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Better Than That: Shivonne won’t let anyone into her freeze-filled heart on Ice Queen

Showing no emotions and guiding us through her bulletproof walls that will only let the genuine souls inside, Shivonne displays her current romantic mentality and refuses to let anything or anybody ruin her current vibe with Ice Queen.

Shivonne is an Ireland-based indie pop singer-songwriter who has been slowly building her name up in the underground and performs with such potent precision.

The songs I write are very different to anyone else in the industry, they are very in the moment pieces of work.” ~ Shivonne (via her SoundCloud page)

Impressing us with a delightful single that shows us a young woman who is clearly on the rise, Shivonne is at her honest best with a simply majestic performance to shake your earlobes. With introspective lyrics that take you deeper inside, this is a superb song for all those who are taking time away from opening up their heart.

I am a mixture of everything and the explosion of creation you’ve been waiting for.” ~ Shivonne (via her SoundCloud page)

Ice Queen from Ireland-based indie pop singer-songwriter Shivonne is an anthem made for anybody who has ever been hurt before. Closing the door on possible love despite the potentially incredible moments, this is a song that will have you remembering the time when you knew you weren’t emotionally available.

Sung with a hugely likeable vocal ambiance that will take your breath away, taking you into a world that could make your soul cold forever.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on her new Twitter page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: Denim Blue ventures into the unknown with his optimistic indie-pop lament, Brand New

Norway-hailing singer-songwriter Denim Blue mastered every genre he poured into his latest single, Brand New. His ability to pull you into the dissonance of heartbreak and make it a pleasurable trip is something no one will be quick to forget.

While the guitars exude the angular mesmerism of Interpol’s earlier work, the hooky melodies veer into a poppier territory, and vocally, the genre-fluid visionary transcends archetypes and tropes to deliver pure vulnerable expression. It gives you all the intimacy of bedroom pop, and none of the lo-fi muddiness that has become synonymous with it.

For anyone that resents the plastic feel-good summer tracks released by artists desperate for a brag-worthy chart position, Brand New has all the makings of a realism-soaked playlist staple. The juxtaposition between optimism and soul-tearing sadness is undoubtedly one of the sweetest things I’ve heard this year. That is until the release of his EP, Vacation Blues, on August 26th.

In his own words, here is what Denim Blue said about his release

“Brand New is a bittersweet song; happy and pleasant, yet sad and reminiscent of the past. I wanted it to be perplexing; like the emotions that come to fruition when reminded of the past. I created a soundscape of summer, bright and melodic, with a sadder yet playful undertone in the lyrics, which are about struggling to let go – even if it is for the better. I recorded it about two years ago and kept returning to it with a good feeling. I hope others will get a good feeling from it too.”

Brand New is now available to stream on Spotify.

Connect with Denim Blue on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Violet Nines brought the heat in their fiery soul-pop jam, Dancing with Fire

Seemingly, no genre was off-limits in The Violet Nines’ latest single, Dancing with Fire, which melds angular indie guitars with fiery soul-pop vocals, disco grooves, jazzy sax stabs and funk-to-the-core basslines.

It is rare to find an outfit that oozes talent and euphoria in equal measure; the rhythm-led Minneapolis-hailing ensemble is a dynamic exception to that rule. The record is rampant with that irreplicable live music feel; we can only imagine the energy when they are bringing their collaborative alchemy to life. It feels purely accidental that their sonic signature is so commercial, but that strips none of the gloss from their enlivening distinction.

The official video for Dancing with Fire will premiere on August 12th. Sample the funk for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shades On: LAKRITS feels like he is floating on air with the Hot Boy Summer

Cueing up his next theme song with his rather stylish ways, LAKRITS feels like the sun is heating his imagination up beyond what was possible before on Hot Boy Summer.

LAKRITS aka Alain Gholmi is a Stockholm, Sweden-based, Copenhagen, Denmark-born indie funk/pop solo singer-songwriter and model who is known as one of the most charismatic figures around.

LAKRITS adopts a larger-than-life personality, delivering even larger hooks that encourage listeners to have a good time no matter who tries to stop them.” ~ LAKRITS

Impressing with a fantastic new single that will have you lathering that sunblock all over your body, LAKRITS is feeling hot and wants the world to know about it. Letting the steam in is the mission here, from an artist who is only interested in having the best time imaginable.

Hot Boy Summer from Stockholm, Sweden-based indie funk/pop solo singer-songwriter/model LAKRITS is a hot new release about keeping your shine burning bright. He’s in love with this moment as the stars seem perfectly in line to where he is headed. Flying rather high and taking the rest of us with on this important mission, as we are swept into a movie-like dream of a single you’re hardly likely to forget quickly.

Listen up this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can’t Be Together: Lu’Ami x Confidential shows us deeply inside an intimate examination on What Could Be

With a quite memorable performance which might have your heart beating faster, Lu’Ami x Confidential wonders why a previous relationship broke in half when the going got tough on What Could Be.

Lu’Ami is London, UK-based alt-pop artist, flautist and music producer who is joined by Brighton, UK-based Lo-Fi artist Confidential.

Neither of us wanted that outcome. I wanted to just spend that time with him pretending we hadn’t made that decision, because I knew when he left that was it for us.” ~ Lu’Ami

On a past mutual breakup scenario that might take your breath away, Lu’Ami joins forces with Confidential on a passionately delivered story all about thinking that this could have been something special. Something different. Something mind-blowing. With an electrifying aura attached that shows that you both wanted a better outcome, this might be a new anthem for anybody who has dealt with this emotional tragedy.

What Could Be from Lu’Ami x Confidential is a single all about hoping you found that veritable paradise with a romantic partner. Guiding us to the ocean for that ultimate reflection on something that could have been that guiding light into what is possible. Featuring delightful vocals, this is a real treat of a soundtrack to a past love that sadly flamed out.

Sometimes it’s just not meant to be after all.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JORGE doesn’t want his heart to be shipwrecked any longer on No No No

Sensing the pain that engulfed her heart for too long as the tears flowed, JORGE hopes that their sweet love may be reunited again on the catchy anthem that is No No No.

JORGE aka George Papagheorghe is a Romania-based indie-pop artist, family man and TV host with a vocal pedigree that might shake your earlobes awake.

Known as one of the most charming and charismatic men in Romania, Jorge gained his success through his music and television career.” ~ JORGE

After excelling in various musicals such as Romeo and Juliet, JORGE shows us his brilliantly ear-catching ways with a masterful performance. After feeling so bad for what had occurred before, he shows us the way to spark that faded love up again through a sensation song to lift your mood with.

No No No from Romania-based indie-pop artist and TV host JORGE is a delightful effort made by a world class talent. Showing deep self-reflection and a desire to be together with his lover again, it is hard to forget this song. He has a rare ability to capture your imagination and take you places you have been before, like a true professional can. Laced with quality and an ear-warmer to embrace with, wanting that former romantic partner has never sounded so good before.

Turn your volume up on Spotify and see his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Back At Home: Jamie Kudo awaits that special moment again on debut Supernova

Knowing that their love will be strong forever despite the distance, Jamie Kudo shows us an indisputably quality release via his debut single to take your heart for a flight on Supernova.

Jamie Kudo aka Sid aka Siddharth Bhambure is a 20-year-old London, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who makes those emotional songs from his bedroom.

This track is like the first sip of whiskey that you drink taking off on a plane headed to a place you don’t know for two, maybe
three or four years, looking out and watching your city get smaller in the distance.” ~ Jamie Kudo

Showing so much potential that is brimmed with a real vocal brilliance, Jamie Kudo reaches up to the sky and would climb up mountains for this special human who he treasures so warmly. With intricate lyrics that grab your attention rather swiftly, this is a delightful song to play loud when you need some reassurance that all will be okay when you’re finally together.

Supernova from the Mumbai, India-born, London, UK-based pop artist Jamie Kudo is a rather wonderful song that will have you thinking so deeply about missing someone special so much. Craving that genuine connection, tender touch and showing what it takes to be love sometimes, this is a stunning experience that will take you for a real ride and help you see so much clearer.

Sung with a magnetic appeal, this is a hugely promising debut that shall open your mind up to long-lasting possibilities.

Hear this deep song on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Madam Who? reminds us that while we are alive its all okay on You Are Not Alone

Inspired by The Beatles, The B-52’s, Bjork, The Go-Go’s, Lady Gaga, The Killers, and so many more, Madam Who? shows us she is back for good on her latest dynamic release, You Are Not Alone.

Madam Who? aka Audra is an industrious and courageous Pennsylvania, USA-based indie pop artist who is known for her exploits in much-loved former band Audra & The Antidote.

Though she had sworn off music centuries ago after nearly hitting the big-time, the universe insisted she get back to it, having to nearly kill her to get her to realize it. At first she fought it, but the songs wouldn’t leave her alone. Finally, she stopped resisting and got out a notebook and her dusty guitar.” ~ Taken from Madam Who?’s website.

After an incredible life which changed forever after she bravely saved her daughter from drowning, the music bug bit again and shows us shows us that grit that allowed Madam Who? survive brain cancer and a long-term abusive relationship, to bring us this excellent track.

Taken from the recent 7-track album from March 2022 named Reclaim Your Power, we see a fine artist who has returned to her first love in magnificent style. Vocally inviting and packed with promise, this a sizzler that deserves all the love in the world.

You Are Not Alone from Pennsylvania, USA-based indie pop artist Madam Who? is a passionate track about knowing that we just need to find our tribe. With so many distractions and people faking it, this is a purposeful track all about speaking your mind and doing what your heart says.

Life is about being connected as one, after all.

Listen up deeply on Spotify and see more via the IG page music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mist’riii – Sometimes: Acknowledging the Temporary State of Everything Has Never Been More Beautiful.

Nairobi-hailing indie-pop newcomer, Mist’riii has released the ballad to end all others with her beautifully scored feat of expression, Sometimes.

It’s not often that I’m caught off guard, but that’s exactly where Sometimes succeeds. It resonates like a brand-new visceral experience that you desperately want to share with the rest of the world because you KNOW the emotional magnetism transcends genre preferences. It’s a strikingly ornate, moving ballad that deserves to be in the OST for the next Hollywood romance blockbuster – in spite of the intimate indie feels.

In her own words, here is what Mist’riii had to say about her latest release,

“Sometimes, we don’t want someone from our past back; we acknowledge that it is over, but from time to time, we can’t help but wonder if they ever think about us. Not sure if it’s the ego at play in such instances, or just nostalgia (or both lol) but I believe that it’s a sentiment that anyone who has ever lost someone (whether it’s an ex lover or friend) can relate to.”

Sometimes is now available to stream on SoundCloud, where the independently released track has already racked up over 17k streams.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shanaya gave us the 80s pop anthem to ‘Dance the Night Away’ to

Fleetwood Mac meets ABBA in the up-and-coming pop artist, Shanaya’s debut single, Dance the Night Away, which borrows a few of the iconic 80s tones before turning them into textures which form the artist’s sonic signature.

The orchestral sweeps, popping beats and Shanaya’s yearning for something more vocals pull you right into the essence of the single, which pays ode to those who are worth painting the town red with. A somewhat archetypal concept, yet, there’s a sense of mysticism to Shanaya, which won’t be getting old any time soon.

This upbeat originated debut is a sure sign of even bigger things to come from the rising artist.

Dance the Night Away is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast