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Novakane introduces you to his demons in his drill hip hop track, NITETIME

NITETIME is an insomnia track like no other; Novakane depicted the demons that always seem to creep in to greet us in the early hours while creating an adrenalizing drill track with party hip hop vibes.

Even though some of the glamour is stripped away from the hedonist lifestyle by the cutting witty lyrics, Novakane brought a sobering sense of realism to the release that allows you to see why so many people revel in excess and intoxicated escapism.

NITETIME is easily one of the hardest-hitting hip hop tracks that we’ve heard this year. We can’t wait to hear more.

NITETIME is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Migrant Birds invite you to ‘Feel it All’ in their cinematic folk single.

North Carolina-dwelling indie-folk-pop trio Migrant Birds craft their accordant singles to ensure that folk stays contemporary. Their standout single, Feel it All, rekindles the magic of old-school folk while allowing you to get lost in the lush modern production.

In Feel it All, orchestral strings quiver below light acoustic guitars while the sublimely layered harmonies drift above. Any fans of Noah and the Whale, Mumford and Sons and Friendly Fires will want to save a spot on their playlists for Migrant Birds and their escapism-aiding soundscapes.

Feel it All is available to stream on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Brooklyn’s brightest lyrical hip hop luminary Sydmac has released his latest single, Hums


‘Hums’ is the latest hypnotically smooth soul-laden jazzy hip hop track from the Haiti-born, Brooklyn-raised up and coming artist Sydmac. His lyrical and narrative rap style perfectly complements his blissfully serenading reverb-laden beats.

Through each of his tracks, Sydmac aims to provoke his listeners into living in the present and living to the fullest; discernibly, he succeeds in his latest release. Hums is cathartic enough to take the mental weight from you and fill you with positivity while you’re open to shifts of perception. The airwaves are infinitely more soulful for this new addition. We can’t wait to hear what comes next from one of the smoothest new names in New York hip hop.

Check out Sydmac on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

My City Is A Curse: Raw East St. Louis rapper Mak 9 shows us into the ‘Worst Of The Worst’

As he bravely climbs out of his home hell to make that much-anticipated bread so he can feed the team, Mak 9 takes us into his shell-filled world with the clip-packed new sturdy single ‘Worst Of The Worst‘.

Mak 9 is an underground East St. Louis, Illinois-based indie trap artist. He is a rampaging artist who tells us the stories straight up, through his lens of life which has seen many things he would rather forget.

I am inspired by artist such as Kevin Gates, Da Baby, 2Pac, Lil Baby, Drake, Jelly Roll, Eminem, Migos and many more.” ~ Mak 9

Bringing forth a supremely robust style which has so much strength attached, as he shows us his armory that is stacked with merchandise to help calm the stormy winds if things get a bit hectic. His raps are sturdy and mightily hulking, as the fiery bars slam down hard and with such a ferocious meaning.

Worst Of The Worst‘ from the gritty East St. Louis, Illinois-based trapper Mak 9, is that true story about having the bravery to stick through the tough times. With his tight crew and money-hungry attitude, he has a made a track that is totally raw and with a real heavy style. He brings that hardcore rap to our eyes – and shows us that he is indeed ready for any obstacles – which may come his way in this crazy world.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more of his music on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Javii takes us to the Sunken Place in his dreamy trip-hop track.

After making his 2020 debut, up and coming Miami-based singer-songwriter, Javii has continued to express what words alone could never say. His latest single, Sunken Place, is an intoxicating mash of bluesy guitars, trip-hop textures and dream-pop melodies that unravels like the trippiest lullaby you’ve ever heard.

The solemn testimony of his descent to a mentally sunken place won’t fail to resonate with any listeners whose mentalities err on the side of melancholy; thanks to the notes that seem to blossom in the tonally vibrant soundscape, the release emanates pure soul in place of pensiveness.

Sunken Place is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sun-Soaked Trap Pop: Captiøn – Malcølm In the Middle feat. Christian Awong


There are two kinds of experimental artists, the ones who strive to create anything as long as it is new, and the ones that give their tracks the same IQ as Einstein, the up and coming alt-pop artist Captiøn is definitively in the latter camp.

His latest single, created in collaboration with Christian Awong, is as alternative as it is emotional; the vocal hooks in Malcølm in the Middle pull you deeper into the trippy, sun-bleached melodicism. Summer may be coming to a close, but if there is any tropic trap pop track to keep you warm through the winter, it is this sweet and authentic earworm.

Check out Captiøn’s latest track on Spotify or SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Montana Stax brings hazy summer trap vibes in ‘Celine’.

Montana Stax

The latest track, Celine, from the East Coast hip hop artist Montana Stax is already well on its way to going viral; in the week after its release, it racked up 90k streams on SoundCloud alone.

Any fans of RZA, Method Man and Ghostface Killah will find that vibing with Montana Stax’ wildly expressive vocals is all too easy, while the hazy, summery trap instrumentals bring a touch of serenity to the amourously electric track which is just one of the singles on Stax’ new project, How I Spent My Vacation 2.

You can check out Celine for yourselves here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jay Joe brought the best of UK hip hop with his latest release, Shaky.

London-born, Essex-based Rap artist Jay Joe dropped an instant grime classic with his latest single, Shaky. His energy, ensnaring. His lyrics, cutting, His beats, atmospheric; in usual drill hip hop fashion.

Fans of Tempa T, Tinie Tempah and Dizzee Rascal will want to make Shaky a playlist staple for its garagey beats, the adrenalizing aggression in the rap bars and Jay Joe’s ability to leave you floored with his lyrical flex. He’s already a firm fixture on the GRM Daily YouTube channel, but we highly doubt that will be the highest of accolades applied to Jay Joe’s gritty, scathing signature sound.

Shaky was released on August 15th; you can check out the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

ShelovesYj – WOAH: Hard-Hitting High-Vibe Hip Hop

If your high vibe hip hop playlists aren’t hitting the same, the enlivening energy and unique lyrical depth in ShelovesYj’s latest single, WOAH, will prove to be a worthy playlist staple.

It’s so much more than your average hedonist hip hop track. While many artists use their high vibe tracks to brag about their excess and dominant personalities, there’s a far more vulnerable side to WOAH. With lines such as “every day I try to find the light, got a lot of pain inside, just gotta keep smiling because the demon will rise”, the sense of realism is resounding. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever connected with a hip hop in quite the same way.

At the age of just 16-years-old, the Ontario, Canada-based freestyle artist is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

The official music video that premiered on March 6th is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Cavono has made his dark pop debut with the post-punk tinged album, Desires.


Texas-residing artist Cavono has released his debut album, Desires; the best introduction to his post-punk-style crooning, dark trip-hop beats and alt-indie guitars is the hypnotic standout single, Glass.

If you could imagine the aural result from fusing styles of Hozier, Big Black Delta and the Editors, you can get an idea of how much sex appeal spills from this moody, folky feat of alt-indie pop. From the first verse, you’re pulled into the semi-orchestral soundscape by the sheer magnetism of Cavono’s soulfully morose vocal timbre, making the haunting ethereal tones in the genre-obliterating track so much more phantasmal.

Desires officially released on August 6th; it is now available via apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast