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Feenyx – Atlantan rap with a brand new ‘Horizon’

Raised by The Church and honed by the streets, Atlanta-based hip-hop artist and producer Feenyx is far from the typical rapper; on new single ‘Horizon’ we get a fresh combination of thunderous bass mixed with sampled brass and horns underlying Feenyx’s unique flow and grind. There’s elements of Snoop in here, little flourishes kind of reminiscent of Snow and that bombastic, edge-of-reggae delivery, it’s brash, loud, and in your face, with a catchy hook and that big, bold three-note ostinato phrase that lodges in your head for hours after listening. ‘Horizon’ is already getting national radio play, and – as Feenyx’s first single of 2021 – promises to be dropping hot in the clubs this summer.

You can check out the video for ‘Horizon’ on YouTube; find Feenyx here.

Review by Alex Holmes


That Thrilling Beat: West London hip-hop producer Saint Drilz has us looking over our shoulder on ‘Nightrider’ (Instrumental)

As he secretly slides in with a truly sinister beat that has so much late evening glow to it, Saint Drilz has us in an anxious daze with the latest mysteriously exciting track from his growing collection called ‘Nightrider(Instrumental).

Saint Drilz is an absorbing West London, England hip-hop producer. He expertly makes those classic old school beats that has your mind in a reflective drive that pierces through your thoughts, and circulates into your consciousness within.

This is that rare beat full of underground quality that pumps you full of much-needed alertness — as you pull your rain-swept hoodie over your head and walk straight ahead — ignoring any distracting noises around but keeping the corner of your eyes on full alert, for any potential mishaps that might await when you least expect it.

Nightrider(Instrumental) from the potent West London producer Saint Drilz, shows us into the dark-lit evening that shows so much promise, yet is filled with sketchy alley corners that can lead you to places that are hard to get out of. The needle-like accuracy of this sharp edged single is one that will have you looking around with intrepid anticipation, and might cause your veins to be a bit fuller than usual.

Hear this top notch beat on Spotify and see the IG music page for more mystery.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only Going Up: Tampa rapper Matt Chibbs flows with so much style on ‘Space Isle’

With his newspaper ready to be consumed by a man on a mission upwards, Matt Chibbs shows us into his unique world with the new galaxy-gazing single called ‘Space Isle‘.

Matt Chibbs is a thoughtful Tampa, Florida-based solo indie hip-hop artist and music producer, who creates that totally original music that is like no other rapper in the world.

This is the story about doing what you gotta do, no matter what anyone else’s vibe is about as you are only looking to gain knowledge in this wild world. His raps are hard to hear at first — as then you dive in head first — appreciating his skillful bars that shows you total authenticity.

You feel his enthralling flow wash over your mind smartly, as he takes us for a ride like only he can. The busty beat is super complex and makes you nod your head rhythmically, as it completely suits his style and has you smiling from ear to ear.

Space Isle’ from Tampa, Florida musician/producer Matt Chibbs, beams us up to the bright lights beyond what our mind can comprehend. He has a striking style of rapping that has you bouncing along and appreciating his cleverly meshed style. Being yourself in this copycat world, is the only way to live after all.

Hear this quality new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Techno meets jazz in JoeJas’ latest experimental hip hop track, ‘VENTURE?’

Any fans of Beardyman, Qemists and Fatboy Slim won’t want to hang around on the latest single to be released by alt hip hop artist and producer JoeJas.

‘VENTURE?’ is a playful aural assault constructed with elements of techno, experimental house, boom bap hip hop and jazz that won’t fail to leave you adrenalized and endeared in equal measure.

JoeJas lost none of his credibility by utilising his quirky personality. Instead, his roguish attitude runs right through the grooving progressive mix, giving you a taste of his authenticity that will leave you insatiable for his soulful style that carries reminiscence to that of artists such as Andre 3000 and Childish Gambino. Along with his solo work, JoeJas also produces under the moniker HairyMuffinMan; which goes some way in explaining how the mix in VENTURE? pulled together so tightly in spite of the seemingly contrasting textures.

You can check out the official music video that premiered on May 8th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Travel The Galaxy: New Jersey rapper Malik Pollux plants the greens on ‘Money Trees’ (Prod. by Janesh)

As he carefully waters the roots so that they shall grow healthily for many generations to come, Malik Pollux shows us his improving skills on this fresh new cut called ‘Money Trees(Prod. by Janesh).

Malik Pollux is an emerging Hip hop artist from Plainfield, New Jersey. This is a young rapper with a smart head on his shoulders  — who makes that likable kind of music that is easy on the ear — and shows us his charismatic flow which never goes overboard, or turns unnecessarily braggadocios.

This is the story about thinking further than today, as you build up different streams of income that are going to benefit you and your family. In a world that is so short sighted with blinkers on sometimes — this is a welcome mentality and shows his enlightenment to what is really important — far away from the tempting cash-quick game, that mostly ends with blue lights and tears.

Money Trees(Prod. by Janesh) from New Jersey artist Malik Pollux, waters up our curious minds with smart ideas on how to cultivate our own grow. Sowing that long term plan into the ground is the mentality of this quality song, that gets you thinking about how you are working your own paper.

Stream this freshly made video on YouTube and find out more about this emerging artist via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Simulated Youth smashes the premise of the totalitarian state with his dark electro track, ‘Ghost in the Machine’.

Phoenix, Arizona-based dark electronica artist and producer Simulated Youth has switched up his sound from his previous releases, N.B.T. and Kill the Messenger by introducing a galvanising urban twist. With rap bars flowing as veraciously as his euphorically-swamped signature beats in Ghost in the Machine, fans of trance to harsh industrial electronica alike will want to pay attention.

As with all of Simulated Youth’s tracks, Ghost in the Machine is so much more than a smorgasbord of adrenalizing sound; the mix falls on the very valid anxieties of our surveillance state. We may be in the midst of an Orwellian nightmare, but at least we have apt anthems which thrash and slap in the face of dystopic oppression and totalitarian control.

Of all the artists I’ve heard breaking through this year, no other artist holds as much promise, authenticity and escapism from the bleakness of our current socio-political structures as Simulated Youth.

Ghost in the Machine is now available to stream along with the rest of Simulated Youth’s 2021 EP via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t Like It Out Here: Williamsburg’s Dickie Garcon shows us the life of the lost on ‘Unknowing’

Taken off his latest street-hop mixtape called ‘4th Floor Sessions, Vol 2‘, Dickie Garcon gives us a stark warning about what the world is looking like from his vantage point, on the striking new track ‘Unknowing‘.

Dickie Garcon is a Brooklyn, New York-based emcee/producer and sound engineer. He flows like one of the emerging underground young artists from 90’s — as he opens up the door and raps about how wild life is right now — in this lonely and detour laced world.

He flows with an edgy style, looking around to make sure that its okay to walk outside, his confidence is high personally but he definitely doesn’t trust the world outside, as it is full of harrowing holes and sticky swamps that will suck you inside so quickly.

This is the true story of what its like being young and being so restricted from what should be care-free days, as the pulsating beat has your heart beating a bit extra quick, while you look for an exit from all this madness.

Unknowing‘ from the quality Williamsburg, Brooklyn hip-hop artist Dickie Garcon, leads us vividly us into a mind that is trying to process what things are like in this mask-filled world, from a bad movie that just won’t end. He doesn’t like what he sees out there and looks for better days ahead, with a lighter ready to spark up and to quickly forget about current times.

Stream this new street single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Tyteanna has released her fiercely visceral sophomore single ‘Entitled’

Up and coming rap artist Tyteanna has followed on from her 2021 debut single, ‘You Feel Me?’ with the confrontationally infectious track, ‘Entitled’. There’s an intoxicating darkness to Entitled, but at the same, Tyteanna couldn’t have paid a better ode to old school hip hop. With her intellect and deeply meta lyrics feeding into the atmospheric mix, you’re almost over faced with reasons with reasons to immerse yourself deeper in the single which throws inspirational lines such as, ‘If I want it then it’s already mine’, your way.

Tyteanna’s diction and cadence in Entitled establish her as a rap artist with almost unparalleled talent. With so many voices hidden behind reverb or running through rapid-fire bars without letting the words resonate, Tyteanna won’t struggle rising from the underground with her fierce and visceral ability to wax lyrical.

Entitled is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

AK Diorr. takes us on a ride with his latest melodic hip hop single, ‘CHROME FORGIATOS’.

With so much hype around LA-based singer-songwriter AK Diorr., we dove into his latest single, CHROME FORGIATOS. The grooves in the light and ambient feat of melodically sun-bleached hip hop instantly affirmed how Diorr. has garnered so much acclaim since his debut single, ‘Eager’, dropped in 2020.

CHROME FORGIATOS may explore lavish excess, but the through his magnetism and the romanticism of the soundscape that breaks the monocultural mould, the track becomes so much more than just another series of status symbol boasts. You would struggle to find more soul in a contemporary hip hop track.

It’s easy to predict his trajectory to the top soaring in 2021 and beyond. Save a space for him on your radar.

CHROME FORGIATOS is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tasty takes the sting out of growing pains with his latest single, ‘Grow Up’.

After racking up over half a million streams with his EP, ‘Therapy’, New Orleans-hailing alternative artist Tasty is here with his latest sonic evocative firestorm, ‘Grow Up’. His lyrical exploration of growing pains collides with instrumentals which exhibit his versatility throughout the progressive track that incorporates elements of alt-rock, synth pop, hip hop and plenty of other textures in-between.

Carrying the same angst as Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory, the same atmospheric grooves as The Midnight and plenty of the new wave hip hop sound, Grow Up is a stunning act of unintentional genre-defiance. There is a real sense that the authenticity flowed through unadulterated expression, which explains Tasty’s success since rebranding themselves from a hip hop artist to a pioneer of the new wave.

Grow Up is now available to stream via Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast