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Ella Hayes sold soul-pop sanctuary in her debut single, Recovery

Essex soul-pop singer-songwriter Ella Hayes paraded her vanquished skeletons and shared her growing pains in her debut EP, Colour Me In, which follows her through her journey of addiction, awakening and expressive creativity.

The standout single, Recovery, was a means of catharsis for the artist, which she extended to the airwaves as a powerfully inspiring affirmation that addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. The pop-rock orchestral layers set the perfect tone for her candour, which leaves few stones unturned around the epiphanous lyrics, which resolvingly prove that sanctuary is always in reach, despite how low your rock bottom feels.

“All my life I’ve been terrorised by the lies my head tells me” is one hell of an opening lyric; one that sets the bar she continually transcends throughout Recovery.

Recovery is now available to stream on Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Wait So Long: Ella McCready won’t fall for her ex again on the sensational I Choose You

After feeling so heartbroken and then seeing what a 2nd chance relationship looked like, Ella McCready decided she would not fall for someone who let her down before but won’t hate either on the hugely embraceable single I Choose You.

Ella McCready is a London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actor who has taken a voyage away from her recent upbeat dance pop tracks.

“‘I Choose You’ actually helped me make one of the biggest decisions I’ve had to make in the last year. I had been through a messy and difficult break up that had been entirely instigated by a man I was very much in love with. A month had gone by and then he’d come back into my life asking for a second chance. I walked into a writing session knowing that what I walked out with would be a song about him, but not knowing whether it would be positive or negative. I think the extremely uplifting nature of this track says it all – ‘I choose to love and not to hate’.” ~ Ella McCready bravely letting us into the meaning of this excellent release

Delighting our senses and bringing us an authentic story that should be a striking moment for so many, Ella McCready is a delightfully exquisite talent who sings with a tone that shall settle all your nerves in seconds. Fearless to the core and talented beyond belief, I Choose You is surely up there with one of the best releases from 2022 so far.

I Choose You from London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actor Ella McCready is a reminder that you need to embrace your heart’s desire to remain intact and away from anyone who could break it for a second time. Showing such poise and grace, this is an example to us all who either choose to be bitter, or to let someone back in rather hurriedly. Sung with an incredible vocal skill and featuring lyrics that have been made from the soul, this is something rather special for all to learn from.

When you choose to love while others hate, your life will be a happier world to live in.

Listen up to this angelic anthem on Spotify and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Heart Is Feeling Warm: Trinity Bliss dreams of those happy days again on the soul-healing California Sun

Sung with such smile-filled charm and enduring innocence, Trinity Bliss reminds herself to fall in love with those exciting days that seemingly never end on her gorgeous new single California Sun.

Trinity Bliss is a 13-year-old West Coast, USA-based indie pop singer-songwriter and actress who is best known for her roles in HBO Max’s The Garcias, and Apple TV+’s Best Foot Forward.

The morning sun on my face feels like childhood. No anxiety, just freedom and innocence! Every day I get older, yet the sun feels the same. I wrote this song about trying to get back to that perfect state of childhood but as your older self…” ~ Trinity Bliss guiding us into the vision of her latest gem

An exceptional talent who seems to have that modest nature that is so often lacking in a selfish time, Trinity Bliss is such a joy to witness. Her vocals shine above and reveal a ray of sunshine throughout this lovely anthem, that shall find us all searching for that ideal time in our lives.

This song went through so many changes, like it was constantly growing with me. I didn’t come back to it for nearly a year – I thought I’d outgrown it. But then I realised I needed it. When I got back to working on it, it quickly became my anthem for childhood!” ~ Trinity Bliss explaining how to the process of this track returned to life

California Sun from West Coast, USA-based indie pop artist and actress Trinity Bliss is such a splendid soundtrack to those merry days that will never be forgotten. Inspiring us all to recall our youth through this cinematic-like story, without letting this oft-cold world freeze our spirit no matter what. Trinity excels in all facets here and shows us we can indeed bury the past and retrain our minds into only seeing the positive vibrations.

Looking to the sky to heal all worries is the best way to stay young after all.

Hear this positive song on Spotify and find out more about this rising star on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Body Rises: Coco Varda drops the most mesmerizing single of 2022 so far with Branches

With an assortment of body-healing sounds that are truly mind-bending, Coco Varda is at her natural best with a remarkable performance to turn up loud called Branches.

Coco Varda is a UK-based indie cave pop/electronic singer-songwriter and DJ who is intrinsically inspired by legends such as Mazzy Star, Björk, Enya, and Grimes.

Expect drenched, eerie vocals and hypnotic harp loops over bass heavy trap and house inspired beats.” ~ Coco Varda describing her enchanting sound to perfection

Taken from her illumination-packed debut EP called There are worse things on the internet, this is a lost-your-mind journey from the excellent Coco Varda that assists us in getting through the weird maze of life. Made by a supremely skilled creative who brings forth a booming beat (that is never too much to handle), that will nestle in your soul like a happy bird inside a cozy nest.

Branches from the UK-based indie cave pop/electronic musician and DJ Coco Varda is a stunning single that will get you searching through nature to find to your way again. Featuring tranquil vocals and a mood-changing ambiance that could be stuck in your ears all day, to remind us that the light-filled path is there if we open up our eyes.

Listen up to this gem on Spotify and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Hold Your Breath: Atlanta Mae just wants to feel untamed on CYCLONE

Wanting that fiery romance to take her into another world altogether, Atlanta Mae seduces her way into our hearts with a flex-filled single from a charismatic singer who is the opposite of ordinary on CYCLONE.

Atlanta Mae is a South East London-born indie alt-RnB singer-songwriter who first started her career in the musical theatre world.

Her music reflects the urban sound escaping this city, whilst regular visits to the Caribbean to visit family have influenced her sound, adding a sprinkle of island flavour.” ~ Atlanta Mae showing us into her culture and sound

Lighting the fuse and seeing what happens when the explosion calms down, Atlanta Mae is on top form with a dynamic effort of mountain-moving dimensions. Her vocals might tickle your eardrums and induce a warm glow you haven’t felt for ages, from an imaginative musician who knows how to capture our attention.

CYCLONE from South East London-born indie alt-RnB singer-songwriter Atlanta Mae is a sizzlingly potent single from a seriously talented creative who might sooth your previously tight transversus thoracis muscle. Her seemingly effortless vocals are supremely gorgeous and, with her honest lyrics attached, this is a terrific song for anyone looking for that passionate love again.

When you wish for something spellbinding, the journey there can certainly have its difficulties before you find the one.

Listen up on Spotify and see more vibes on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All I Know: Bluewall just wants to escape from all those soul-hurting humans on Runaway

Released from their debut 5-track EP called Double Denim, Bluewall wants to leave home immediately and get away from any negative energies that are drowning the soul into mediocrity on Runaway.

Bluewall is a fairly new Milton Keynes, UK-based 4-piece indie band who is fresh in the game and sings with such likeable fervor you can’t ever get angry with.

With their day-changing charm and soothing vibe that has you thinking that anything is possible, Bluewall has an exceedingly promising energy which might lift you off your couch and into a world that has you in a more optimistic mood.

Runaway from Milton Keynes, UK-based 4-piece indie band Bluewall is an honest single about just wanting to get far from all the bad people itching with temptation in their veins and those pesky expectations that can drown you rather quickly. Piercing with a superb soundscape and thrilling lyrics that take us through this voyage out of that town with no hope, this is a single with so much to offer us all.

When you finally move from a place that doesn’t feel like home, the fresh air in the next city will always make you sigh in relief.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and if you like their vibe, you may find them on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just For Once: Nottingham-born pop artist Ritho wonders why his ex couldn’t just tell the truth on honest

Feeling that horrible crush of the heart after just healing up from the last crash, Ritho leads us into his current mindset that is completely fed up with the trauma associated on honest.

Ritho is a 22-year-old indie pop artist and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Nottingham, UK and now lives in busy London.

Stylistically, Ritho pulls themes with a more modern ‘bedroom pop’ sound, while musically staying rooted to the more traditional songwriting roots that were popular in the early 2000s.” ~ Ritho leading us into his music vision

With standout-from-the-crowd vocals that will find you listening slightly closer than usual, Ritho summons our recollections from the past that might not be pretty to look at. His smartly written lyrics might have you on tenterhooks, with a movie-like story that will probably end in tears.

honest from the multi-skilled London, UK-based indie pop solo artist Ritho is a breakup single to turn up loud when you need to vent out your frustration with what feels like a loop of the same events each time. He sings with such fluid insight as this tragic moment has plagued his mind again and again, as he wishes for a normal romance to grace his life.

When you feel that precious heart shattering again, your emotions can turn into a rather sad state of affairs.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Richi Camarena let the candour pour in his single, Letter to Myself

Mexico-born singer-songwriter Richi Camarena let the candour poor in his debut EP, Letter to Myself. The title single starts by exploring the connotations of depression and the guilt it leaves us with when we’re unable to be happy for the people we love before vulnerably proving that nothing lasts forever, not even the emotions that seem impossible to escape.

The gentle piano pop ballad is a stunning testament to the 23-year-old artist’s motivation to open up with his emotions and allow his fans to follow suit. The simple piano melodies around the gentle percussive kicks give the artist’s voice plenty of space to resound and resonate before the faded outro.

Letter to Myself is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bury Me: Tim Mechling feels those spooky eyes watching in the darkness on Death Rattle/Shadows Eat The Sun

With a hugely ominous start that will find you fiddling with your headphones rather nervously, Tim Mechling has dropped a fascinating song that might scare the skin off your body on Death Rattle/Shadows Eat The Sun.

Tim Mechling is a Mount Vernon, Washington-born indie psychedelic rock artist who used to perform the trombone in college.

He generally works alone, but sometimes brings in other musicians to lend a hand on specific tracks. He was Courtney Marie Andrews’s touring and session keyboardist, a collaborator with Dillon Warnek, and has been playing shows in the Pacific Northwest with his fledgling band, The Vandal Hands of Man.” ~ Tim Mechling giving us valuable insight into his music career

Feeling those fingers getting cut up with much intent, Tim Mechling returns in style with underrated brilliance with a single to remember for its wild, creative juice that might quench your thirst rather quickly. There is much to ponder within a song with limited vocals, but plenty to claw into as we unwrap this mysterious message.

Death Rattle/Shadows Eat The Sun from Mount Vernon, Washington-born indie psychedelic rock artist Tim Mechling is a rather excellent release that might rattle your bones when you’re fast asleep tonight. Stuffed with intrigue and filled with a cinematic soundtrack to our lost generation who have been distracted beyond belief, you might feel this single buzzing in your soul all night.

Hear this powerful song on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jessica Nicole Brown is an indie Rnb dream come true in The Devil’s Favorite ft. Brian Brown

South-Carolina-born Indie RnB singer-songwriter Jessica Nicole Brown gave us a soulful insight into her reprising torment in her latest single, The Devil’s Favorite, featuring Brian Brown.

The melodiously euphonic single normalises the routine of negative thoughts and actions in a profoundly honest way. All too often those who err on the side of pessimism use it as another reason to reprimand themselves. But this playfully up-vibe protest to existentialism and all of its pitfalls subversively switches the narrative.

Jessica Nicole Brown is evidently an Indie RnB pop dream come true, and her decision to bring the smooth vocal timbre of Brian Brown into the soundscape that exudes Nelly Furtado in her prime vibes was a stroke of genius. The affable chemistry is one of the best aural highs we’ve experienced in 2022.

The Devil’s Favorite will officially drop on September 14th. Catch it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast