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They Don’t Care: London’s Filippo Bones calls for us to be united on the soulful ‘Broken Bones’

After a long and often painstaking journey to finally get this track released out to the awaiting world, Filippo Bones confidently shatters down the formally formidable fences that were holding him back on the passionate ‘Broken Bones‘.

Filippo Bones is an uplifting Tottenham, London-based indie pop singer-songwriter. He makes that joining-up together music that encourages others to hold on tight, join arms together, and make sure that your dreams are certainly fulfilled no what others say or do to slow you down.

This is the true story about ignoring the lies that are on tv — as this is the inspiring loud call to hold hands and to be in the moment — to come up with solutions rather than doing nothing, is sung with such encouraging vibrations. He is tired of the rubbish being said that is only holding back his friends, himself and complete strangers, who deserve better.

He sings with such a likable style — as you follow his story and groove with the energy that has been transmitted into the earths core — with a determined look on his face, and a skip in his step. Nothing seems to get him down too much and this is reflected into his captivating vocals. which sweeps away the negative and brings in only positive thoughts.

Broken Bones‘ from the inspiring London-based pop singer-songwriter Filippo Bones, plasters over our sore ligaments to present us a song that is high in quality and full of pure energy. Just what we all needed.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Must Be Paid: The Lunar Keys mourn the destruction of our beautiful planet on ‘Silent Ricochet’

As the fragile world burns and turns on each other with their masks on too tight, The Lunar Keys show us what is really going on outside with their honest and well-written new single called ‘Silent Ricochet‘.

The Lunar Keys is a thought-provoking four-piece alt-rock outfit from cozy Surrey in England. They make that honest type of soundscape that has you thinking deeply and wondering about what really goes on in the world and why.

Music, poetry and science have a strong hold on us as a band. To us they are the keys that unlock the mystery of the world and beyond. Violence, oppression and the annihilation of our environment on the other hand, seem to fast track global disaster. Silent Ricochet is about this contrast; it’s critical, but not without hope. Not without positive rage and lunar love.’’ – The Lunar Keys

His vocals illuminate a bright light into the cloudy sky, there are so many that want peace but there is so much going on that needs to be solved quickly. People are being shot for no reason and there are so many wars going on for no reason — as you hold hands — and come together to show that peace is really possible.

Silent Ricochet‘ from the consciously appealing four-piece Surrey, England band The Lunar Keys, lovingly bring our eyes to the truth and our minds to what is really happening going on. As we rack our brains to find answers and wish that things weren’t so money orientated — we all the need to be at peace — and be able to breathe healthily, to be truly free after all.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Thrilling Beat: West London hip-hop producer Saint Drilz has us looking over our shoulder on ‘Nightrider’ (Instrumental)

As he secretly slides in with a truly sinister beat that has so much late evening glow to it, Saint Drilz has us in an anxious daze with the latest mysteriously exciting track from his growing collection called ‘Nightrider(Instrumental).

Saint Drilz is an absorbing West London, England hip-hop producer. He expertly makes those classic old school beats that has your mind in a reflective drive that pierces through your thoughts, and circulates into your consciousness within.

This is that rare beat full of underground quality that pumps you full of much-needed alertness — as you pull your rain-swept hoodie over your head and walk straight ahead — ignoring any distracting noises around but keeping the corner of your eyes on full alert, for any potential mishaps that might await when you least expect it.

Nightrider(Instrumental) from the potent West London producer Saint Drilz, shows us into the dark-lit evening that shows so much promise, yet is filled with sketchy alley corners that can lead you to places that are hard to get out of. The needle-like accuracy of this sharp edged single is one that will have you looking around with intrepid anticipation, and might cause your veins to be a bit fuller than usual.

Hear this top notch beat on Spotify and see the IG music page for more mystery.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Can’t Have You: Splendid Bath producer Alvinos Zavlis tries to break free on ‘In My Dreams’

With a deep regret in his deep voice on an erupting beat of much attraction, Alvinos Zavlis reaches high for what he wants but can’t quite get there yet on ‘In My Dreams‘.

Alvinos Zavlis is a multi-talented Bath, England-based experimental electronic music producer. He vividly wets our awaiting lips with some scrumptious hip hop/dance beats for the body to soak up inside like a hot bubble bath, and also makes RnB tracks for other artists too.

His style is gritty and stylish — you feel the lathering of ambient energies transform the mind through his natural music– which seems to hug you and challenge you to be better, somehow all at the same time.

This is the meaningful message of wanting to be with them so bad, however the timing is off and you can’t quite be together right now. The frustration is so palpable and you are very annoyed, but hope that you will get another chance as they are all you ever think about.

In My Dreams‘ from the accomplished Bath, UK music producer Alvinos Zavlis, enticingly leads us into the mind of a conscious state that is looking for that real feeling again, after being disappointed by not being able to get what you desired. Life is a game after all — but sometimes — dreams do indeed become reality, if you want them to be.

Stream this fresh new track on Spotify and check out his IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Moontown Project evoke dancefloor nostalgia with their indie electro vignette, ‘Mademoiselle’

The UK duo The Moontown Project is back with their indie vibes, post-punk lyrics and genre-evading electronic beats with their latest single, ‘Mademoiselle’.

Ingeniously, the Moontown Project captured club atmosphere in a way that doesn’t give you that stir-crazed desperation for life to return to ‘normal’, but in a way that allows you to vividly revisit the times that came to you on a dancefloor and will stay with you forever.

With their second single, the Moontown Project’s sonic palette consisted of two step rhythms, funk-riding bass and synth lines that tie the track together and create an immersive electro house vignette of dancefloor culture and euphoria.

The duo that consists of Will Swain-Smith on guitar & lead vocals and Guy Molony on keys, bass & lead vocals made waves in London prior to their recent relocation to Leeds which marks a major shift in their career and determination to allow their sound to resound far beyond the districts of London.

Their debut single has already received attention and airplay from BBC Introducing: London, Amazing Radio, Hoxton Radio, Independent Music News and Soundwave Magazine. After signing with Stogey Records, they are set to truly come into their own in 2021.

They have major plans to take their fusion sounds on tour across the country, and thankfully, fans won’t have to wait for long before another ethereal release from The Moontown Project. Don’t just get them on your radar, get them in your gig diary.

Mademoiselle officially released on May 14th; head over to Spotify to hear it.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Libby Butterworth explores femininity with her indie-pop earworm CHANEL.

CHANEL is the latest single to be released by Cambridge-hailing 21-year-old singer-songwriter Libby Butterworth who has already earned a spot on the BBC Introducing Hotlist in 2020 for her catchy, vulnerable indie-pop sound.

Hit play on CHANEL, and you will immediately see why there is so acclaim amassing around her soft feminine vocals that bring plenty of intimacy to her candid lyrical style. Your archetypal pop track leads you to believe that you are the outlier for not having it all figured out; Libby lets her listeners hear her uncertainty and internal conflict with lines such as, “I want it all and I don’t want anything”.

CHANEL flows perfectly along with the shift in the tide away from demands on pop stars to be less iconic and more humanistic. The single finds a nuanced way of saying that femininity doesn’t always come easily, and the desire to be the embodiment of Audrey Hepburn doesn’t always come from within.

Not only is CHANEL an infectiously moody indie-pop earworm, but it also has the potential to help so many women understand their own identity. Naturally, we look forward to hearing plenty more from Libby and her sultry subversive style.

Libby Butterworth’s latest single, CHANEL, is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Sounds Of The People: London-based spoken word poet AMD SPEAKS astounds yet again with ‘Black Holes II’

As he warmly encourages us to only transmit true love from our words and actions despite the dreadful fire burning all around us, AMD SPEAKS returns with his thoughtful new album called ‘Black Holes II‘.

Aaron Daniel aka AMD SPEAKS is a world class London, England-based spoken word artist. He carefully fuses that real storyteller vibe — that keeps your mind alive with that proper insight — despite what is going on in the world as we speak.

This is that rare piece of absolute brilliance, that is made with so much calm energy, as his relaxed tone of information forms a sheet of guidance, to cover up our eyes from the things which we don’t actually need.

There are all highlights here and ‘Grand Rising(ft. Miss Yankey), ‘Sage‘, and ‘A Prayer’, are particular standouts on this superb nine track waterfall of emotions. His deep voice and truthful lyrics rises above all of the noisy conversation that ultimately, isn’t helping you at all.

This is that music release that strikes you hard in your beating heart, as you strive to be a better person and to not let fake gossip and garbage consumerism block your mind up, into the swampy gutter below.

Black Holes II‘ from London’s AMD SPEAKS, brings us that real word on life through his lens, as he perfectly encapsulates the vibe of the world, as he sees it right now. This is the type of album that is highly needed in this unconnected word that has malware flowing through everywhere like an infected water stream. The awaiting world needs more music like this to heal us all of those scars, that need some love and truth lathered all over.

Stream this top album on Spotify and check out his IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True Being playfully explores futuristic uncertainty in his latest single, Wrong Love Song.

The enigmatic masked artist and producer True Being has released his stickiest earworm yet with the release of ‘Wrong Love Song’. After helping plenty of London’s up and coming artists to find and polish their sound, True Being finally made his debut in 2020 with the release of ‘What’s Going On’.

His solo work draws from the theme of futuristic uncertainty but instead of adding to the hysteria, True Being utilises his sardonic wit to playfully explore possibilities, subliminally encouraging you to find the same sense of humour. You’ll almost feel comfort in the polyphonic promise that we’re all going to die.

With the same satirically enamouring style as John Grant, Childcare and Mother Mother, True Being did exactly what he set out to do with his latest release, ‘Wrong Love Song’; share a little eccentric love on the airwaves.

Listen to Wrong Love Song on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Yves Steady – Chamomile King: A Hazy Lo-Fi Indie Art-Rock Lullaby

Yves Steady - The Demos by YVES STEADY

For his latest release, East London-based solo artist Yves Steady curated his demos from the past four years and invited listeners on a journey of intimate aural exploration; the best introduction to his artfully psychedelic sound is Chamomile King. The semi-orchestral soundscape resonates like a garagey, drowsy take on Charlatans while feeding in the same stylish, evocative despondence of Dinosaur Jr.

The sweet and steady chords in the choral feat of new wave indie couldn’t possibly hold more catharsis when they are up against the vocals that sit perfectly in the mix without bleeding or dominating the track that will be a hit with indie, psych, art rock, and folk fans alike.

Chamomile King is now available to stream and purchase via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sham Chewali puts a silver lining on our post-truth society with ‘The Unelectable Liar’

Sham Chewali

For his latest single, Manchester’s singer-songwriter, Sam Chewali, served a roots-deep slice of Rock n Roll. Behind the nuancedly psychotropic Stone Roses and Charlatans reminiscences which give Chewali an undeniablely Manchester sound, you’ll hear his intricate bluesy guitar lead work and frenetic keys throwing back to the 50s.

The Unelectable Liar was penned as a rhythmic high-vibe protest track to point out the absurdity and injustice which came through the vilification of the best Prime Minister we never had. Singles such as The Unelectable Liar are the silver linings to living in a post-truth corrupt society.

The Unelectable Liar is due for release on June 1st. You’ll be able to hear it for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

Keep up to date with their new releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast