primary Colours. Whatever the key to creating a hit instead of just a track, it’s contained in the colourful mind-melting textures of Trip Advisor.

If you could imagine what it would sound like if Velvet Revolver, Desert Mountain Tribe, and the Legendary Pink Dots collaborated on a record, you’ll be able to get an idea of the kind of cosmic riff-driven alchemy which Primary Colours offer.

Call me jaded, but there aren’t many bands who can leave me feeling as adrenalized as I felt listening to Trip Advisor for the 1st time (and the 5th). That probably has a lot to do with the volatile kaleidoscopic raucous energy contained in the track. After hearing it on record, I’m making it my mission to hear it live. I can only imagine how blisteringly transcendent a live set from Primary Colours would be.

You can check out Trip Advisor along with the rest of their mesmeric back catalogue via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Roussett – We Might Just Do This All Day: Hypnotically Psychedelic Alt Indie Pop

“We Might Just Do This All Day” is the psychedelically serene latest single from up and coming Alt Indie artist Roussett.

If Elliott Smith experimented with spacey and colourful tones, I’d imagine that it wouldn’t sound all too different from the ethereal catharsis found in We Might Just Do This All Day which would be haunting if it weren’t so soothing. The lucid layers gently weave through their Jazz-infused progressions as the delicately amorous vocals find the perfect synergy alongside them.

I don’t make Mr Bungle comparisons lightly. But the soundscape perceptibly shared the same kind of ingenuity which you’d find in the hazy, oceanic avant-garde tracks such as Retrovertigo and Pink Cigarette.

There will be plenty more to come from Roussett in 2020, so do your blood pressure and get them on your radar.

You can check out Roussett’s latest single We Might Just Do This All Day for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ricky Racks has dropped a Grime Trap playlist essential with their latest single “Trapstar”

“Trapstar” is the arrestingly slick latest single to be dropped by up and coming London-based Trap artist Ricky Racks. The beats may be modern and offer plenty of contemporary appeal. But the Rap verses and the lyrics bring back the most missed elements of Old School Hip Hop.

Ricky Racks’ verses practically drip venom and hold a stark mirror up to society in true Grime fashion. Combine that with the fact that it’s practically impossible not to get caught up in the smooth flow, and you’ve got a Trap hit.

With the playful and light beats creating the perfect contrasting platform for Ricky Racks to lay down their vitriolic verses, Trap tracks don’t come much more authentic than this. Get him on your radar.

You can check out the official music video to Trapstar for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Kaleido Bay – Liberation: A Vitriolically Charged Alt Rock Playlist Essential

From the moment you hit play on UK Alt Rock artist Kaleido Bay’s latest single “Liberation” the frenetic energy pulls you in. It’s a high-octane convictive aural force to be reckoned with, but it definitely isn’t without its melodicism.

With juicy choruses, anticipation filled-breakdowns, and mind-blowingly dynamic instrumentals, we can quite honestly say that we’ve never heard anything like this before. They promise to deliver a full tonal palette, and sure enough, there’s a frenzied kaleidoscope of colour in Liberation.

It’s punchy, it’s riotous, and it’s innovative enough to offer little in the way of reminiscences to other artists. Yet there are faint elements of Metal, Rock, Post Punk, Punk, and No Wave all weaved into the mix making Liberation indulgently accessible from the first time you’re fronted with the angsty aural alchemy.

The fact that I wrote this review on the same day which the Manic Street Preacher’s celebrated the 20th anniversary of Masses Against the Classes feels serendipitous. Just as I was mourning the lack of vitriol found in politically-charged music, Kaleido Bay crashed onto my radar.

You can check out Liberation along with Kaleido Bay’s earlier releases via Spotify now.

Follow the band on Facebook to keep up to date with their releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


SHA-BENGEZ – Shawty: Sticky-Sweet Wavy Trap

If you like your Trap on the wavier side, you may just find a playlist essential in up and coming Hip Hop artist SHA-BENGEZ’s recently released single “Shawty”.

With their accessible approach to Trap, there’s no room to wonder why SHA-BENGEZ isn’t short on acclaim. They may be relatively fresh from their inception. But that freshness resonates within their smooth concordant style.

With shimmering lashings of reverb over the solid Trap beats, there’s a lucidly strong platform for SHA-BENGEZ to lay down their slick verses. Shawty may not offer anything new with the lyrics, but sentimentally sweet Hip Hop tracks will always be timeless.

You can check out Shawty along with SHA-BENGEZ’s other releases via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Hannah Savage – Feel Something: Adventure-Seeking Contemporary R&B

Hannah Savage is a singer, actress, dancer and all-around artist from Philadelphia, PA. And I tell you what; you’re in for a treat with her new song called “Feel Something”.

This is a stunningly sensational R&B song that features well done soft and lustful vocals. On top of that the lyrics are rather meaningful, they scream a craving to truly experience and live life. This is a type of song that although musically is leaning towards a specific music genre (which would be R&B/Pop) it can be linked to so many different moods: Sexy, introspective, joyful, mellow, the whole nine yards. Also, don’t let get started on the production; it’s splendid. Gentle music aimed to be played at the club just moments before the sun rises.

I would definitely encourage all contemporary R&B to keep an eye on Hannah Savage, as she is releasing her debut EP called “Temporary” on 01/02/2020. Until then, check out “Feel Something” on her Spotify page.

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


ZVK – Self Love: Conscious Hip-Hop

When you visit ZVK’s profile on Instagram, you can read in his bio section: ‘antisocial. introvert. insomniac.’. And judging by the song ‘Self Love’ I find his statement a valid one.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a rap aficionado, a rap purist or a new age trap kid; the pure and relaxing vibes of this song will get you hooked. This instrumental is a piece of music to fall in love with. ZVK’s British accent is another element that I find enjoyable. The chorus features some smooth R&B female vocals by Lou May that give eargasms; during the verses, ZVK is spitting some introvert, substantial bars.

Hip-Hop used to be the place to go if you were looking for pivotal lyrical content; and we’re happy to be in a position where we can see young music makers still stand by that principle. To see them Use this music format as a medium to stream some of their inner thoughts in such a cordial illustration.

Feel the ‘Self Love’ here

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis