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Mani Knox delivers high vibe ennui in his standout single, ‘F.M.L’

NYC born and raised alt-hip hop pioneer, Mani Knox, has dropped his sonically high-vibe EP, Demons Dilemma, featuring the standout single, F.M.L; if you are going to curse existence to any track, make it this one.

Since his 2019 debut album, Love is War, Knox has been a mental health advocate through his music. Not in the superficial, good vibes only, way more in the I’ve seen the dark and, now I’m going to show you the light way, that you can’t help getting absorbed by.

F.M.L reels you in lyrical hook, bassline and sinker. His productions are just as massive and robust as you will find from artists such as Labrinth, The Weeknd, and Tinie Tempah but it’s the intimacy of the single that uses a female protagonist to allude to the depths ennui can take you to that wins you over with F.M.L.

F.M.L is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

MMUpClan put melodicism behind the old school hip hop with their latest single, Chico Calabasas.

For their latest single, Chico Calabasas, the breaking 4-piece rap outfit MMUpClan went back to the roots of old school hip hop but took a dark turn along the way. When the beat kicks in, your rhythmic pulses will be powerless to surrender to the minimalist instrumentals that give the rap bars plenty of room to breathe in the intrinsically melodic track that will stick with you long after the fade out.

Everything about Chico Calabasas feels clever, witty, and nothing short of infectious. The magnetism of their vibe is only matched by their talent as wordsmiths. We shouldn’t need to tell you to put them on your radar.

Check out the latest track from MMUPCLAN via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Too Many Problems: King $alamon meets that special stranger who has those extra options on ‘Toxic Girl’

As he looks into her cheeky eyes and makes him wonder deeply if she is for real or just looking for some momentary fun, King $alamon smiles at the thought of that exciting soul who makes his whole body briefly shiver when he thinks of her kissing him passionately on ‘Toxic Girl‘.

Alec Mikailian aka King $alamon, is a Los Angeles, California-born indie hip-hop artist and gamer. He has a smoothly textured rap style and brings us music to dance with, as he flows with real stories about life in this crazy world.

I have had a lot of ups and downs in life but being able to create music has got me through them.” ~ King $alamon

Featuring a terrific soundscape that catches your attention and has you feeling like this is a purposeful message – to figure out if you should be putting in more or less time – into such an alluring figure who could be just around to teach you a lesson, or to show you what real love really is.

Toxic Girl‘ from the Los Angeles, California-based indie rapper King $alamon, is the story about being with someone mysterious who makes your gushing heart beat so fast, you think you can solve all their problems when perhaps you should take a step back. Created with a real glance at the moment he realized he was deep inside her cute smile, this is the type of track we can all relate to in one form or another.

Knowing if they are just messing you around or are definitely for real, is the game you have to play sometimes so you can truly find out the end goal.

Check out this catchy track on YouTube and see more of his social stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Run It Up: Soulful South Carolina rapper Young Jay invests the bills on ‘Mama 2nd Backbone’

Taken off his recently released eight-track album named ‘Grown Man Confessions(Laid-back Version), Young Jay shows love to the one who he truly cares for as he builds up those finances to truly blossom with freedom on ‘Mama 2nd Backbone‘.

Shamar Harrison aka Young Jay, is a dance impersonator, music producer and indie hip-hop artist who is based in Manning, South Carolina.

After purely focusing on singles before, it feels like he is on a life-altering mission to move up a few notches and shows much growth on this mature new single.

With cleanly painted raps that has your mind wrapped vividly into the true story about looking after someone so important that needs you, he flows on a busting beat that has you thinking rather introspectively about your own journey in life. That helping hand you are providing in the time of need, is the only way to look into the mirror with an honest smile after all.

Mama 2nd Backbone‘ from the Sumter, South Carolina-born, Manning, South Carolina-based indie rapper Young Jay, is a track all about showing appreciation for the woman who raised him right. He could of got involved in gangs and found that easy money, but stayed straight and wants to do things the correct way for that long-lasting success.

Made with an assured tone – this is an uplifting release all about doing it his way and avoiding the noise – that will ultimately end up being the road to true success.

Hear this new track on Audiomack and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t You Remember: Terrific Texas RnB artist Cortney Hesse wonders where the love went on ‘Say It Ain’t So’

After focusing on live performances, private parties and weddings all over Texas before covid attempted to destroy all things enjoyable, Cortney Hesse has since turned her attention to releasing her own music again and returns with ‘Say It Ain’t So‘.

Cortney Hesse is an Austin, Texas-based indie RnB/soul artist, former cover band singer and audio engineering college graduate.

Influenced by artists like Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, Santigold, M.I.A, Kid Cudi, she exudes class at every turn, as has a sensationally calm voice that has you rather compelled to turn her up.

Although she spent so many years singing live, she always wanted to perfect the art of recording.” ~ Cortney Hesse

As she displays a smoothly-created vocal ability which is such a lovely listen, we find an experienced artist who sings with such an honest style that is so wonderfully captivating for all of our senses. She has a glorious ambiance and brings us a truthful message that so many of us can relate to – as we move away from the bad energies – and only look to the future, which is filled with such promise.

Say It Ain’t So‘ from the Austin, Texas-based indie RnB/soul solo singer-songwriter Cortney Hesse, is the true story about being with someone and seeing the flame burn out right before your eyes. You miss the flirting, the sensual atmosphere and those fun times, as things got stale and it had to end for both of your souls to fly free again.

Being truly happy, is all that counts after all.

See her new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Out Of The Dark: October Brigade move into the light to find the trembling truth on ‘Ashes to Ashes’

As the heat rises and the pain intensifies, October Brigade look for a way out of these dark days and gloomy nights of never ending carnage with a stunning performance on their latest track called ‘Ashes to Ashes‘.

October Brigade is a Chicago, Illinois-based EDM duo that was formed by the well-respected Eric McLear and Jerome Cunningham.

Writing, collaborating, and performing together in a variety of projects they bring their brand of musical stylings to life and share the results of that creative process.” ~ October Brigade

On a superb track that has your mind racing furiously and your heart beating uncontrollably, there is an air of rescue from a wonderfully-made new track full of movie-like soundscapes. The vocals are incredibly pure and the ominously beautiful beat takes you places into your own mind where you have escaped before, as you find the keys and get away from all the impending doom.

Ashes to Ashes‘ from the Chicago-based EDM duo October Brigade, is that true story about seeking a way out of that scary darkness so that you may find the true place for you to reside. With a breathtaking beat and sung with a stunningly body-shivering vocal ambiance, this is that get-me-out type of track to lift you up from the fiery fires of current times that need escaping from. We are interwoven crisply into a truly uplifting song here, which has been made with a haunting story that so many of us find ourselves in currently.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Crashing Waves: Nashville EDM artist Aleigha Kely finds her wondrous mental flow with ‘Moons’

As she looks up to see that beautiful sky that is guiding her to that self-enlightening world she so seeks, Aleigha Kely smoothly saunters through the smoke of the world to reach the ‘Moons‘.

Aleigha Kely is an exciting Nashville, Tennessee-based indie EDM artist. She has a stunning vocal ability that seems to float into your awaiting soul with much love attached.

Originally from Grand Rapids MI, she started writing music when she was fifteen and went on to study music performance at Millikin University.” ~ Aleigha Kely

This is the message of doing something about feeling so low with all the pressures of life bringing you down and depressed, as you seek a break from it all. Finding peace is the quest and looking after your body through the calming streams that can lift up your soul to higher levels of happiness, to put you in a much better place than before.

Sung with a real grace and a stunning confidence, there is so much to love here from a truly sensational artist who it feels like is at the peak of her powers. She has an electric style that seems to mesh so perfectly with the punchy beat – as she takes us for a sun-lit ride into the right path to take – in this rather confusion-filled world.

Moons‘ from the wonderfully promising Nashville, Tennessee-based indie EDM solo artist Aleigha Kely, is a supremely fascinating single packed full of dazzling vocals and mood-changing ambiance. This is a top track to close your eyes to so you can fully immerse yourself into the calming ocean, away from the sprawling city streets that can take away your valuable soul if you let it.

Finding peace in the healing salt water first, is the only way to be able to look upwards and feel totally free again.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more news on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Others Acting Sneaky: Detroit rapper Leopardhead brushes off the sketchy shadows as he gets in the zone with ‘Light Work’

As he cruises confidently with the real team who have shown their loyalty when many others have not, Leopardhead walks around in content mood with his new single all about putting in the legit ‘Light Work‘.

Leopard God aka Leopardhead, is a highly motivated Detroit, Michigan-based indie hip-hop artist, writer, music producer and actor.

This is the message about walking the correct path with those who you trust the most, as you ignore the foolish others who only seek to bring you down and destroy what you have built up from scratch. He raps with meaning and much vigor, with an underground performance which shows you his growing versatility and will to succeed at his chosen profession.

Light Work‘ from the Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper and music producer Leopardhead, is a street-filled track all about going for your dreams no matter what others are doing behind your back. With the chance of getting involved in temptation so high, he has decided to go against the flow and do things the right way.

Looking in the mirror each day and not feeling ashamed of yourself – is the only way to be truly free and alive in this sneaky world full of fake sharks – ready to bite you at any opportunity you give them.

See this new music video on YouTube and find out more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ready To Roll: C.K.G swoops down like a hungry eagle on bouncy gem ‘Well’ (We Survivors)

Taken off his vibrant thirteen-track album ‘For The Music Supervisors, Vol.2‘, C.K.G shows us that he is ready for anything as he has seen much and is down for whatever obstacles come his way with his new track ‘Well’ (We Survivors).

C.K.G is an award-winning music producer and indie singer-songwriter/rapper from Chicago, Illinois. He makes that mood-lifting ambiance that has those feet tapping and your whole body moving to the rhythmic vibe, of a true underground legend with that style you are born with.

This is a compilation of Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Trap, Rap, House music & more.” ~ C.K.G

With energetic bars that stomps the floor and has you nodding that delighted head in absolute delight, this is a real throwback to those classic days of hip-hop and is made with a modern edge too. He seems to have that I’m-ready-to-ride mentality, which shows he has met many fakes before who actually want him to fail. After realized who is real in this copycat world, he turns up the voltage and flows through the air to swoop down and remind us what good music should sound like.

Well(We Survivors) from the Chicago, Illinois-based music producer and rapper/singer-songwriter C.K.G, is that call to keep the motivation high as things are always falling around us in life. He raps with a clearly efficient style and the beat is rather juicy on this one, as he throws us up in the air on this party-style track for the ages.

Hear this new sizzle-single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All You Do And See: The exceptionally courageous Kruttika is quite superb on ‘Red Flags’

Snow - EP by Kruttika

Taken off her excellent five-track EP called ‘Snow‘, the inspiring Kruttika returns to bless our fragile hearts with a new single which will have you in awe of her tremendously genuine talent on ‘Red Flags‘.

Kruttika Sequeira aka Kruttika, is a remarkable Mumbai, India-born, Los Angeles, California-based composer, producer, indie RnB/soul musician, visual artist and keyboardist, who is partially sighted. She makes such delightful music that will have your whole soul feeling uplifted again, by the sheer beauty interwoven into her soul.

”​Inspired by surrealism, the world of dreams, deep emotions and fantasy, Kruttika’s work is a blend of art and music.” ~ Kruttika

After moving to LA to study music in 2017, she shows a real love for her chosen craft and sings with a sweetly tipped ambiance, which is full of heart and soul.

This is that know-your-value track which has you looking deeper within for that strength to move on from the past which was a traumatic experience, which you have vowed to learn from. She sings with a real breathless energy – which has your whole state of mind altered – by a shining light of true goodness.

Red Flags‘ from the multi-talented indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter, visual artist and keyboardist Kruttika, is that true-life heartbreak story about being played by someone you truly trusted. They let you down even though you were warned, as you now know the games and vow never to be treated like that again.

Sung with an effortlessly classy energy, this is a delightful release which will have you feeling rather reflective and inspired by such an incredibly world class artist.

Hear this fine new single on her Bandcamp and see more news on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen