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The Anthem For Unity: Michael Loonan calls for acceptance and unity from all with ‘Celebrate This Life’

Featuring the mightily skilled drumming of Noah Levy, Michael Loonan asks us to heal up quickly so we can build a much better tomorrow on his latest single called ‘Celebrate This Life‘.

Michael Loonan is a highly experienced Saint Paul, Minnesota-based indie pop/rock singer-songwriter and is also a supremely talented multi-instrumentalist. He has a calm aura about him, and transmits this wonderful beacon of hope peacefully in his music writing, and the results are a toasty ear-warmer to say the least.

I actually wrote this song several years ago, but it seems fitting for the world now, as we’re emerging from a pandemic and moving toward better unity each day”. ~ Michael Loonan

With some terrific guitar riffs and mellow feel-good energy, this is a star-gazing creation which has you taking a big breath of relaxation, as you take some time to appreciate what you have. His vocals illuminate through the clouds above and calls for us to find a beach and gather around, to get on the same wavelength again, so we can work much together in the future.

Loonan has been involved in the Minnesota music scene for decades; he was the renowned ‘Loony Bin Band’ on The Mischke Broadcast and has performed on the same bill with Smokey Robinson, NRBQ and Badfinger.” ~ Michael Loonan

Celebrate This Life‘ from the Saint Paul, Minnesota-based solo musician Michael Loonan, heartily shows us a kind man who only wants to promote life in the best version possible. We have had so many worries lately and have been trying hard to carry them on our breaking shoulders – the huge boulders of stress have become too much – and its time to put them down.

Unity and peace is something special that we all need, and its really is possible if we all believe enough.

Stream this exciting new single on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wish You Could Of Loved Me Better: Sensational Chicago sister duo CORA show such scintillating class on debut single ‘Homesick’

As they courageously wrote this incredible song whilst their flight home from LAX was delayed, CORA open up their hearts which were sadly broken by two selfish guys who showed their true colors eventually on ‘Homesick‘.

CORA is a captivating Wisconsin-born, Chicago, Illinois-based sister indie pop duo formed by Meghan and Caitlin Foley. They soulfully formulate a lovely blend of excellent music melodies about the struggles of being in love, with the pressures of fake social media always around, as well as the journey to finding themselves.

A few months ago we decided it was time to rebrand and change our name. We chose the name CORA which symbolizes the heart and honesty, which is what we want our music to represent, too.” ~ CORA 

This is the sad story about being with someone who seems sweet at first – but then shows you how indescribably devious they really are – as they are small-mindlessly manipulative and are only thinking of themselves. You take it on the chin for a while and hope for change but then it becomes too much, as you then know that their time is up and you need to escape quickly, before they control you like an evil nemesis forever.

With lusciously intertwined vocals and a close togetherness brewing so brightly like a shooting star, you sense that they are starting a new journey that they have been waiting for. Their mindset is now aligned and you feel like they will always communicate properly from now on. Their loving bond is alive and bright, as they sing so beautifully in unison to also help those who have been hurt by a cruel lost love.

Homesick‘ from the fantastic Chicago-based sister indie pop duo CORA, shows us music vibrations that when you turn on, has your horrid ex stepping painfully onto a sneakily hidden piece of wayward Lego. They have a dynamic fusion together that is so lovingly authentic, and send our reflective minds into a real spin of past flashbacks.

Sometimes you think that you are with the right person who will be there forever, when actually you have just found out that you need a new type. Quickly. That real love is waiting for you however, when you find that special soul waiting to connect with you, in a place you least expected it.

Stream this wonderful debut single on YouTube and see their exciting journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Is There Truth Hidden In Your Lies: Shrt_lyf wonders where the peace is on the emotional ‘Love is All We Got’

After having our minds in absolute awe with the highly creative gem ‘Pretty Eyes and Blue Levi’s‘ from November 2020, Shrt_lyf continues to amaze with his punchy honest new single about how consuming your mind with the wrong visuals, can make you a monster on ‘Love is All We Got‘.

Shrt_lyf is a dual English and Spanish performing Nuevo León, Mexico-born, USA-based indie alt-pop/rock artist. He is one of the most mind-stimulating artists around – as he makes the type of music which is so smartly performed – and has you feeling so reflective on your journey of surviving this at-times crazy world.

With a catchy beat and potent vocals which are matched by thought-provoking lyrics which are such an intense listen, your heart beats as you are taken through this movie-like story. The respect wasn’t there from the outside who just presumed that he was the insider, as he changed his spots when common sense failed him, and showed who he truly was.

This is a lesson to the world about how relations between the US and the immigrant community is so strained, as the treatment is often horrible, and many kids are sadly put into cages. You feel his emotion sweeping through, as he wishes that this wasn’t the case and common sense would prevail.

Love is All We Got‘ from the USA-based alt rock/pop artist Shrt_lyf, is a true story about how hate can really magnify and stay inside those who choose not to open their eyes. This is a sad story which unfortunately happens too often, as small-minded folks are brain-washed into hating others for selfish reasons.

If only there was true peace and understanding all over the world. Imagine what we would be able to achieve together as one team?

Stream this new video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat has gone viral with his bittersweet folk-pop track, Summer Fireworks

Since premiering on June 18th, the official music video for Thailand-based singer-songwriter Mew Suppasit Jongcheveevat’s latest single, Summer Fireworks, has racked up in excess of 9 million streams on YouTube alone. The addictive quality of the bittersweet folk-pop melody is irresistible from the first hit.

The cinematically progressive single starts with accordant acoustic guitar notes before the soundscape shifts into a semi-orchestral lovelorn ballad that captures the aching feeling of longing. The release seriously wouldn’t be out of place in a Hollywood Blockbuster with the panoramic production and the gentle yet dramatic nature of the ballad.

You can check out the official music video for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Having Fun Moving On: Kelly Rose delivers flawlessly-sung message for those who need a lift away from their ex on ‘Upgrade’

As she determinedly brushes away her cheating ex’s memory firmly into the dust where it belongs, Kelly Rose pours herself a tasty glass of delicious champers to drown his sour face away from her life forever on ‘Upgrade‘.

Kelly Rose is a sensational indie-pop singer, New England Patriots supporter, and highly respected songwriter. She is in inspired form after previously releasing two well-received singles on Spotify named ‘Enough and ‘Thinkin’ Bout You‘ from 2017 and 2018 respectively.

”‘Upgrade’ is an unapologetic anthem about moving on from an ex and realizing your self-worth, while simultaneously having fun throughout the process.” ~ Kelly Rose

With an elegantly classy nature and lusciously toned vocals which has your ears warming up delightfully, she shows us what a strong woman does when she knows that its time to move on. Her snug-looking black boots are ready for the journey and you feel her confidence is at an all-time high – as she smiles cheekily to herself – and wonders why it took her so long to ditch the wondering-eyed passenger who will regret losing her love.

Upgrade‘ from the terrific indie pop singer-songwriter Kelly Rose, is the true story about how a sweet soul can run out of patience – no matter how hard they try to make it work – as being let down by someone you love, can really force you to find the exit door. This is the break-up anthem we have all needed, as we wave goodbye to the cheating ex, who showed their true colors.

Finding someone that treats you like a Queen and only having eyes for you, is the only way to be truly happy in a loving relationship.

Stream this new passionate single on Spotify and see more on her IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take It So Cheap: Gary Mictian is so disappointed that they moved on so fast with ‘Easy To You’

With smooth synth melody, a heart grabbing groove, and packed full of pulsating pop, Gary Mictian is in highly reflective mood with the love-lost new single about how someone you loved could be so cold after a relationship ended with ‘Easy To You‘.

Gary Mictian is a vintage indie-pop singer-songwriter, Bachelor of Music graduate and music producer from New Zealand, who is now based in London, England. He makes that smoothly delivered – and eloquently sung music – than has you feeling supremely thoughtful about love.

At the end of a relationship I thought I would feel worse than I initially did, I was surprised that what tipped me over the edge was seeing how easy it was for them to move on. It made me wonder what I actually meant to that person, it seemed to be
different to what I thought”. ~ Gary Mictian

Easy To You‘ from the Kiwi-raised, London-based indie-pop solo artist, sci-fi fan and music producer Gary Mictian, is a true story that certainly breaks your heart. After loving someone who you still care about and think of constantly – things ended rather abruptly and before you knew it – they have already moved with a new lover, like nothing happened. You feel cheap and rather low, as you try and brush off the disgust quickly, before it drags you down the road of self-doubt.

Life is full of twists and turns, as you quickly realize that its so vital to be careful who you let into your heart.

Stream this sad new single about an ex on his Spotify and see more via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Just Can’t Say No: Anton Karabushin knows that today is the day on ‘Summer Days’

With a flourishing chin-up attitude that is so inspiring and keeps you smiling joyously, Anton Karabushin reminds us to enjoy those sunny days which sadly don’t last forever on the happy new single ‘Summer Days‘.

Anton Karabushin is a Denver, Colorado-born American indie pop singer-songwriter, pianist and composer with Russian heritage, who is now attending Fordham. He is a young artist but an old soul, who transmits a beacon of hope, on a burning world which needs so much positive energy to fan the fires out for good.

His buoyant vibe is such a pleasure to witness as his glowing voice feels like it is taking you into a new world above, the peace and tranquility inside his bones seems to only get better throughout this calming experience. His true natural kindness is brought to the fore – with a magnificent display on a scrumptious single – we can all digest with much ease.

Summer Days‘ from the eighteen years-young multi-skilled Denver-born pianist/indie pop singer Anton Karabushin, heats up your simmering soul to broadcast a message that has been needed for some time. The winter might have been dark and gloomy but there is always a new light around, which shines through to make everything better again.

Those few months of summer are the best time ever, as you look up to the sky and wish that that the hot days would never leave again. Being grateful for what you have, is the best way to show appreciation for this beautiful planet we live in.

Stream his fresh single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Heart To Heart: London/New York-based gem Louise Aubrie finds it too hard to resist that special time together on the excellent ‘Ours’

After highly impressing us all with her ear-warming single from June 2021 named ‘Last‘, Louise Aubrie returns with a special track all about that natural love which just takes over your mind, body and soul, with her memorable guitar-riff powered new single called ‘Ours‘.

Louise Aubrie is a dual New York City and London, England-based indie rock/pop artist who is on the impressive Carrot Bone Records lineup. She is a well-respected and prolific musician who makes that type of music which has you singing loudly and pretending that you are with her playing guitar on stage. Such is her warmly-lit energy to entertain, you will feel utterly compelled to turn her music up to the max.

Recorded at Studio 55 and RFL Studios in London, it features Frank Horovitch on guitars, Boz Boorer on guitars, keys and percussion, Andy Woodard on drums and bass, and Roger Joseph Manning Jr on guest keys. It is produced by Andy Woodard, mixed by Ken Sluiter and mastered by Dave Collins in Los Angeles, CA.” ~ Louise Aubrie

You feel her genuine smile ease sweetly through the happy speakers as she sings lovingly about this wonderful human who has taken her to a world which is so exciting and safe, as she feels like doing things she wouldn’t normally do with anyone else.

Ours‘ from London/New York-based indie rock/pop solo artist Louise Aubrie, is one of the best tracks you will hear all year. Her lusciously elegant vocals strikes your glowing heart beautifully as you admire her smartly-penned lyrics, which are all blended together with a sensational soundscape. This stupendous release takes you places you have felt before, but somehow seems all new inside your glowing eyes.

This is that top notch superlative music vibration we all needed after such darkly-lit days of gloom, that has you beaming with that rarely-felt fulfilled joy.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see more via her Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Big Dreaming: Laguna Hills singer AYVA drops love-filled debut release ‘Better With You’

As her sparkling eyes glimmer longingly into her happily glowing sunglasses as she thinks deeply of her majestic lover, AYVA knows that things are going so well and she can’t see herself with anybody else on ‘Better With You‘.

AYVA is a focused young Tongan-American indie pop/RnB singer-songwriter who is based in Laguna Hills, California. She is an emerging talent who makes that romantically-charged music vibration which has your frolicking heart beating faster, as you get beautifully wrapped into her honey-tipped vocals which are packed full of wonderful charm.

AYVA credits her music to challenges she faced in her personal life. She has learned how to implement her own touch and millennial vibes into her music.” ~ AYVA

With a gloriously pure voice which perfectly intertwines into your blood-gushing veins of desire, this is a stunning single from a youthful artist who seems to pitch her sweet vocals so elegantly and with limitless energy.

Better With You‘ from the promising Laguna Hills, California-based indie pop/RnB artist AYVA, shows us a young woman who is finding her way into this obstacle-filled world, but knows exactly what she wants. She seeks that unconditional love without any fragile strings attached, as her mind only wants to be with someone who has her best interests at heart.

Sometimes you just know what you want, as you do whatever it takes to make sure that nothing will stop you being together, so that you feel that warm loving embrace.

Stream this debut single on Spotify and see more news on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Rorys Aspect has diversified Manchester’s music scene with his seminal single, Social Anxiety.

Manchester-based alt-indie electropop artist and producer Rorys Aspect has released his arresting EP, Lifesaver, featuring the standout synth-pop track, Social Anxiety, which comes with spacey 80s vibes and the most candid lyricism you will hear this year.

With shoegazey guitars and just as much reverb on the vocals, the raw nature of the lyricism loses some of its sting in the choral trippy tones that are prolific in tracks from Manchester’s greats such as the Stone Roses, the Chameleons and the Charlatans.

The self-produced track is unequivocal proof that Manchester has another revolutionary in its midst. As a fellow Mancunian, it is all too refreshing to hear an indie artist not falling into the process of assimilation.

You can check out Rorys Aspect’s latest EP by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast