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Sub Caesar drop fierce soundtrack to light up your speakers with a futuristic winner called ‘Do You Like Our Owl?’

With possibly the most rampaging and mysterious single around as we speak, Sub Caesar certainly shakes off any unhelpful crumbs of self-doubt away for good on ‘Do You Like Our Owl?

Sub Caesar is a Dutch indie electronic music producer who makes those deliciously processed gems that are always giving your body that groove to survive this odd world.

The title refers to a scene from the classic sci-fi cult movie ‘Blade Runner’, when Deckard (Harrison Ford) first meets Rachel at Tyrell Corporation HQ. An artificial owl is featured in the lobby. “Do you like our owl?,” Rachel asks. The mini dialogue that follows is also featured on the Blade Runner score by Vangelis, that I must have played a million times.” ~ Sub Caesar

Opening up the volt with a truly throat convulsing metamorphosis that shall take your breath away into a chamber of mystique on this Sub Caesar classic bone-rattling experience, this is a turn on and repeat moment to treasure.

But my true love at that time was with bands like Pink Floyd, Genesis and Electric Light Orchestra. Space opera’s, symphonic and progressive rock. My father was a professional player in a symphony orchestra. So I also heard a lot of classical music when I was young. Even now I can not resist adding strings to a track. I love how they glue everything together, and how you can create so many atmospheres and emotions with them.” ~ Sub Caesar

Do You Like Our Owl?‘ from the mightily skilled Dutch electronic music producer Sub Caesar shows us the artificial world and then takes it all away from us in a split second. With expert sniper proficient production precision, this shall open up your eyes and gradually take you to a tornado-like dance floor that is filled with whoever you want inside.

If you need to wake up to what is actually going on. This is the soundtrack to glide cautiously inside.

Turn this up loud on Spotify and check out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Glitchy art rock meets alt urban pop in Jacobi.e’s latest single, Rcv

Since his 2020 debut, experimentalism has been at the forefront of Jacobi.e’s alt bedroom pop sound. With his aptly dark, melodically off-kilter and tumultuously glitchy first single of 2022, Rcv, the Jamaican American artist and producer, currently residing in LA, fused his rock background with contemporary flavours of the originators, Dominic Fike, Kanye and Yeek.

While some artists manage to make exploring alternative sounds a contrived act of pretension, Jacobi.e instantly affirms that the alchemy came organically through his affinity for a plethora of genres. Pulling all of the contrasting textures together, his vocals are a sticky-sweet vocal point in the wavy track that stands as a testament to his flair as a producer that continues to amass gravitas.

RCV is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Highly acclaimed UK filmmaker/musician Brother Mercury swims deeply inside his dreams with ‘Human Submarine’

Taken off his recent 7-track album ‘Barmecide Reality‘, Brother Mercury knows no one is perfect in this wild world that can snap your smile off like a twig on an innocent tree with ‘Human Submarine‘.

Brother Mercury aka Roozbeh Tavakoli is a London, UK-based alternative musician/music producer and award-winning filmmaker behind the well-received title from 2020, Lost and Spaced.

He reflects the distortions of reality and turns them into sonic, spellbinding waves that penetrate the mind. The music fuses Rock and Electronic genres in a dramatic and experimental style with large soundscapes and haunting melodies.” ~ Brother Mercury

Slicing through the bones of humanity with expert butcher-like skill and precision, Brother Mercury hits our emotions for six with a smashing song that has been made with the utmost care and conciseness that warrants this to be one of the more fascinating entries ever.

Human Submarine‘ from the UK alternative musician/music producer and award-winning filmmaker Brother Mercury is a terrifying track for those who are afraid of what is next. With a dystopian aura that might shake your whole body from its core, this is a song made for here and now.

With a myriad of issues that are currently burning the world, this is a quite sensational single made from an authentic genius who has perfectly illustrated current times.

Go underground on Spotify and see more vibes illuminate on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LU reminds us about the point of genuine connection with ‘Love Be Tha Key’

Taken off his 14-track album called ‘Keep It Simple(a ukulele joint), LU urge us to join as one and to avoid the noise that can make you give up so easily if you let it break your soul in half on ‘Love Be Tha Key‘.

LU is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie alternative hip hop music producer, composer, singer-songwriter and rapper who makes those catchy tunes your whole family can enjoy.

Something to help you enjoy your summer! Every track contains ukulele.” ~ LU

Sending us into a more thoughtful place than before, LU shows us his elevated mindset that has a striking appeal for anyone who likes it conscious to the max. With a pure production that will vibrate through your veins and vocals that shall wake you up, this is a superb song that urges unity.

Love Be Tha Key‘ from Atlanta, Georgia-based indie music producer, composer, singer-songwriter and rapper LU leads the way in showing us exactly what humankind needs to focus on when there is so much noise around. Urges us to stop being so desperate and to join as one to solve all the issues in the world-this is a track to play and proud-when you need inspiration.

Life should be about connecting as one so that we can make this planet so much better.

Check out this peaceful track on SoundCloud and see his vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Time Meddler – Folks Want Blood: The Tranquil Trip-Hop Enigma Returns

If you prefer your trip-hop on the more temperately exotic side, The Time Meddler’s latest orchestration, Folks Want Blood, will happily assist in your sun-bleached transcendence.

The cinematic Timothy and the Apocalypse Remix tears away from the electronica mould, before boldly roaming into avant-garde textures, kaleidoscopic tones and a sense of intrinsic soul that brings you right into the tranquil heart of the mix.

You scarcely need the producer’s bio to tell you that he’s been making beats since the 90s. It is written within the mellifluous leftfield gravitas that throws right back to that era.

The Timothy and the Apocalypse Remix of Folks Want Blood is now available to stream via Spotify. Hit play; the cathartic payoff is instantaneous.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

P.F feels those toxins brewing in his veins on ‘Omega Crystal’

Taken from his recent 12-track release called ‘ULTRA OMEGA CRYSTAL‘, P.F takes us deep inside the feeling that could change your whole mind forever if you let it inside you too deeply with ‘Omega Crystal‘.

P.F is a mysteriously masked indie music producer and Hip hop artist who has kept his true identity hidden from the world so far until he feels the time is right.

Drugs are your friends until you wake up, not knowing where you are. The Crystal shaped pill made me feel alive in the room full of nothing.” ~ P.F

At his hybrid brilliance best, that shines a small light through the shadows that are mightily abundant, P.F guides us through the hallways that are strewn with lost figures who are looking for a sense of purpose in this harsh world.

Omega Crystal‘ from indie music producer and Hip hop artist P.F is a real life soundtrack from current times by a soul who is looking for his path. Seeking the right journey in a haze of smoke, confusion, noise and a different mindset from opening his mind up to a whole new galaxy, this should be a wake up call for anyone who doesn’t believe that there is something wrong in the Matrix.

Feeling sane is the key to all contentness and the journey to finding the keys should be the mission of us all.

Listen up to this new single on SoundCloud and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Prepare to be torn from passive slumber with Cielo Pordomingo’s orchestral alt-electro feat of world music, Wake Up

Here to tear us from our jaded slumber with her spiritual synthetics is the alt-electro trailblazer, Cielo Pordomingo, with her latest single, Wake Up.

‘Enlivening’ scarcely cuts into the alchemy that the composer, singer, and producer used to reflect her soul in the orchestrally heightened single. It’s Europop meets Depeche Mode via Bond soundtrack with a classical chamber outro; need we say anymore? If we want to do Cielo Pordomingo justice as a lyricist, definitely.

Wake Up is far more than your average cry to people letting their lives pass them by. Pordomingo practically takes you by the hand to guide you through your awakening while addressing the problem of our tendency to waste existence by branding it as just another day. At this point, if she started a cult, I’d jump right into it.

Wake Up is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Yarsha exposes the hypocrisy of reality in his harsh electro-pop earworm, Run Coward

The Zurich-based Italian alt-electro originator, Yarsha, has followed his seductively eccentric debut single, Do you wanna dance, with the even more gloriously existentialist alt-electro pop single, Run Coward.

Under anyone else’s orchestration, Run Coward would be a cold and harsh track. Yet, with the inclusion of his personably playful vocals on the Powerman 5000-Esque analog synths, Run Coward doesn’t just hit the rhythmic spot. It tempts some serotonin to spit across the synapses too.

While the haunted synths and nasty electro-industrial discord set the caustic tone to reflect the insidiousness of the rife injustice on our planet that is more akin to the Christian depiction of hell, the cuttingly contemporary lyrics extend the gift of resonant antagonism. We all need more affirmations that the world is messed up beyond rhyme or reason. Especially when they are as infectiously upbeat as Run Coward, and the rest of the world is at work gaslighting us into believing that our fatalism isn’t a sign of sanity.

Here is what Yarsha candidly had to say about his latest release:

“This world is f…ed up. It’s full of hypocrisy on every level. I wrote this song in 2015, mentioning the war in Ukraine when almost nobody knew it was happening. Nobody knows that the Dalai Lama’s son was kidnapped by the Chinese government. Still, it was in many newspapers and tv shows. Assange exposed just the reality and cruelty of facts, and the US is treating him exactly like Putin treats his enemies.

I’m not finger-pointing them; I’m finger-pointing me. I’m the coward. When I see and know all this, what do I do? Nothing. I’m watching Netflix, playing music, and having fun. It’s a struggle to live in such a world: can we do anything to stop this? Or is it better to just run from it and enjoy the good time that pure luck gave us?”

Run Coward was officially released on July 8th. Hear it on SoundCloud.

Follow Yarsha on Facebook and Instagram, or check him out on his official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

KJ Rogers is totally ready if the feeling is reciprocated on ‘Love Too Hard HBOTL’ (feat. Justin Charles)

Wishing for the sweet love to reach a whole new stratosphere entirely, KJ Rogers senses that this might be something rather special if the two hearts join as one at the same time on ‘Love Too Hard HBOTL(feat. Justin Charles).

KJ Rogers aka Kenneth Jesse Rogers IV is a prodigious New Jersey, USA-born indie RnB singer-songwriter and music producer who is the son of House music legend, CeCe Rogers.

At the age of 5, KJ started playing the piano and by the age of 15, he started producing his own music.” ~ KJ Rogers

With his eyes locked on and ready for more, KJ Rogers sings with heightened passion that endears one to his mission to be with that incredible human who needs to know how he truly feels about their spiritual connection.

His unique sound comes from a rich experience of working and being mentored by his dad, and other acquaintances such as Marshal Jefferson and Free da Dreamer from the popular Hip Hop duo Entouch.” ~ KJ Rogers

Love Too Hard HBOTL(feat. Justin Charles) from New Jersey, USA-born indie RnB singer-songwriter and music producer KJ Rogers is a hugely romantic single that shows us the frustration when you want to be with someone so badly. With lyrics that show us deeply into this story about feeling the love, but sensing that it’s a fruitless chase if he can’t find the correlation quickly.

Sometimes you need to take a step back, so that your ideal lover may show the commitment needed.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen