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EM$o went from trap life to trap star in his debut LP featuring the standout single, The $urvivor

From trap life to trap star, the Biel/Bienne-born rapper, EM$o, escaped one of the most dangerous places in Central Europe to share his story and show the world what resilience sounds like.

After getting into music in 2016, he homed in on his talent until July 2022, when he released his debut album, Differences, featuring the standout indie emo trap single, The $urvivor, which gives a candid view into his world and how music transformed it.

He is the antithesis of every trap artist who appropriates the lifestyle for sonic street cred. You can hear the imprint of the streets reverberating through his evocative bars, which leave no stone unturned in the melodic indie hip hop track, which is as impactful as it is mellow.

The track in EM$o’s words:

“The $urvivor is based on my experiences on the streets in Biel/Bienne in Switzerland, which is known as one of the most dangerous places in Central Europe. The single describes my mentality while living in that place and what it took to survive. Not many in my circle made it out alive without ending up in jail or hospital.

My parents did what they could to get me out. They taught me how to make smart moves and outsmart the dark mentality of the streets, which left me with a lust for money and power as a teenager. When my usual vices ceased working, I turned to music. I used my trap money to buy equipment, and in 2016 I started writing and recording my songs.”

The $urvivor is now available to stream along with EM$o’s debut album, Differences, on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Been Through It: Aaso Magic knows that she won’t be burnt again on Mad Face

Showing us right inside the scorned outlook of a young woman who has grown tired of being let down, Aaso Magic opens up the door and leads us right into the moment when he saw that harrowing Mad Face.

Aaso Magic aka Fastlane Rollin is a New Jersey, USA-based indie hip hop artist, singer and writer who makes those dynamic tracks that are hard to forget.

On form and turning up the heat with a song you can’t possibly ignore, Aaso Magic is simply excellent and drops bars to be enthralled by. His flow is explosive and there is so much ponder here about a true story that reflects the current carnage in so many romantic lives.

Mad Face from New Jersey, USA-based indie hip hop artist Aaso Magic is a really honest insight into seeing a striking moment that might change everything forever. Showing us the other side as he understands why the mood changed, this is a single for anyone who has been hurt romantically too many times.

Rapped with an accurate reflection at the situation and heightened with a pulsation production to rattle your bones, to make you wonder why some love to emotionally scar others for fun.

Listen up on YouTube and see more news on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Christopher Nagle – Lamborghini Livin featuring Saskilla and JamKvy

If Christopher Nagle is a name that has evaded you until now, it’s only a matter of time before you get caught up in the London-based singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer’s hype.

His standout single, Lamborghini Livin, featuring Saskilla and JamKvy, has already racked up over half a million streams on Spotify alone. With the experimental and almost delicate atmosphere holding up the bars as they mellifluously switch between vocal harmonies and the style of rap that the streets of London are infamous for breeding, the immersive hit keeps on rhythmically giving.

Far from your average capitalistic lust-focused track, Lamborghini Livin is a deeply humanist release that almost allows you to see behind the scenes of the archetypal desire for excess.

Lamborghini Livin is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Been Maxin: BLK Teeze shows us that lit flow with Whats Crackin

Cooking up that chicken and bacon while he rips the script up into the fire, BLK Teeze has dropped a whippin’ track that will get you speaking Jamaican and is called Whats Crackin.

BLK Teeze is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based indie hip hop artist who certainly knows how to spark up those fiery beats that will get your speakers irie.

On Friday, May 6th, 2022, BLK’s debut EP “DARK OUT” went to chart 2 weeks straight On both the iTunes “Hip Hop/Rap” Pre-Order Chart (highest position at #13) and the “All Genres” Pre-Order Chart (highest position at #130) respectively.” ~ BLK Teeze

Breezing in with a dynamic track to fully savour, BLK Teeze shows us what scorching hot hip hop music sounds like in 2022. Using his quick-wittedness admirably, this is a song that shall have you scribbling down some notes to learn from.

Packed with a punchy bass that will have you in Mike Tyson mode, you might find yourself compelled to turn this up a notch.

Started releasing music, primarily on SoundCloud, in 2018 after trying to pursue a career in football. In the last 4 years.” ~ BLK Teeze

Whats Crackin from Charlotte, North Carolina-based indie hip hop artist BLK Teeze is a smokey cool new soundtrack that shall get your lips all perked up. Ready for action and laced with so much attraction, this is a sizzling single all about showing that anything is possible if you have the correct dimensions in life. With so many people currently acting so flaky, this is a statement from a young artist who is ready for anything.

Success really is the only option.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Disguised As An Artist: EM$o feels like he might end up dying alone on The $urvivor

Taken off his debut 9-track album called Differences, EM$o knows he has lost the faith and might actually be a villain after all on The $urvivor.

EM$o (pronounced EMSO) aka Emanuel Santos is a Switzerland-born indie hip hop artist who has emerged from the depths of darkness where poisonous snakes hide away inside.

Grew up among these circumstances where drug abuse, drug trafficking, stabbings and robbing’s were common. His parents, being both hard working Portuguese foreigners, tried to protect EMSO from moving further away from the city, but always staying in the region because of their jobs.” ~ EM$o

Displaying grit and tenacity to break away from a life that would not last too long, EM$o opens up his notebook and shows us a scribble or two from someone who almost died. Scratching on the surface and wondering if his soul is doomed for its sins, you will find yourself so compelled by this movie-like voyage.

After 3 years of constant stress and anxiety of being caught by the authorities or killed by rival gang members, he stopped that type of lifestyle and moved on, investing into music, where he started rapping and producing music in 2016.” ~ EM$o

The $urvivor from Switzerland-born indie hip hop artist EM$o is a raw track that shall strike your soul in exactly the place you needed it. Guiding us through his life that almost had him six feet under, this is a song to truly appreciate for its honesty. Showing us how he rose from the darkest hour, there is so much strength in this message that will hopefully inspire many to claw out of any adversity.

Turn up this track on Spotify and see more news via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Different View: Bradley Foster wonders why we can’t feed the homeless on Moment of Truth

With the release of his debut album To Reach Blue Skies on the way shortly, Bradley Foster knows that the time is now to see how the world is going to survive all the carnage and poor leadership in abundance on the socially conscious new release Moment of Truth.

Bradley Foster is a 19-year-old South West, UK-based indie hip hop solo artist who is inspired by Kendrick Lamar and Little Simz.

Seeking to convey his music in multiple styles, all while maintaining a consistent brand & identity, is one of the factors that make this artist one to keep an eye out for.” ~ Bradley Foster

Engaging the conversation and keeping things real throughout, Bradley Foster might be starting a new generation of self-aware musicians who help the world be a better place. Rapped with an actual edge we all needed to hear and quick-fire lyrics pulsating with visions of the world that are packed with a genuine message, this is a vital single to turn up loud.

Encouraging introspectiveness & the realisation of individual importance within society.” ~ Bradley Foster

Moment of Truth from 19-year-old South West, UK-based indie hip hop solo artist Bradley Foster is an important single that shall make you ponder how we got here. Showing us deep inside the truth and never backing down on his thoughts, this is a track that is perched with honesty. Sad with the current state of affairs but trying to stay positive, as the journey to blue skies awaits.

Music always shows you exactly what is happening if you listen closely.

Hear this fine new song on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chekmayte knows that excellence is flowing through his veins on Flexx

Knowing that no one can come close (even in their dreams) to his fiery cypher-like steam with intent, Chekmayte urges others to turn up that AC as he is on a mission to stay fresh forever on Flexx.

Chekmayte is a Washington, DC-based indie hip hop artist who seems to shred mics to their core as he transforms our thoughts deeply into his story.

Got off to fast start in the game, but got caught up in life. Bounced around from state to state and now my aim is to give you my story uncut.” ~ Chekmayte

Winning at the game, many play but cannot completely comprehend at all until they are six feet under, Chekmayte has seemingly risen back to prominence despite the odds being stacked heavily against him. Showing us that anything is possible in this selfish world if we can only believe in our talents, this is a hugely memorable rap explosion from an old school soul.

Flexx from Washington, DC-based indie hip hop artist Chekmayte is a top-notch display from an underground rapper who has bided his time. After sorting out family issues and keeping on the down low commercially, it feels like we have a new lyrical master to crown. With a rap style that urges us to listen closer inside his raw delivery, this is a wake up call to the streets. A new King is coming.

Check out this fine video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Orval Hill and Lita Lee became the ultimate dark hip hop power couple in ‘Dark Vibez’.

While everyone else is going high with their vibes, Orval Hill went dark with his rhythmic masterpiece, Dark Vibez, featuring the iconic rapper in her own right, Lita Lee. Together, the duo is as electric as Die Antwoord, but thankfully infinitely less problematic, despite the ‘schizo rap’ style which has come to define Orval Hill’s moody sonic style and playfully twisted lyrics.

With ethereal reverb snaking around the steady rattle of the 808s, there’s a phantasmal avant-garde essence to Dark Vibez, which you may be able to hear if you can tear yourself away with the hypnotic bounce of the rap bars. Honestly, if you can hit still through it, you may as well be in a coma.

The official music video for Dark Vibez premiered on July 30th. Check it out on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DK Verano feels like he has just seen a masterpiece on PICTURE PERFECT

With a powerful flow that washes your soul with so much realness in a seemingly burnt out world, DK Verano is on absolute fire with an intense song that has many romantic intentions with PICTURE PERFECT.

DK Verano is a gritty underground hip hop artist who has a potent delivery that will shake your body awake and give you renewed energy to take on any challenge.

Overflowing with a planned out intent to show that he is actually the prince in shining armour, DK Verano impresses highly on his latest offering. Silky smooth and loaded with spark-filled eyes that certainly see the prize, this is an anthem for those who have been feeling rather shy lately.

With a smooth delivery, lyrics that will cause you to listen twice and a self-assured attitude to making sure that he shall lock hands with this new lover, this is a single to be inspired by if you are single currently.

PICTURE PERFECT from underground hip hop artist DK Verano is a formidable track from a riveting talent who is clearly in love. He likes what he sees and wants this relationship to go into the next stage of pure bliss, that will wipe all his worries away forever.

Sometimes you just know instantly when you see that perfect soul.

Boost your mood on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Intoxicated: HazinSava misses all those sensual kisses on Late Night

Taken from his recent 4-track release Project War, Vol. 1, HazinSava wonders why his former flame is acting so distant lately on the new club-banger anthem filled with the truth about modern day society on Late Night.

HazinSava is a mysterious Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie hip hop artist who is a dynamic creative who makes those underground gems.

Displaying such impressive gusto and lifting our minds into a hazy-filled by hugely memorable time, HazinSava is on top form with a quality track that has been made with purpose. Bravely unlocking the door and taking us deeply inside, this is a tremendously visual song that unearths some hidden feelings you forget about.

Late Night from Las Vegas, Nevada-based indie hip hop artist HazinSava is the hugely familiar story about wanting to get that spark back again with a previous lover. Even after sensing that there might be nothing left, this is a track all about wondering if it is actually possible, despite the unlikely odds. Performed with a passionate mindset and outstanding flows that are matched by a lyrical ability up there with the underground best, this is a quality single made with tenacious focus.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen