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Jennifer Jess conjured reclamation in her dark-pop hit, Dark of Night

For her latest single, Dark of Night, the Atlanta, Georgia singer-songwriter Jennifer Jess artfully darkened her pop signature to deliver the ultimate aural reclamation of power. Anyone who has experienced losing themselves in a relationship, which proves that no monster can match the insidiousness of a narcissist, will find fistfuls of resonance within Dark of Night.

The cinematic synthesis of hammering ballad-esque piano keys and the turbulence of the electronic aesthetics, which push Jess’ sound far beyond the contemporary curve, created an arresting platform for her vocals that switch between sultry allure to gravely to strident and back again to deliver an authentically well-rounded hit.

After racking up over 1 million streams on Spotify alone and amassing an engaged audience of 18,000 on Twitch TV with her live pop performances, Jennifer Jess is rightly reigning supreme with her captivating song crafting and vocal range that lingers within the angel-devil dichotomy.

Dark of Night was officially released on October 13; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lex the Visionary artfully revolutionised alt-hip-hop with ‘Stretch’

If you like your rap tracks dark, decadent and full of hooks, delve right into the debut EP, LOTUS, from the Atlanta-based originator Lex the Visionary. Between the four tracks, the evocative trailblazer invites the listener on a journey from heartbreak to the discovery of her authentic self; the cinematic proclivities of the release give you a panoramic view of the roadmap of actualisation and redemption.

The standout single, Stretch, pushes the hip-hop envelope into artfully authentic new territory underpinned by Lex the Visionary’s delectable way of constructing moody melodies. The juxtaposition between her vocals, which give a view into her history with church choirs, and the spacey, at some points transcendent sonic motifs, is nothing short of arrestive.

After the midway mark in Stretch, the soundscape takes an ambient turn; the lush reverb drifting from the synth lines reaches the pinnacle of ethereal catharsis while giving you space to reflect on the introspective gold relayed into this elevated with luxe ingenuity release.

Stream Lex the Visionary’s EP via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ethan Senger augmented retrospective regret in his seminal single, Everything

Ethan Senger became the New Wave Indie Rock equivalent to Springsteen in his fastidiously manicured latest EP, Standing Still, featuring the standout single, Everything.

Balancing anthemic instrumentals with intimate proclamations of ruminative regret, Everything ticks all the right indie pop-rock boxes while setting the bar for any artist who wants to give their heart-on-sleeve lyricality galvanising propensities.

The lyric “I don’t know you but we talk all the time” just goes to show how honed Senger’s song crafting has come since he made his debut; as for the superlative guitar work, which has seen Senger revered by industry tastemakers as a virtuoso, you’ll have to experience it for yourselves to understand why the Atlanta-born-and-raised artist is an icon in the making.

You will often hear music fans moaning that they don’t make them like we used to, but the truth of the matter is that the music industry doesn’t produce global artists as they did in earlier eras. If they did, Senger’s poster would be on the wall of every aspiring guitarist.

Ethan Senger’s Standing Still EP is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Atlanta duo, Piece, caused a new wave of noise rock to crash in with their debut EP

While some alternative acts can be accused of compromising on substance for an edge, the Atlanta-based duo Piece is far from guilty of this sonic sin in their latest single, star cunt.

The second single, taken from their debut EP, Piece Be with You, carved through the airwaves with the no-wave buzz saw riffs and revolutionary punk-rock attitude, which blew the dust off the mohawk-littered scene. Taking the foundations laid down by Sonic Youth and other noise rock pioneers, the off-kilter energy in star cunt is scintillatingly gloomy to the last distorted note.

Tayler Lee and Ty Varesi’s rebellious synergy has seen them become well-known on the Atlanta touring circuit. After the release of their EP, which would do Kathleen Hanna proud with the riotous proclamative vocals, their time to reign internationally supreme is now.

star cunt is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: Jay Activist puts Atlanta on his back with Point to Prove

Telling us all about the concept behind his new album and all the vibes in his hometown of Atlanta, Jay Activist delves deeper into his craft and shows us his hunger inside Point to Prove. Inspired by J. Cole and keeping things to the point, we find a confident creative who is ready for whatever is next in this fickle game.

We appreciate your time Jay. Where in the world are you based and who is your favourite artist of all time?

Jay: I’m based in Atlanta, Georgia and my favorite artist of all time is J. Cole.

Please tell us more about your latest release Point to Prove and the creative/production process behind it and do you feel like your sound has evolved?

Jay: I consider Point to Prove my stamp into the music industry. While this isn’t my first project, it checks off so many boxes of points I feel like I needed to prove as Jay Activist. I can do more then just rap on a song with my growing singing ability, but also produce and engineer a good sound.

What does this album mean to your brand?

Jay: This album defines my brand as the playa that put his words in a smooth way.

If you could play live on any stage in the world, where would it be and who would be on the lineup?

Jay: It would be Statefarm arena in Atlanta with acts such as Drake, J Cole, and Smino.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

Jay: “Don’t take advice from people who aren’t successful”.

Where are the hot spots to you catch live music with meaning in your local area?

Jay: Definitely Apache in Atlanta or college campuses such as Georgia State University or Kennesaw State University.

Last, if you have the keys to the music industry, how would you change it?

Jay: I would make things fairer to artists and change the ecosystem to where people don’t have to sell out to be successful.

Hear this fine release on Spotify.

Check out the progress and gig news on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

For You: Atlanta RnB artist Kay Soul is the brave warrior we needed on Profit A Man

After feeling genuine love from her last 6-track EP from 2022 called Connections, Kay Soul stuns all of our deepest senses on the wonderful new single to learn and mend from, Profit A Man.

Kay Soul is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie recording RnB artist, songwriter, plus model and aspiring actress who sings with an incredible aura which will soothe windy skies.

After recently serving as hostess for the 10th Annual One Nation Under God Music Festival, Kay Soul is rather illuminating here. This is a stunning experience which is rather outstanding and shall ease all worries away as a true angel does.

Profit A Man from Atlanta RnB singer-songwriter Kay Soul is a rather special single which will surely warm the hearts of many. This is an exquisite track which will open up many eyes and filter through into our tired souls, with an artist who is gracious and awe-inspiring in every way.

If you love graceful music with a real message, this is a perfect tonic for any stressed soul.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ike Sanders stopped the hands of time with his fiery new rap track, Stolen Clocks

Literally and figuratively, Ike Sanders’ standout single, Stolen Clocks, from his 2023 hip-hop EP, Seven Hills, is the hottest rap hit you will hear this year; prime your summer playlists for the intoxicatingly seamless fluidity to the expression.

Enigmatic yet seductive, playful yet commanding, the rhythmically rolling rap bars against the bright and scintillating alt beats set the charisma bar unattainably high. Stolen Clocks is an urban jam orchestrated to transcend to a higher plateau with.

Even with the lyrical grit, the optimistically sweet disposition stays true to the Atlanta-based artist’s ethos of orchestrating genre-bending, passion-driven conscious rap. With his tendency to pull in international influences rather than staying true to his hometown roots, you would be hard-pressed to find a more exotically alluring hit.

Stolen Clocks dropped with the rest of the Seven Hills EP on March 24; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Atlanta hip-hop heavyweight Rashaann waxed Dre-style lyrical in his latest hit, Times Like This

If your hip-hop playlists are crying out for a hit that oozes style, innovation and bruisingly clever Dre-ESQUE wordplay in equal measure, tune into the latest hit from the rap luminary, Rashaan.

Times Like This is the silver lining to living in an era where it is easy to distance yourself from sanity day by day by looking at the news and noting the disorientating injustices before taking a look at mankind and realising that we should be referred to as manunkind.

With an EDM backbeat that could make your spine shiver around the jazzy cinematic old-school layers brought by the smoky sax lines and Rashaann’s storming flows, Times Like This is a rhythmically arresting tour de force, which proves he is beyond ahead of the game; everyone else is playing by his rules.

The artist, songwriter, and producer is currently taking the Atlanta hip-hop scene by storm after relocating from NYC and releasing his latest project, Far From Home, featuring the standout hit Times Like This.

Check out Times Likes This on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Atlanta Hip Hop Pioneer Caleb X Illuminated the Way to Tranquillity with his Vibe-Heavy Hit, Peace

Cleveland, Ohio-born, Atlanta-based artist Caleb X started a flood of tranquil melodicism by bringing in the new wave of hip-hop with his latest single, Peace.

Even with the nostalgic samples implanted in the glossily smooth hit, which illuminates the path to catharsis and emotional sanctity, there is no denying the experimentally contemporary edge that effortlessly complements the authenticity within the bars.

Though he may be influenced by DMX and Tupac, Caleb X ripped up the hip-hop rulebook before creating this vibe-heavy hit that will spice any future-embracing hip-hop playlist up with its mellifluous soul and style.

Peace was officially released on January 20th. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ups and Downs: Mcubed makes everything rather clear on Who Am I

Sailing on flight mode and letting his crisp flow guide us into the dreamy clouds above, Mcubed avoids the fake glitz and shows us why the underground has the best music on Who Am I.

Mcubed aka Brandon Johnson is an Atlanta-based, Oklahoma-born indie hip hop artist who grew up rapping with his cousins and hasn’t looked back since.

Filled with inspiration, he continues to intuitively come up with hooks to songs that he writes and records for the world to hear.” ~ Mcubed

Overflowing with confidence and soaked in a self-aware mentality, Mcubed is that electrifying ether through the speaker we all needed to sink deeply into. This is quality hip hop like it should be. There are smooth-as-ice bars here to keep even the most hardened rap cynic happy here.

Who Am I from Atlanta-based, Oklahoma-born indie hip hop artist Mcubed is a thunderous effort made with magnetic proportions many simply can’t comprehend. Laced in a firm fibre that has trigger-inducing raps to learn from, we find a terrific single which is sparked full of a track with excellent written all over it.

Tune into this fine new single on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen