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Check into Marco x Kelvo’s vibe-heavy ‘Villa’

With every chance of becoming the 2022 summer anthem, if Gen Z can tear themselves away from Running Up That Hill, Marco & Kelvo’s latest single, Villa, is a vibe-heavy slice of smooth, salacious dancehall pop.

The West Ireland hailing artists went all in to prove that even though this summer may feel a little different while we’re readjusting to the new normal, the potential for hedonistic good times is still there. With their distinctive hazy yet rhythmically robust track, the modernist beats bring the energy while the lush reverb and the dual vocals bring the lustful soul.

The Villa will start accepting visitors on June 22nd. You can check-in via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

iluvmali, Philly? & Michael Liriano get luxe in their collab, Saks Fifth

Let your speakers feel the heat in the sun-soaked summer hip hop single from the collaboration between the rap luminaries iluvmali, Philly? & Michael Liriano.

Saks Fifth melds pockets of deep reggae groove with indie vibes and, for instant arrestive appeal, the snaking sonics of Eastern rhythms. The shimmering instrumentals almost pour as much dopamine into the mix as the optimism breathing rap bars, which deliver hook-y lines on a very 2022 brand of luxe romance.

If iluvmali, Philly? & Michael Liriano stay on the underground after this infectious hit; there is something decidedly wrong with the industry. The sheer satisfaction from the first hit of Saks Fith is beyond words.

Saks Fifth is now available to stream on all platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Connecticut’s Timeflex enlightens us away from the possible darkness on, ‘Come My Way’ (feat. Jgriff)

Showing us the way forward as they rep their home town and get the vibe alive with positive energy to lead the way, Timeflex returns with a lovers anthem to truly remember with, ‘Come My Way(feat. Jgriff).

Formally known under the stage name Off Topic, Timeflex is a Connecticut, USA-based artist, music producer and sound engineer.

Timeflex does produce for artists all over the world, but these days he focuses much more on his own music.” ~ Timeflex

Timeflex is joined by the well-established skateboarder/artist Jgriff on this mood-altering reggae-fused track that shall get your happy body jumping with joy and filled with that glowing groove. Showing true love is the message here, as we are blessed by a soundtrack that will have you feeling optimistic again, despite knowing that these sweet kisses aren’t going to last forever.

From stage-presence, behind the scenes work and much more, Timeflex is always looking towards the future and what he can accomplish next.” ~ Timeflex

Come My Way(feat. Jgriff) from Connecticut, USA-based artist/music producer Timeflex is an I’ll-be-back-next-summer track to tap your feet with all night long. There is so much to appreciate about a single that helps you remember that love is short, so making a maximum impact is the key to keeping that smile alive. Sizzling the airwaves awake with such peace and tranquillity to really get behind, this is a single to play when you know you need to say goodbye for now, but not forever.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and check out his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist raises our understanding with the praise-filled release, ‘Jacob’s Rising’

Dispatching our joyous feet into a tapping mood and our smiles beaming wide, Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist returns with his signature style on his latest single called ‘Jacob’s Rising‘.

Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist is a Nassau, Bahamas-born reggaeton artist who is also is a globe traveller and educator of the very highest order. The founder of Junkaa Bubb – which is a mixture of Bahamas Junkanoo music and Reggae Dubb music – is certainly a worldwide artist who performs with so much authentic love.

The Song Jacob’s Rising is written to bring consciousness to all the descendants of the twelve tribes of Jacob from the house of Israel, about who we are, where we are, and where we should be.” ~ Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist

Jacob’s Rising‘ from Nassau, Bahamas-born Exodus Burns and the Burning Vocalist, is one of those likeable singles you can’t help but sing with on full voltage. This is a self-aware artist who has so much to give the world, as he performs with a technique that makes him one of the most sought-after underground musicians in his region. With a beat that has your fingers clicking and your body swaying, this is all about rising up and not paying attention to any negativity that can take you down under.

Hear this new single on Soundcloud and see more news on the FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

LA-based Reggae artist Dezvelkito can’t unsee what has happened on ‘U Make Me Wanna Cry’

As his blushing heart races after a trauma-filled moment that has his mind in a spin, Dezvelkito feels like his lover has made him feel like a total fool and has been so cold lately when there should just be warmth on, ‘U Make Me Wanna Cry‘.

Uscla Johnny Desarmes aka Dezvelkito is a Los Angeles, California-based filmmaker, health guru and indie Reggae solo singer-songwriter.

Taking us for an entertaining and ultimately romantically-torn ride that sends you into a state of contemplation, Dezvelkito is in a dreamy mood that takes you into a vital moment – that has you wondering why the love has faded – when it should be lasting all night long as your lips were once so close.

U Make Me Wanna Cry‘ from Los Angeles, California-based indie Reggae solo singer-songwriter Dezvelkito is an is-this-the-end moment that can make or break a relationship. He sings with such a passionate vigour that takes your mind into another place when you felt the frigid atmosphere that can take your love down into the depths of despair. This is a song that will take you into a picture that so many have drawn before, as you feel that it’s time to pack up the paint and move on to somewhere else that will make you happy again.

Join in the energy on Spotify and see more vibes via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Boston-based IDN moves on from a shattered relationship on ‘Do You Know What I Mean?’

Taken off the 14-track debut album ‘Kaleidoscope‘, IDN brings a modern reggae-like ambience to get that warm sun back in our drenched souls again after a frigid relationship that threatened to bring in that undesirable cold with, ‘Do You Know What I Mean?‘.

Iden Mozafari aka IDN is a Boston, USA-based indie singer-songwriter and music producer whose energy transmits only love and understanding into a world that can take your smile away if you let it.

Kaleidoscope is meant to reflect and refract itself, as shown in the interludes, blending together the project.” ~ IDN

Dropping a much-needed ray of sunshine that blocks out any rainy vibes that have brought you down lately, IDN is quite fantastic as he transmits only helpful thoughts that just require you to listen and lather inside each part of your beating heart.

Do You Know What I Mean?‘ from Boston, USA-based indie singer-songwriter IDN, is a track that helps you bring back that joy and care that was in your spirit before the glass cracked and you had to start again romantically. There is such a calm atmosphere here that is highly likeable and takes you into a better world again due to his incredibly soulful vocals.

This is exactly the type of single to play when you need some inspiration – to heal and be at one with the universe again – after a traumatic time that has you taking time out to relax and reinvigorate your energy that needs to be free from any pointless stress.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alex Tea takes us ‘Away’ with the gravitas in his latest kaleidoscopically blissful release

After spending two decades learning how to melodically speak to rhythmic pulses, the New Jersey-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Alex Tea, has done more than hone in on his sound. Based on his latest artfully soulful, colourfully scored single, Away, he’s reached a new production plateau. To say that it is on the same level as Lou Reed’s iconic single, Perfect Day, wouldn’t be a stretch. It is the perfect amalgamation of vibrancy, emotional candour and hazy catharsis.

The intrinsic timelessness becomes paradoxical through the fresh feel of Alex Tea’s composition and production style. It scarcely comes as a surprise that he’s had his part to play in a significant number of collaborations and has worked with some of the most revered producers, including Pat Van Dyke and Victor Rice.

Each new release is a brand-new tonal palette; Alex Tea has an ever-intriguing tendency to experiment with his affinities for roots reggae, electro-pop, soul, folk and funk. You’ll hear nuances of them all in this kaleidoscopically blissful single.

Away is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bjorn Monnier has released his reggae-pop serenade, Samantha-Song

‘Samantha-Song’ is the latest reggae-infused pop serenade from the luminary artist Bjorn Monnier; the old-school crooning will send you swooning back to the 50s while the sun-bleached rhythms practically top up your vitamin D levels.

Whatever the secret to creating the perfect summer pop single is, Monnier discernibly knows about it, but we’re fairly convinced that it has plenty to do with his lyrical sincerity and conviction to pour himself into vocal performances entirely. The single soulfully explores how every exciting possibility leads to an infinite stream of uncertainty that often gets tainted by past experiences. If any single is going to convince you to delve into the unknown, it is this one.

Watch the official video for Samantha-Song by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Talk It Through: David M Fiori wants that young love joy on ‘Stronger Than Me’ (feat. London Lawhon)

With a groovy vibe and an honest story about taking charge in a relationship, David M Fiori is thoroughly tremendous on his new track featuring striking vocals that will have you nodding your head all day on ‘Stronger Than Me(feat. London Lawhon).

David M Fiori is a New York City-born, Las Vegas, Nevada-based artist, bass player and music producer. He is a legend in the US music scene who knows talent when he sees it, and is a well-respected musician who makes that world class sound.

David Fiori has spent years perfecting his technical sound and unique style, with writing projects that include. Netflix, Marvel Studios, and Nissan, Chevy, Kraze Capone, and Triga, Jasmine Saldana Diaz , Solomon Child from Wu-Tang Clan and currently London Lawhon from American Idol.” ~ David M Fiori

Featuring a soulful singer who has such a succulent vocal ability and matched with a fresh riff that has you in the mood to reach your goals no matter who is bringing you down, this is a top track full of everything you need.

With reflective lyrics about wanting to keep the love alive and to not be a babysitter all the time – this is a fine song packed with a style that has you realizing deeply – that its actually important to keep things in perspective, to achieve that much-wanted long-term success.

Stronger Than Me(feat. London Lawhon) from the multi-talented Las Vegas-based musician and music producer David M Fiori, is that true story about wishing you could be looked after for once. You desire that person who is totally mature and not stuck a reality tv-type mindset, who supports your vision, and takes you on adventures you only thought possible in dreams. This is the type of track which makes you really think, if indeed you are actually with the correct person after all.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lets Dance: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines artist Dynamite has his eyes set on the smiling ‘Mamacita’ (prod. by Shando)

Returning with a new Reggaeton vibe and powered by his indie label South-Side Quarry that certainly spices up your mood after many cold days locked inside, Dynamite shows us what all the hype is about on his freshly squeezed new love anthem for the summer called ‘Mamacita(prod. by Shando).

Joel Tyril aka Dynamite, is a Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-born indie singer-songwriter, label owner and businessman. He has moved into a Hispanic/English style of music recently, as he is always looking to evolve his sound and push the boundaries with creating hit records.

Inspired by Sizzle, Buju Banton, Burning Spare and Capleton, this is a progressive musician who has also shared the stage with Mattafix, RDX, Kevin Little, The Wixard, Bad Royal and Static in the past. His motivation is clear to hear and he sings with much confidence and heartfelt desire to reach all of the obtainable lofty goals set, that he has written down to manifest for the earth to provide.

This isn’t just any record to me, it’s apart of my journey as a spiritual being having a human experience.” ~ Dynamite

Mamacita(prod. by Shando) from the exciting Saint Vincent and the Grenadines-based Reggaeton artist and label owner Dynamite, is that come-and-vibe-with-me right now and let’s dance all night kind of single. With the energy set on a love-filled romantic flow – the bring-the-tequila taste is there for all to sip up enthusiastically –  as the smiles gets bigger and the night turns happily joyful, to having the best evening possible for all involved.

Freshen your ears on Spotify and see more of his Island-filled socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen