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PonyArt has unveiled his Avant-Garde IDM installation of sonic maleficence, Novum Stutter Sd

The artwork for PonyArt’s debut LP, Redundancy, which landed on August 3rd, is creepier than any scene in The Last of Us; when you open the sonic door to it by delving into the first single, Novum Stutter Sd, you’ll instantly note the sound designer and composer’s ability to sonically visualise the macabre into maleficent melodic soundscapes.

While I never thought I would use Otto Von Schirach and Glenn Branca references in the same review, PonyArt necessitated it with his Avant-Garde installation of IDM, which came into fruition when the composer, who day walks by the name of Joe Sheldrick, decided to orchestrate an expression of pure creative freedom and escapism from genres or expectations.

While there are visceral moments of phantasmally cacophonous etherealism, the LP, which was put out through Dachshund Records, is underpinned by melodic accessibility.

Stream the Redundancy LP on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Wong Diane – Now Only Me: A Tenderly Triumphant Tour De Force

Wong Diane brought style to solemnity with her melodically eloquent composition, Now Only Me, taken from her 1st One Done EP.

With whispers of organ keys in the ethereal background to her minimalist piano-led score to create a luminous atmosphere for her lyrical melancholia to drift into, beguiling barely scratches the surface of this intimately raw exposition of loneliness.

Now Only Me could easily be classified as a tenderly triumphant Tour De Force from an artist who knows exactly how to lock horns with your emotional impulses with her Nils Frahm-esque piano melodies and delicate vocal lines.

As a music producer and composer, the Berklee College of Music and Hunter College graduate has contributed to a series of high-profile projects, including the Daily Podcast, Verizon Rewards and the Samsung Galaxy Watch Experience. She’s also garnered over a million Spotify streams on her most popular piece and performed at some of the most prestigious venues on the globe, but something tells us the best is yet to come from the only true emissary of soulfully diaphanous pop.

Now Only Me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sensitive Golgoth’s ambient deep house cut, Aie confiance !, went right down to the bone

Life science researcher by day and electronic producer by night, Sensitive Golgoth poured just as much intellect into their latest single, Aie confiance ! as they injects into their research on how digital worlds may help humans empathise with other lifeforms.

The ambient deep house soundscape is an extension of their empirical work, which can be quantifiably noted through the blurred boundaries between the material and synthesised worlds. The groove-driven beats mellifluously cruise through the cathartically elemental atmosphere of the release that uses naturalism as a soundboard.

The transcendentally resonant bliss is a bubble that you never want to burst once the melodies get into intrinsically organic motion. Short of stepping out into nature and forest bathing, there’s no better way to connect with the universe than delving into Aie confiance !

Stream Aie confiance ! by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

You trapped me in: Bay Area’s Juno Khrøme felt so stuck in those dangerous games on Paralyze

Feeling those sweetly intoxicating lips which are delectable and terrifyingly alluring each time, Juno Khrøme knows that he was played and lied to and can’t seem to disentangle himself from the spiderweb which has him cocooned inside like a mummy on Paralyze.

Juno Khrøme is a Bay Area, USA-based shades-sliding indie genre-floating artist and music producer who is inspired by jazzy beats, neo-soul brilliance and those funky disco tunes to lose all bad moods with.

Featuring nonfunctioning hearts, love lost and much regret, Juno Khrøme’s Paralyze is a masterful maze into the romantic intentions of those who don’t mean to cause carnage…but ultimately do anyway. Is this what dating is in 2023? Confusing and filled with hazardous potholes. Or a message to be cautious about who we let into our beds at night?

Paralyze from Bay Area, USA-based indie music producer and musician Juno Khrøme is a story that will soar minds into a thrilling but ultimately haunting zone which won’t let go.

Feeling like a misplaced zombie and reminiscing us through a single which is excellent in nature and warns us about those temptations which will take innocent souls into the dark.

Cautioning us about the dangers of a hazardous love, it will be hard not to relate to this song.

Listen up loud on Spotify and forget everything else.

See more vibes on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

MANTRABLU tripped out trap in his latest juggernaut of a track, NIPTUCK

Brooklyn-based singer, rapper, and producer MANTRABLU has dropped his juggernaut of an experimental trap hit, NIPTUCK; with the razor-sharp wit and equally as cutting trip-hop atmosphere, few urban originators have as much edge as the artist who takes his influence from everything from math rock to neo-soul to jazz-funk.

After a wavy chiptune prelude, MANTRABLU’s rolling-with-the-punches rap bars adrenalize the texturally complex soundscape that stands as a testament to his trailblazing authenticity. Get behind him or get out of the way, because if any contemporary artist has what it takes to make a fresh mark on the Brooklyn hip-hop landscape it is him – especially now he’s breaking away from his production-focused discography and going back to his origins as a songwriter.

Stream NIPTUCK which hit the airwaves in May 2023 on Spotify and Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Andrew Bradley advocated for unity in the infectious grooves of his latest single, Everybody’s Welcome Here

Hot on the heels of his debut LP, All Things Considered, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Andrew Bradley is set to unveil his unifying funk-dripping pop-rock hit, Everybody’s Welcome Here.

After an 80s funk hop reminiscent intro, the single unravels as a kaleidoscopically groovy hit that will leave you itching to hit a dancefloor and move to the intrinsically rhythmic magnetism. With the attitude of Britpop and a perfect pinch of Beatles-esque 60s psych-pop, Everybody’s Welcome Here is a compellingly textured sonic TARDIS of a release that couldn’t be better timed.

In such a divisive era when it feels like the pot is being perpetually shaken to breed antagonism in the atmosphere, Andrew Bradley served an all too welcome reminder that acceptance is one of the highest virtues we should all find a little more time for.

Prior to releasing Everybody’s Welcome Here, Andrew Bradley has gained experience in the industry as an artist and producer. From The Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville to Abbey Road Studios, his multi-faceted talents have graced plenty of the bucket list studios.

Check out Andrew Bradley on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bring Ibiza to your speakers with LE PASH’s sophomore UK house hit, Right Now, featuring LIANN

DJ LE PASH blew the roof off UK house with his sophomore single, Right Now; borrowing the soulfully smooth vocal lines from LIANN, he served up a scorching slice of summer that will blow smoke through your speakers as you groove to the urban dance licks, which pay homage to the 90s dance scene while adding a new trajectory to the evolution of the genre. With a sound so polished the Ibiza-euphoria emanating hit could have been produced by Mr Sheen, Right Now has all the makings of an EDM chart-topper.
LIANN’s strident-with-blissful-soul vocal lines are the perfect contrast to the garage-y rap bars that prove that America may be the homeland of hip-hop, but the UK will always reign supreme in its own gritty authentic vein.
Stream the anthemic Radio Edit and melodic acoustic rendition of Right Now on Spotify. 
Review by Amelia Vandergast

The sonic raconteur of space-age tales Robert Ramirez held a mirror to our future with his single, Migrate

With a music video more compellingly dystopic than the latest season of Black Mirror, the standout single, Migrate, from Robert Ramirez’s debut LP, is one small step for synthwave and one giant leap for synthkind.

As the polyphonically playful synths hammer down in a scintillatingly ethereal atmosphere, the Migrate lyrics and music video tell the tale of an android venturing to an underground lab where human emotions are extracted and sold. Given the rapid rates of technological progression and the rising levels of ennui, the concept that brought Migrate viscerally to life under Ramirez’s deft touch as a composer and sonic raconteur of space-age tales won’t be farfetched for long.

Boldly going further back than most synthpop artists dare to roam, Ramirez also dabbled in late 70s-esque synthetics reminiscent of Thomas Dolby, Telex and Yellow Magic Orchestra.

The official music video for Migrate Premiered on July 13th; stream it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t you tie me Down: OCILIO drops ear-opening debut track Give Me Light

Tired of being left in the dark and feeling so cold for far too long, OCILIO needs his bones to recover from all past pain via the body-grooving new single to be enthralled by, Give Me Light.

OCILIO is a Mykonos, Greece-born, Canada-based indie electronic music producer and chill house artist who assembles the kind of songs that will beam a smile on previously miserable faces.

Taking us by our hand and guiding us into a much better time and place, OCILIO has superpowers that will surely enchant everyone who takes a worthwhile listen. This is a special soundtrack which is worthy of all playlists.

Give Me Light from the Canada-based electronic music producer OCILIO is such a massive song that is monumental in nature and important in context. This is the kind of single to change moods around and strike away any frightening energy, which needs to be vanquished forever.

If you need the pulse to wake up again, this is the single you needed.

Hear the vibe manifest on Spotify.

See more of his energy come to life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Need Something You Can’t Give: Cld doesn’t want to fight on Missing

After starting DJing in 6th grade from his previous life as a competitive dancer, Cld feels a piece of himself Missing and wonders deeply why two hearts can’t be together no matter how much it seems to make sense.

Cld aka Luke Potter is an 18-year-old indie hip-hop artist, DJ, drummer for Paracosm, Auburn University student and engineer who is from Allen, Texas.

Best known for his hyper pop/experimental rap tracks and taken from his upcoming 6-track EP called #HoldMyHeart, Cld has forged a thoughtfully mind-stimulating insight into dating in 2023. Worrying about the fights before they happen, we find out more about a romance that is flickering slowly with a dangerously close flame which might burn out forever.

Missing from Allen, Texas-based indie hip-hop artist Cld is a catchy single with so much to be intertwined with inside. This is a complicated story which sums up the modern day, with so many distractions confusing each decision. It’s rather real. Too real. It’s kinda scary too. It’s performed with heart and desire, laying the facts on the table like a set of cards. For us to take our own thoughts away and decide what’s best.

To go where and be with who? That is the question you see. Only we can answer it, if two souls can find a way to unite.

Hear this fine single on Spotify.

Find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen