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Dwin, The Stoic hopes for their connected souls to be closer again on ‘Gkw’

Urging his lover to come back as he feels that lonely energy that is bringing him down, Dwin, The Stoic shows us that true love which has him wondering why he can’t be reunited again on the contemplative single, ‘Gkw‘.

Dwin, The Stoic aka Edwin Madu is a Lagos, Nigeria-based singer-songwriter, composer, poet and journalist who is also one half of the local indie band, Ignis Brothers.

Dwin, The Stoic employs vivid storytelling in his music while exploring themes ranging from love to death to politics. He has written music for acts like Adekunle Gold, Ibejii, Jessica Bongos, Bigfootinyourface, and others.” ~ Dwin, The Stoic

Guiding us through a ponder-packed moment that will take you deep inside your memory if you have ever dealt with the sad vibe inside your soul before, Dwin, The Stoic has us all gazing into the distance and embracing those who we love.

In January 2022, Dwin, The Stoic opened the Lagos leg of Fireboy DML’s tour. He has also performed at Felabration, Ake Festival and for the Swedish Embassy in Nigeria.” ~ Dwin, The Stoic

Gkw‘ from Lagos, Nigeria-based singer-songwriter, composer, poet and journalist Dwin, The Stoic is a song for anyone who is missing their romantic partner. He sings with a truly smooth and honest style that takes you back into that time when you just wish you were together again. With lyrics that will strike you inside your heart, this is a well-constructed effort that is certainly made with that caring mixture that you can’t help but appreciate.

Sometimes your heart just wants to be close, no matter the distance.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and check his IG for more news.

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Exodus Burns And The Burning vocalist knows that they will be war first on, ‘Living In The Land Of Illusion’

Showing us the truth when many try and hide it for their own selfish gains, Exodus Burns And The Burning vocalist urges us to wake up from what these sleepy thoughts aren’t teaching us about history with his latest single, ‘Living In The Land Of Illusion‘.

Exodus Burns And The Burning vocalist is a Nassau, Bahamas-born independent reggaeton artist who is also a world traveller and educator who is renowned wherever he lands.

He is also the founder of Junkaa Bubb – which is a mixture of Bahamas Junkanoo music and Reggae Dubb music – who sends another real message here for us to learn from, away from the horrid misinformation that can break your glorious soul into tiny pieces.

To uplift consciousness in the African mind.” ~ Exodus Burns

Taking us to where the blood was spilt before and the memories that shall never be forgotten, Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist brings us another true story about how Africa has been scarred from its past and must never forget the right way forward to be truly at peace with itself.

Living In The Land Of Illusion‘ from Nassau, Bahamas-born independent reggaeton artist and teacher Exodus Burns And The Burning vocalist show us a world that can take you away from the truth if you aren’t too careful. He warns us that war will come if we believe that our oppressors are here to help us when they are actually just taking what truthfully, isn’t theirs. Sung with his unmistakable grit and honesty, this is another lesson from a great of the genre who further cements his name into the hearts of those who have opened their eyes to what is real.

Listen up to this new single of substance on Soundcloud and see more on his Facebook page.

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South London’s Nick Frayzier wonders if they will ever be ‘In sync’

Bringing us a mesmerising single that shall boost your heart rate and get you looking more in-depth inside the whole picture that you thought was painted, Nick Frayzier takes us into a world that knows that something isn’t quite right with the timing on, ‘In sync‘.

Nick Frayzier is a South London, UK-based Kenyan-born artist and music producer who fuses the line between RnB, rap and jazz to form his own experimental blend of brilliance.

Nick started his musical journey back in 2016 where he would upload songs to Soundcloud using instrumentals he found on YouTube.” ~ Nick Frayzier

Sizzling our senses awake with a cannonball of a single that shows the diverse awesomeness of a creative in full flight, Nick Frayzier flicks a switch and shows us where the light has been hidden all this time on a tantalising release.

His growing popularity in the UK underground scene is a sign that people find Nick’s unique takes on common song topics such as love, loss and yearning to be refreshing, expressing the mightiest highs and the abyssal lows of emotion.” ~ Nick Frayzier

In sync‘ from South London, UK-based Kenyan-born indie solo artist Nick Frayzier, is such a speaker-shaking effort from an artist who is always looking for the next level. His vocals are striking and loaded with a worldly attitude, that has him looking through all the fake plastic – as he tries to find that planet where everything is real – between two souls on the same wavelength. If you are looking for something to open up your conflicted mindset again, this is the answer to all your desires.

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Manchester-based Dámì Sule feels so lost currently as he worries about ‘Taking L’s’

As he examines the grim clouds above and wonders why things are so bleak right now while he cleans up his wounds, Dámì Sule delivers one of the more honest singles you are likely to hear today with the contemplative release about finding your destiny on ‘Taking L’s‘.

Emmanuel Damilare Sule aka Dámì Sule is a Nigerian-born singer and rapper who is based in Manchester, UK and shows us his good-guy-vibe mentality with music to stimulate your deepest emotions.

Taking L’s’ is a fitting title for this emotional and personal tribute to failing to meet one’s own expectations.” ~ Dámì Sule

Dámì Sule is a gifted underground storyteller who seems to have that rare aptitude of expression that lets you into exactly what he is seeing right now. In a carnage-loaded world far too full of gloom and unnecessary hate, he is taking his time to work out who exactly he is – so that he may flourish like a free bird – and banish all those ghastly demons that are hiding in his mind forever.

Taking L’s‘ from the Manchester, UK-based indie singer and rapper Dámì Sule is a soundtrack for those who need some comfort about their current projection in this harsh seemingly alternate universe. There are others battling too and we can feel a sense of unity as we all get lost sometimes when our GPS malfunctions before we have a chat with ourselves and get back on track again. Featuring softly spoken poetry-like gems to awaken the mind again, this is a thoughtful single that should see you gazing outside and wondering if you are in the right place.

After all, you never know where your road will lead if you don’t experience some bad times – so that the good times will feel even more treasured like shiny gold – and make you extra appreciative of what you actually have.

Hear this deep track about finding your way on Spotify and follow him on IG for more.

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AkaiBoi sends us back to the homeland of love with ‘Afrique’ (feat. Su)

With a catchy style and plenty of instrumental-greatness to have you wanting so much more, AkaiBoi fills our minds with so much joy and love as he shows his fondness for his homeland of Ghana with, ‘Afrique‘.

Theophilus Akai aka AkaiBoi is a Ghana, West Africa-born, Evansville, Indiana-based indie artist who is also a well-respected studio musician.

At this point, I’m well-known in the music space as the studio guy. I’ve always served other artists and I love that space. I also have the drive to release my own African-based music.” ~ AkaiBoi

Showing us his intricate skills that have evolved but never sold out to the commercial world, AkaiBoi guides us into a voyage that will have you happily drumming your toes and grooving with superbly rhythmical delight.

Theophilus has managed to spend many years touring with guitar in hand. Hard work and determination landed him a lead guitar role for Phillip Lawrence’s album release show and a robust studio portfolio.” ~ AkaiBoi

Afrique(feat. Su) from Ghana-born, Evansville, Indiana-based indie artist/studio musician AkaiBoi, is an ear-sizzler that will have you closing your eyes and letting your imagination wander. As he shows us a terrific tempo and an unpretentious style that demonstrates why he is so in demand, this is a reminder that his heart will always be in Africa. This is the type of track that will have you looking at your passport, so that you may travel to these beautiful lands if you haven’t already.

With an ode to the past but also a look at where he is now, this is a fantastic track from the US-based artist who is growing his name quickly to magnificent aplomb.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more news via IG.

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Alt-Hip Hop artist Kai Thursday steers us inside his psychedelics-loaded mind on ‘350blows’

With an astute harmonious pencil streaming deeply from his visionary mind and featuring a Dennis Rodman reference, Kai Thursday shows us that he is prepared for the next step as he dreams his way into that manifestation that he knows is possible on ‘350blows‘.

Kai Thursday is a Cape Town, South Africa/Canada-based indie neo-psychedelia alt-Hip hop artist, skateboarder and music producer.

The record is produced by longtime collaborator Hashi, formerly known as Andrew James. The music video for 350 Blows was shot, edited and directed by ingenious filmmaker, Jacob Webster.” ~ Kai Thursday

Showing us that he is headed in the right direction as he closes his eyes and visualizes where exactly he wishes to land when his intellect is back into reality after this important expedition, Kai Thursday might be one of the most fascinating artists on planet earth right now.

350 Blows is an immersive outlook on his day to days during spring of 2021, travelling across South Africa with his skate team. A day in the life of a creative twenty-two-year-old street-fashion aficionado, experimenting with psychedelics and finding inspiration in Spielberg classics.” ~ Kai Thursday

350blows‘ from Cape Town, South Africa/Canada-based indie neo-psychedelia alt-Hip hop artist/music producer Kai Thursday, is a highly innovative single from a sharp mind who is floating right now as he works out what is real and what isn’t. After seeing the world for what it is – this feels like a statement track that is opening up a whole new path – from an underground artist who wants that success so badly but will never sell his soul for the sake of his priceless art.

See his innovative new music video on YouTube.

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Morocco’s Flomine returns with the visuals for ‘Ghorba’ (feat. Mr Casablanca)

On a beat so catchy you will find yourself dancing along to the vibe all night, Flomine takes us on a ride that sends shivers down your spine on ‘Ghorba(feat. Mr Casablanca).

Flomine is a Casablanca, Morocco-based music producer, audio engineer, and DJ who skillfully mixes in gnawa, deep/afro house, and amapiano.

He is the first Moroccan producer to release and produce amapiano music; creating a new fusion genre using his Moroccan traditions and cultures.” ~ Flomine

Gliding in with a new single which is made with a revved-up rhythm you can’t help but nod your head with, Flomine is at his best with a smoothly-shaded release – that has you feeling so much more relaxed than before – as you wrap your mindset into a body-grooving experience to treasure.

Ghorba(feat. Mr Casablanca) from the Casablanca, Morocco-based music producer and DJ Flomine, is a cruise-friendly track that features a looped video that urges us to be wary of the many distractions and pitfalls we may face in the world. Made in an effortless manner that is rather unique, this is a party-friendly track that shows us the innovative nature of an artist who is making his own path by blending in the style that he likes while always keeping his heritage in mind.

See this stylish new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

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MrrrDaisy loves her energy on ‘Hunny’ (feat. Kudjoe Daze)

Bringing us a loved-up single that is written and sung in English, Pidgin English, and Ewe, MrrrDaisy knows what he likes and wants her to smile with him every day on the romantic new single ‘Hunny(feat. Kudjoe Daze).

MrrrDaisy is a multi-talented UK-based Ghanaian Musician, Journalist, A&R Rep, Publicist, Graphic/Web Designer and Blogger who was born in Spain and continues to be an ever-evolving creative.

An Afro-fusion song with a mid-tempo beat that depicts the story of a guy who falls head over heels in love with a woman who is well out of his league.” ~ MrrrDaisy

Produced by Eze Young, MrrrDaisy has that glint in his eye and is joined by the effortless talents of Kudjoe Daze as they turn the lights down low – and guide us into this romantic story – of showing your crush that you are actually the right person to make them happy. Sung with a calming aura that is so pleasant to the ear to tune into, this is a soothing single which will get you in the mood to be with that human you feel is right for you.

Hunny(feat. Kudjoe Daze) from the Ghanaian creative MrrrDaisy, is that devotion-like single that shows us a man who has decided that she is the one. He is reaching for the stars and some might think that he is going for someone who he shouldn’t be pursuing, but the light is bright and he is taking this moment with two hands. Meshed with a beat that will have you holding hands with that special soul, this is a late-night slow dance-infused single of the highest order.

Cuddle close with your lover and press play on Spotify while seeing more on IG.

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Torn Apart: Imelda Gabs knows that she should run away on visuals for ‘Alter Ego’

Showing us into her warrior-like mindset that is utterly torn between two places, Imelda Gabs returns with the music video for her striking new single all about uncovering that exit to leave the burning house behind on ‘Alter Ego‘.

Imelda Gabs is a 23-year-old Belgian/Congolese solo indie-pop artist/pianist/violinist who grew up in peaceful Switzerland.

Bold and unexpected, she manifests her passion and emotions through her music, both on stage and in the studio.” ~ Imelda Gabs

With her unforgettable eyes and inner strength that floats calmly into our consciousness as this intriguing story plays out, Imelda Gabs captures our engagement with a spellbinding effort that shall have your whole soul completely riveted to its essence.

Alter Ego‘ from the Belgian/Congolese solo indie-pop artist Imelda Gabs is that sensational story all about knowing that you should probably leave but your feelings have massive superpowers and are somehow keeping you somewhere you shouldn’t be. Sung with an inside look into the conclusions that can ultimately define you, this is a stunning single and video, that will awaken your deepest soul as you gaze inside to see who you really are.

Ultimately, the decision on who and what to fight for can change everything upside down if you aren’t too careful.

See this thrilling new single on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

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Open The Portal: Winnipeg-based hip-hop artist Nasir Jr locks into the maze with ‘Code’ (feat. Sai Ra)

Taken off his well-received new 6-track album called ‘Love, Hate, & Psychedelics‘, Nasir Jr guides us away from the sewage-filled world of today and leads us into a much better place to live on ‘Code(feat. Sai Ra).

Nasir Jr is a Winnipeg, Canada-based, southern Nigeria-born indie afro hip-hop solo artist and actor who makes a mood-boosting blend of mind-bending music that takes your intrigued thoughts for a riveting ride.

What started as an “escape from reality” in high school has turned into a fully-fledged career, one he hopes will “change the future generation with my words and mentor those that have a story similar to mine.” ~ Nasir Jr

Nasir Jr shows us his efficiently compelling experimental sound that could be the future arriving right now. He sounds wholeheartedly inspired – as it appears that he has just come back from another time – with all the answers for those who deserve to know.

Code(feat. Sai Ra) from the Winnipeg, Canada-based, southern Nigeria-born indie afro hip-hop solo artist and actor Nasir Jr, is a wild journey that accurately portrays the current world as we see it. There is so much variety on offer here and this is a uniquely-fascinating beat that will stun many, as there is so much to be excited about a track with so much to lather so smoothly into. This is the story about knowing that tomorrow is going to be okay if you work out the code to life – as staying emotionally positive with someone you trust – is all you actually need to be content.

Check out this top track on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

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