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Open The Portal: Winnipeg-based hip-hop artist Nasir Jr locks into the maze with ‘Code’ (feat. Sai Ra)

Taken off his well-received new 6-track album called ‘Love, Hate, & Psychedelics‘, Nasir Jr guides us away from the sewage-filled world of today and leads us into a much better place to live on ‘Code(feat. Sai Ra).

Nasir Jr is a Winnipeg, Canada-based, southern Nigeria-born indie afro hip-hop solo artist and actor who makes a mood-boosting blend of mind-bending music that takes your intrigued thoughts for a riveting ride.

What started as an “escape from reality” in high school has turned into a fully-fledged career, one he hopes will “change the future generation with my words and mentor those that have a story similar to mine.” ~ Nasir Jr

Nasir Jr shows us his efficiently compelling experimental sound that could be the future arriving right now. He sounds wholeheartedly inspired – as it appears that he has just come back from another time – with all the answers for those who deserve to know.

Code(feat. Sai Ra) from the Winnipeg, Canada-based, southern Nigeria-born indie afro hip-hop solo artist and actor Nasir Jr, is a wild journey that accurately portrays the current world as we see it. There is so much variety on offer here and this is a uniquely-fascinating beat that will stun many, as there is so much to be excited about a track with so much to lather so smoothly into. This is the story about knowing that tomorrow is going to be okay if you work out the code to life – as staying emotionally positive with someone you trust – is all you actually need to be content.

Check out this top track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No More Struggle: Nana Motobi drops party-filled new single ‘Mic and Beat’

With the first track of his new 14-track album, Nana Motobi is in sizzling form as he checks the line and keeps it styling with much fire on the steamy single ‘Mic and Beat‘.

Nana Kofi Osei aka Nana Motobi, is a music producer, sound engineer, promoter, songwriter and Afro-Dance rapper from Ghana who is now based in ski-filled Trento, Italy.

There is much to dance with here on an African-inspired beat that is mixed so nicely with that European influence, packed with an exciting atmosphere that is perfect for those summer festivals. The bars are lit up like a bright fuse ready for the night, fueled with a confidence that has your feet tapping and your body grooving in utter delight.

Mic and Beat‘ from the Ghana-born, Italy-based indie Afro-Dance artist and music producer Nana Motobi, is the well-executed story about breaking in just the way you like it. After much struggle and sleeping way too deep in a coma, it feels like this anthem signals his compass-driven journey to the top of the Italian scene and beyond. With solid flows and a catchy beat that captures your attention like a flashy camera ready for action no matter what the weather, you can’t help but enjoy this quality track.

When you want it enough, anything really is possible.

Get wrapped into this fast-flowing tune on YouTube and see more news on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Getting Paid: DonTana keeps the money-filled faucet flowing on ‘Back To The 6’ (feat. Zaytoven)

As he keeps the crew loyal and tight while they count the bags of cash that will make you blush in delight, DonTana slides in with the foreign cars looking all shiny with ‘Back To The 6(feat. Zaytoven).

DonTana is an Angolan-born, Columbus, Ohio-based indie hip-hop artist, songwriter, guitarist, singer, percussionist and composer.

With a smoothly tinted flow which tells you that he is in mightily confident mood, you sense that he is not going to stop this projection upwards anytime soon. He raps about all the successes with the money, ladies and cars at his disposal – as he keeps things smart and simple – on a tidily fresh beat that gets your head moving.

Back To The 6(feat. Zaytoven) from the flashy Columbus, Ohio-based rap artist DonTana, is a bank roll full track all about showing your success and not caring what anyone else thinks. He grew up poor and is enjoying this ride for as long as it lasts, as he knows that nothing is forever in this fickle game he has entrenched himself into. Made with a get-rich-now mentality, this is a rapper who keeps on smiling, as he can’t quite believe how well things have gone.

All that hard work and hustle can certainly pay off, in this world that rewards those who take risks.

Check out this cars-filled music video on YouTube and see how his career elevates on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Paranoid I Might Die: Wildly creative New Zealand/South African rapper HAZLE feels that heavy head brewing on ‘warped walls’

Inspired greatly by Tyler The Creator and Kanye West, HAZLE brings that money and greens vibes with a little taste of that classic Oros Orange Squash too on ‘warped walls‘.

Jordan aka HAZLE is a New Zealand-born, South Africa-raised indie hip-hop artist. He is a youthful artist with big dreams, and raps with an abundance of enthusiasm that has you listening so closely to his authentic vibe.

Growing up my ears were open to all genres of music, I just never realized until last year that music was my calling.” ~ HAZLE

His quick on the mic style is so extremely likable, he flows like a man possessed to find the true path that he seeks without fuss. The genuine rap style is rather breathless at times, his lyrics are supremely intricate and made with so much excellent creativity. This is a man on a mission to reach the top as he climbs up the music mountain without any clips attached, his mind is alert and ready for anything presented for him to conquer.

warped walls‘ from the highly motivated New Zealand-born rapper HAZLE, is a unique track featuring his distinctive South African accent at times – as he tells us the story of feeling so paranoid at the moment – in this rather weird world that doesn’t feel real. The walls are closing in and he doesn’t know what the future holds, but is going to smoke up and let life guide him through the blade-filled clouds, to find that true self-enlightenment.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Of Me Or None Of Me: Perth-based RnB artist Tyler Wade only follows his true ‘Instincts’

As he wonders if they want him for the real person or just the idea of what he is when the lights are bright, Tyler Wade realizes that he is on the right journey via his fresh new track about keeping it genuine on ‘Instincts‘.

Tyler Wade is a Bulawayo, Zimbabwe-born, Cape Town, South Africa-raised, Perth, Australia-based indie RnB/hip-hop artist.

Although new to the music scene, I write and release every song with true intention and the ambition to make it to the global stage.” ~ Tyler Wade

This is the striking story of seeing fake love wherever you go, as you look into peoples eyes and wonder why they just can’t keep it real. Former friends only want to hear about your latest track and potential lovers seem to want something else, rather than the actual person you are.

Made with smartly penned lyrics which clearly come from the deepest part of his heart – he sings with such meaning here with crystal clear pure vocals –  that gives you shivers of absolute euphoria at times.

Instincts‘ from the Australian-based, Zimbabwe-born indie RnB/hip hop artist Tyler Wade, is a terrific track that shows us his talented for both rapping and singing. He has a Drake-type vibe going for him and brings his own flavor into the mix too, as his worldly travels have him in enlightened mood. This is a quality artist who it feels like is only going to get better, as he soothes our speakers with a top performance here, with a relevant subject which we all need to know about.

Following your inner intuition, is the only way to sift through the fake and real in this strange world.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eyes Lock For The First Time: Flow-Key, Sappho and Daydreamer bring that South African energy to life on ‘Talowame’

Produced by Daydreamer and powered by indie label Third World Order, Flow-Key is in top form with a quality new single about being free called ‘Talowame‘ (feat. Sappho).

Flow-Key and Sappho are two promising South Africa-based indie singers/rappers. They are joined by experienced producer Daydreamer, on a tremendously enjoyable track that feels rather special due to its authentic vibe and joyful atmosphere.

Talowame is a neologism. The crew made it up to encapsulate the concept of “experiencing ultimate freedom” or simply put “to be free.” ~ Daydreamer

This is the story about meeting someone who you lock eyes with quickly. You smile at each other and you just know that the energy is just right, as you are clearly meant for each other.

Made with a beach freshness and featuring some catchy Amapiano (a style of house music that emerged in South Africa in 2012) with Kris Swartbooi (a.k.a “Krissidance”) and Alex Karantges (a.k.a “Piros”), at the helm, this is a head-bobbing track you just can’t help but love.

Produced, recorded and released independently by young creatives from the friendly city of Gqeberha/Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The song was released with a music video also made by the artists of the song with the assistance from fellow young aspiring creatives of the bay.” ~ Daydreamer

Talowame‘ from Flow-Key (feat. Sappho), is a smooth energy release which is a bright experience to savor from one of the more genuine areas in the world you will ever visit. Made with a pure innocent vibe, local dancing at its best, and a breathtaking beat which will take you to happy places, this is one of the most freedom-inducing tracks you will hear all year.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That True Love: Soulful Nigerian Gospel singer Remilekun sends praise to the special ones who do so much on ‘Mama’s Song’

With a truly heartfelt reminder to the Mom’s out there in the world who did all they could for their family, Remilekun sings with so much grace and kindness on her latest single ‘Mama’s Song‘.

Remilekun is a Nigeria/London, England-based indie Gospel singer-songwriter, worship leader, concert leader, fifth of seven children, and a Chemical Engineering graduate. She makes that sterling blend of music from the soul, which is packed full of genuine love, as her vocals shine a bright light of pure goodness.

Dedicated to my loving mother and to all mothers, fathers who stood as mums, everyone all over the world who raise the nations and generations with untold courage, perseverance, ceaseless sacrifice and great love. This is to thank you for all you do.” ~ Remilekun

Mama’s Song‘ from the Nigerian indie Gospel singer-songwriter and worship leader Remilekun, is a rather special effort from a singer and leader who performs with a delightful style. Her intentions are so pure and authentic, as she sends a special message to all those Mothers who often feel forgotten. Times may be good or they may be bad, but through all the days that may lead you to different places around the planet, this will always be a true song to turn to for spiritual guidance.

See the music video here on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That True Love: Nigerian singer Eluozo (feat. Rapping Kat) helps our hearts beat lovingly again on ‘One In a Million’ (Remix)

Powered by indie label 3 Shots Productions and remixed by Franky G, Eluozo shows us all his hard work is paying off handsomely with a hot summer track to groove happily with (feat. Rapping Kat) on the new tropical love single which is ‘One In a Million’ (Remix).

Francis Eluozo aka Eluozo, is a supremely motivated and very inspiring RnB solo artist, music producer, and flourishing entrepreneur from Nigeria. He is a passionate creative who genuinely wants to see growth from others, as he performs with a caring edge that most do not possess and wish they had in their locker.

A good start is no guarantee for a good finish, but start good regardless, good is always good.” ~ Eluozo

He sings with such a confident essence, that smells so beautifully warm and has the scary world feeling rather peaceful again. You feel so relaxed in your all-knowing stomach – as you refuse to let go of that sweet love who you treasure so much – even if you can’t be together right now.

One In a Million (Remix) from the multi-talented Nigerian music producer, keyboard player and solo RnB artist Eluozo, is that Afro-Beats fused single that has you believing in romance again. This is that happy-to-go-slow type of feel, that has you wondering if that true love really is so rare as they say. The vocals shine after the cloudy skies and you find some peace on this freedom-finding new track, that is best played loud and with those loved ones.

Hear this new fresh track on Soundcloud and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Wanna See Ya: Art.I.Ficial truly knows what he wants tonight on ‘Hey Mamacita’

Taken off his debut five-track EP named ‘The First Kumming‘, Art.I.Ficial politely asks her to join him for the after party back at his place, on the late-night track all about connecting your eyes together as one with ‘Hey Mamacita‘.

Art.I.Ficial is an indie Liberian-American Anime rapper, songwriter, and music producer. He is a highly creative artist who is fairly new to the game but has the music soundscape born deep in his veins, and you can feel his wonderfully rare chemistry on each part of this exciting track.

This is a steamy story all about stating your intentions and leaving nothing to luck, as you flow into the conversation like a smoke-filled dream. He tells it straight up and isn’t being too pushy, as he sees what he likes and wants to make sure that she is feeling the hot vibes too.

Hey Mamacita‘ from the emerging Liberian-American rapper Art.I.Ficial, shows us a man with one thing on his mind and she knows it. He smoothly speaks to her and leaves her heart beating so much faster, as his words are deeply toned and with so much charm.

This is a late-night track with so much to enjoy, as it sums up our mood away from the doom and the constant gloom, that is slowing passing like the ravishing wind.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see his IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

They Taking My Money: Superlative South African artist Evida fights bravely on to dust off those cash-grabbing ‘Demons’ (feat. Luna Florentino)

With his much-anticipated new album ‘Mirror For A Miracle‘ on the way soon and after moving into the solo universe lately, Evida returns with his latest hit single that eloquently sums up the current climate in his troubled homeland of South Africa called ‘Demons(feat. Luna Florentino).

Evida is a highly skilled Johannesburg-based Afro-pop/Euro-dance solo project from the multi-talented and award-winning music producer, singer-songwriter, and much-respected South African artist Liam Jones.

Originally a group project, Liam is now striking out on his own as his brother and partner, chose to focus on their personal lives.” ~ Evida

With a sensationally striking beat that brightly lights up your sluggish mood like a match on petrol, you feel the rare quality swirling into your curious mind as you take a step back to immerse yourself in such a high class single. The vocals are crisp and pure, with supremely articulate lyrics that are so honest – and let you into the mindset of self-aware souls – who know where they are headed in this strange rat race.

Demons(feat. Luna Florentino) from the excellent Johannesburg, South Africa-based music producer/singer-songwriter and two-time SAMA (South African Music Awards) nominated artist Evida, is a treasure chest of truth that opens up with an unlatching of lyrical and beat-making skills, that captures your imagination so vividly. These are two quality artists who know that the demons are hunting them, but choose to rise up consummately above it all, to find their true path instead of finding the easy way out like so many weakly do.

This is one of those true summer classics that needs much more love as we all fight through the darkness inside our easy to-grow selfish souls – to find that self-enlightening light within – to be better in all aspects of our life.

Stream this world class new single on Spotify and see more of his gold-finding adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen