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Extremely sensitive to the latest events caused by the spread of Coronavirus, Estella Kirk drops her first single Shelter in the Storm

Dreaming of becoming the next pop star and about to release her debut EP in 2020, up and coming artist Estella Kirk drops her first single Shelter in the Storm, written in collaboration with Kira Fontana of Kingdom Sound and produced by Josh “Igloo” Monroy.

Extremely sensitive to the latest events caused by the spread of Coronavirus, Estella has been looking for security, truth and shelter in a world of chaos where she’s found her safe spot in God. In this regard, the storm she sings about is the panic and fear that the virus has spread, but someone is always here to give us peace, to help us find shelter in the storm: the Lord Himself.

Evocative and hopeful lyrics are introduced into a mellow pop dimension with wider harmonies in the choruses as to give us the feel of a divine presence that acts in intervention.

You can listen to Shelter in the Storm for yourself on Youtube.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Dizmation’s new single ‘Render’ is a heartfelt electronica-laden exploration

Irish-based producer and musician Dizmation has released his melancholically inspiring new track ‘Render’. 

Echoes of Thom Yorke’s first forays into the solo musician sphere become increasingly apparent as ‘Render’ rides to its completion. ‘Render’ is a soulful, downtempo electronica-infused track with some neatly arranged vocals from Dizmation and its ability to create a melancholic, indie-vibing atmosphere is very apparent. 

‘Render’ picks up steadily as it progresses, helping harmonise Dizmation’s mournful vocals with some throbbing bass lines underscoring the moody-yet-optimistic overtures. It’s a track definitely worth putting on a solo-walk playlist and is masterfully produced with each frequency popping in just the right way. 

You can listen to Dizmation’s ‘Render’ on the artist’s Bandcamp account here. 

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From the EP Sooner Than You Think, Omo Aston drops his new single Man On!

Irish singer and songwriter Omo Aston has dropped his new single Man On! from the EP Sooner Than You Think.

Unfolding from Afrobeat sounds rooted in his Nigerian descent and outlining a paramount part of the arrangement, the song is like a gust of fresh air for an R&B-derived hip hop effort to the likes of artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean. Despite being in the scene since only 2018, Omo Aston prides himself on having achieved thousands of streams without any other support but his talent and an ever-evolving sound that gets to explore features of Soul and even Jazz.

While still being an emerging artist, he’s already gained awareness and appraisal by Irish urban magazines, and it’s fair to expect he’s going to deliver on that pledge in his upcoming project in 2021.

But for now, you can head over Spotify and check out Man On! for yourself.

Review by Jim Esposito.


Chris Birdsall makes us glad we at least aren’t deaf on new single ‘Deaf, Dumb and Blind’

Is there a sound more instantly pleasurable than an electric guitar being strung? I’m not sure, but Chris Birdsall makes a strong case for ‘no’. His measured playing and especially raw vocal treatment instantly recalls blues rock revivalists The Black Keys—not just sonically, but also in the sense that Birdsall knows how to write catchy, ear-wormy melodies that sound anything but warmed-over. 

You’d have to be at least dumb to not want to spend three and a half minutes with this focused, well-produced gem of a track. 

Stream it here.


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Post-punk Nottingham band Hurtsfall release dark and moody ‘’12 Long Years’’

“Batnip for Goths” is how the band describes themselves and I couldn’t have put it any better myself. ‘’12 Long Years’’ is the new release from ‘Hurtsfall’ and it’s a solid release from the 3 year old act.

A post-punk band, with gothic overtones and synth-pop influences, this is a band that is rising through the UK ranks and shows lots of potential for greater things. 

I’d like to witness the band live myself to get a better feel for them as the word on the street is that they put on quite a show. That’s the point really, recordings are great, music videos even better but where a band really earns their stripes is what happens live. 

‘Hurtsfall’ might not be everyone’s cup of tea but I doubt they care much. They have a loyal fan base and that is what matters. Look out for their progress and let’s hope to see them at a live show soon and many festivals in 2021.

Stream more of the UK band right here on any platform you wish.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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From Sydney with fury: Bambibrains releases his new track Postcode

From Sydney with fury – not quite, probably ardour – Bambibrains has released his new track Postcode.

There’s a halo of 80’s wrapping the arrangement and the overall structure of this song, whether it is for the reverbed drums or the studio maneuverer used to compress the vocals. Whatever it is, there’s a vast harmony made up of a mixture of keyboards that’s best appreciated if listened to in stereo – a very contemporary (and original) pop trick.

Production-wise, it’s an impressive recording effort powering up on the song’s memorable melodies that although essential and catchy, still contain lyrics that don’t merely describe commercial topics but dig deeper for both internal and external contemplation.

Even though Bambibrains claims not to be everybody’s cup of tea, Postcode proves he can appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Check him out for yourself on Soundcloud.

Review by Jim Esposito.

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The Star Prairie Project strives for freedom with ‘Home of Hope’

Country and Americana artist The Star Prairie Project has released new track ‘Home of Hope’. 

Self described ’brainchild’ of Nolen Chew Jr. – a songwriter from Star Prairie, Wisconsin’ – The Star Prairie Project have projected talents strongly with ‘Home of Hope’. Inspiring music, especially in times like these as many Americans will agree, can go a long way to finding one’s feet and ‘Home of Hope’ delivers on this optimism with toe tapping goodness put to all-American loving drawl and a tightly woven guitar sequence.

Countrified goodness is good for the heart and soul – and this is one for americana lovers all over to throw up on to their playlists for the long-haul.  

You can listen to ‘Home of Hope’ on The Star Prarie Project’s Spotify page now

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Bug Operator releases new ethereal electro ‘Unblinking’

Electronic music producer Bug Operator has released a new track ‘Unblinking’ from their latest project Extraordinary Popular Delusions (And the Madness of Crowds).

Sparkling into place with some Mike Oldfield-esque keys and twinkly pads, ‘Unblinking’ doesn’t blink before cutting into a more driving European club-inspired space with a harsh saw bass coming into play alongside a heavy dose of reverb-heavy drums. It has a videogame style playfulness that doesn’t tire too long on one single melody, and you can hear an intelligence in the track’s frequency mix which gives it the feeling of an experienced production. 

‘Unblinking’ will work better for those who enjoy electronic music that wouldn’t feel too out of place in a more soundtrack-oriented playlist, and it’s worth checking out if you want to explore the edges of the internet’s vast denizens of hazy, ethereal, mildy-experimental electronica. 

You can check out Bug Operator’s ‘Unblinking’ on the artist’s YouTube channel here.