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Transcend expectation with Lucy Burke’s jazzy blues pop single, Deaf Ears

With the style and soul of a 1950s chanteuse, Lucy Burke looks through the eyes of iconic female singers in her arcanely arranged jazzy blues pop single, Deaf Ears, which reveals the inner bliss available if you succeed in transcending societal expectation.

Britney Spears’ mental breakdown and subsequent censorship battle inspired Burke to explore the melancholy behind Marilyn Monroe’s glamour and find parallels with the harrowing journey of Amy Winehouse. Deaf Ears also offers an alchemic gaze into the pitfalls that dichotomies present to artists as they choose between modesty and sexuality and conformity and revolution.

With the Sydney-based singer-songwriter’s influences ranging from Eva Cassidy to Portishead to The Beatles to Norah Jones, her dynamic sound never allows you to anticipate what is coming next. But something tells us, we haven’t heard the best of Burke yet, she’s firmly affixed to our radar, we suggest that you follow suit.

Deaf Ears is due for release on September 15th, 2021; you can check out the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

LeoJJChill leaves us ensnared with his minimalist folk sound.


With years of songwriting behind him, LeoJJChill has given us a taste of what we can expect from his future releases. Anyone who found them ensnared by Nick Cave’s new material created in collaboration with Warren Ellis will quickly become ensnared by the ease of the melodies and the command of the vocals above the gentle acoustic guitar progressions.

His songwriting that takes you right back to the roots of folk is simple, but it isn’t without soul or authentic artistic licence, and that is exactly what leaves you absorbed by LeoJJChill’s less-than-archetypal approach to lo-fi folk. We eagerly await his official indie-folk debut.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Feel The Confinement: Gaby DeSpain desires that stimulating thrill on ‘Settle For Skin Deep’

After dazzling us with the incredible singles ‘Dark Delight‘ and ‘Disaster‘, Gaby DeSpain knows that she shouldn’t submit to her potentially dangerous urges but needs to fill the cravings right now on ‘Settle For Skin Deep‘.

Gaby DeSpain is a thrilling American-Icelandic indie synth-pop and blues singer-songwriter who is based in Seattle. She makes that eerily brilliant music which grips hard at your curious soul, taking you to exciting places in your vividly trained imagination.

Raised in India and Turkey and now based in Seattle, DeSpain spent her formative years traveling Europe and Asia.” ~ Gaby DeSpain

With her glorious vocal ability causing your entranced body to shiver nervously in delight – you sense her smartly-written lyrics open your hungry mind up to the temptation-filled world – which most of us feel is desperately needed currently. She shows us into her night out to the stale smoke-filled local bar – knowing that this evening might not be worth it – but could be a wild adventure she might nonetheless enjoy.

A world weary poet, DeSpain uses her music to broaden perspectives while illuminating the commonality of all human kind.” ~ Gaby DeSpain

Settle For Skin Deep‘ from the Seattle-based sensual indie-pop/blues artist Gaby DeSpain, is that whiskey-soaked experience that you need to have in your life sometimes. She sings with such an hauntingly beautiful tone and is rather refreshingly honest here, as she tells us the frisky story that so many of us have felt lately. We need to get outside and feel that hot spark again with a total stranger, who might be tomorrow’s regret.

Listening to your heart is usually the way to go, but sometimes you just need to take the plunge and seek out something that thrills you enough, to awaken your sleepy soul.

Listen to this sensationally performed new single on her Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

As If I Don’t Matter: Superlative Slovakian duo Dennyiah remembers the time when an innocent heart was totally lost on ‘Autumn 2015’

Returning with their first single since 2020’s well-received ten-track album ‘Human Aspect‘, Dennyiah recalls that time when their vital soul was greedily taken away for a while in the breeze of manipulation on ‘Autumn 2015‘.

Dennyiah is a Slovakian indie-pop/country/soul and blues fusion duo. They combine beautifully to give the world an inspiring message of hope and healing, throughout the scary storms of modern day.

This song is about one of the biggest lessons I ever learnt. I was in a relationship with a man that I madly fell in love with. Very shortly after we got together, I completely changed my life for him, for our love. Gradually, I became convinced that my life’s only worth, because I share it with him and I live for him. I lost myself.” ~ Dennyiah

This is a sumptuously performed song – lathered with that horrifying memory from the past – which takes you to a time when you were hidden away by someone who pretended to love you. Selfishly they were keeping your wonderful shine for themselves, as you were fooled by a master soul-thief.

Sung with a world class vigor, excellent guitar playing and that rare honest tone, her incredible vocals take you to that distant memory – which you have faced head on – to conquer the toxic power it had over you.

Since making their debut with the 2020 full length ‘Human Aspect,’ they have become a mainstay in Slovakian music, winning over a dedicate legion of fans with their heartfelt, story driven songs.’‘ ~ Dennyiah

Autumn 2015‘ from the Slovakian indie-pop/country/soul and blues fusion duo Dennyiah, is the story of feeling that your sense of time was in a distant place you couldn’t find for a long time. You feel like you were locked in a love cage you couldn’t get out of, as you were proved wrong when you though they were the one you needed. It turns out, you were on a journey to finding your self-worth, a lesson you learnt the hard way. A vital moment transpired after you were able to find your escape, as you realized that they were actually a traitor, who stole your bravery and innocence, for long enough.

Hear this fresh new single on Spotify and see more of their vibe on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What Did I Say: Singapore singer-songwriter Camille Miller wants someone to hold her tight on ‘Nobody’s Listening’

As she emerges from the cold shadows to stand her ground and let the world know that she is ready, Camille Miller knows that she needs to sing louder to get her message across on ‘Nobody’s Listening‘.

Camille Miller is a Crofton, Canada-born red-haired indie pop/rock/blues singer-songwriter with soulful roots, who is now based in thriving Singapore. She is a well-established act who has been performing since the 90’s, and displays such class on each one of her incredibly beautiful creations.

This is the message of turning up your voice – otherwise you shall be destined to be ignored forever – as you open the door and vow to be heard now. Sung with a really excited elegance and a tone you are only born with, she brightens up any day with a wholehearted performance here that has you smiling from ear to ear, as the underdog emerges to claim her name as she totally deserves.

Nobody’s Listening‘ from the experienced Singapore-based indie blues/pop/rock artist Camille Miller, is that track about moving up to take a stand for what you believe in. After sheltering away for too long and letting others grab the headlines, you believe that now is the time for you to grab the awaiting opportunity. Combined with the support of your loyal loved ones, this is all about showing your intentions so your true fans may follow the lead.

If you want something enough – you need to go and get it for yourself – or die wondering what might have been.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

15DL tries ‘Something Different’ in his latest single

Get your soul-fix with 15DL’s smoother than smooth bluesy funk-pop track, Something Different, which affectionately explores the mission to break the cycle of romantic monotony. It is singles such as Something Different that remind you the opposite to love isn’t hate; it is indifference, the thing that we greet most people with through their lack of ability to set our souls on fire.

With the cleverly provoking lyrical concept, vocals that your soul will want to surrender to and the rich organic tones that will take you to an aural plateau, it is easy to see why so much hype has amassed around 15DL who made his debut earlier this year with the single DAWN.

Something Different is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Spin out of control with Nav’s Hook latest indie folk-pop single, Drivin’ Me Crazy

In his latest single, Drivin’ Me Crazy, up and coming artist Nav’s Hook pulled up the roots of rhythm, country and blues to create an indie-folk-pop jam that pays ode to romantic mania. The infectiously uplifting track comes complete with shimmering Gretschy guitars, foot-stompin’ rhythms and some all too efficacious vocal hooks which make an earworm out of the release.

Any fans of Ryan Adams, Chris Cornell, John Mayer and Jason Isbell won’t want to miss out on this expressively seductive radio-ready track that practically begs for repeat attention.

You can check out the official lyric video for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Fortune Tellers show us the future of funk-rock with ‘Addicted to You’.

Funk, blues, indie and rock n roll all feed into the forcefully infectious single, Addicted to You, from the up and coming artist, The Fortune Tellers. The shimmering Gretschy guitar tones progress in slick grooves through the anthemic production that will be a hit with any fans of Blue Oyster Cult.

Monika’s rock vocals confront you with pure soul as they harmonise around the blues-rock instrumentals and choral backing vocals that allow Addicted to You to share reminiscence with a religious experience. Addicted to You is the title track from The Fortune Tellers’ debut album, released in July 2021.

The official music video for Addicted to You premiered on July 8th; you can check it out via YouTube.

Check out the album on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kayla Lynn & the Change deliver a blissful jazz-funk fusion in ‘More Than Friends’

Kayla Lynn & the Change

Bassist, singer-songwriter and empowerment speaker Kayla Lynn has released her latest jazzy funk single, More Than Friends, with her band The Change; the rich harmonic tones paired with the fresh take on funk is an aural experience that you are unlikely to forget.

She has been making major waves in Asheville, NC’s funk scene with her blissfully textured sound and endlessly dynamic vocals that practically write success into the artist’s future. It is almost a paradox how More Than Friends simultaneously sends you back to the roots of soul and has the potential to definite the future of neo-soul. It’s a stellar release from a refreshingly exceptional artist.

Check out More Than Friends on apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

That Peaceful Place: Poland’s Ludwik Konopko puts our stressed-out minds at ease on ‘Zoa’ (Raia Version)

Taken skillfully from his recent ten-track album named ‘Raia‘, Ludwik Konopko carefully transmits so much heartfelt peace and rare care from his trusty guitar for us to bathe in restfully, on his latest single called ‘Zoa’ (Raia Version).

Ludwik Konopko is an accomplished and multi-talented indie-jazz and bluesy world-fusion musician, guitarist and composer who is based in Katowice, Poland. The ZOA Band leader, he is a highly experienced musician who has been playing at home and overseas since the late 80’s.

His guitar music incorporates elements of blues, jazz, flamenco, and world music.” ~ Ludwik Konopko

You feel so safe and warmly comforted by a true great who has an incredible skill – which has been trained up from all those years putting in the hard work – as you carefully close your worried eyes, so you can feel a sense of calm restoring into your blurry eyes.

He had his first public appearance as a guitarist at the age of 19, when he performed in an orchestra conducted by the composer Virko Baley at the Lviv National Philharmonic.” ~ Ludwik Konopko

Zoa’ (Raia Version) from the worldwide acclaimed Polish indie-jazz/blues/world artist, composer and guitarist Ludwik Konopko, is that true graceful effort which has your feet tapping delightfully. There are no vocals here to cloud our minds, only a fantastic beat and world class guitar playing, that has your weary head feeling so much more thoughtful than before. This is the type of track to put on when your whole body is racing off the tracks from too much stimulation, as you take a break and free up your consciousness, so that you may return confidently to former glories.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen