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80s euphoria grooved back around through Electraverb’s debut LP, NEON

In their debut LP, NEON, the synthpop duo, Electraverb, crafted a euphoric gateway to the 80s dancefloors. I Feel the Music, the standout single, ensnares through delicious grooves, neon-dripping chords, and sensuously magnetic vocal lines; each element ties together not just to revisit an aural era but to fuel it with contemporary fervour.

From the ashes of their previous project, Stoneblue, the founding members, Chris and Mazdak, seamlessly transitioned their synergy, catchy melodies and intricate guitar work which resounded through London’s synthpop scene in the 90s into their new project which marks their maturity as earworm architects.

The addition of esteemed backing vocalists Jo Garland and Shirley Lewis, known for their work with icons like George Michael and Elton John, is a testament to Electraverb’s determination to push their sound to the heights celebrated by their influences.

If you envisioned an aural love child of The Human League, Kraftwerk and George Michael, you’d conjure a reflection of the scintillating soul which oscillates through I Feel the Music which delivers hypnotic rhythms as the harsh snares pierce the lush reverb under the harmonised to the nines vocals.

NEON was officially released on June 14th; stream the LP in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

From Earth to Utopia: Galactica Tranctica Fearlessly Innovated the Trance Anthem with the Cosmic Unconventionality of ‘Cleopatra’

One of the most fearlessly innovative forces in trance, Galactica Tranctica, has made a name for himself with his eclectically styled and unapologetically unconventional singles and EPs. His eagerly anticipated debut LP, Forgotten Forever, which hit all major streaming platforms in June, etched his legacy.

His intuitive exploration of a cosmos of styles, textures, tones, and emotions prises the listener from material reality into interstellar journeys through utopias of ecstasy. The standout single, Cleopatra, is a progressive tour de force which teems with euphoric energy and filters diverse layers of electronica into a cohesive soundscape of bass-swathed beats, transcendent ethereal motifs, and experimental synths, which showcase an artist unafraid to explore new territories to lead his listeners to the brink of nirvana and beyond.

Influenced by Grimes’ ability to obliterate aural boundaries with sound, Jason Poole, the mastermind behind Galactica Tranctica, follows suit with his intrinsically originated, expansive as a solar system, productions which have earned plaudits from BBC Radio Introducing, Amazing Radio, and Wigwam Radio.

Stream Cleopatra and the Forgotten Forever LP on Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bitvert – Deletist: A Techno-Punk Invocation of Resistance

Bitvert’s latest release, Deletist, is an off-kilter slice of pulse-pounding experimental electronica, crafted in the heart of East London’s artist quarter—where creativity thrives despite economic and political adversity.

The encapsulation of the struggle against a dysfunctional government and parasitic leaders embodies the spirit of liberation and defiance; the punk ethos charges the sequence of nocturnal electro, born through an amalgamation of spectral electronica, 4/4 techno beats and kinetic sub-bass frequencies.

The single’s release coincided with the new government’s election, yet it remains timely all the same, given the sense of nihilism and despair that remains pervasive in the UK’s collective psyche. Deletist serves as a bass-drenched techno resistance, a sonic uprising against the subjugation that has eroded hope and fuelled a belief in our epoch’s irreversible regression.

With punk’s spirit relegated to the shadows of the music industry, Bitvert ensures its essence endures through his frenetic rhythms that testify to the times, call for unity and vindicate through volition.

Deletist was released on the 4th of July via We Are Not Content; stream the single on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Batka – Ałive: An Electronic Odyssey Between Serenity and Storm

BaŁka went down a cinematic storm in their latest release, Ałive, featuring PRESPHNE. The seductively progressive hit opens on a note of ethereal transcendence with the intricate instrumental layers efficaciously complementing the quiescent harmonic whispers, but it isn’t long before the intensity builds within the momentum of the tour de force of seamlessly chameleonic shifts in tone and tempo.

The head-spinning hits of Drum ‘n’ bass contort Ałive into a pulsative juggernaut of an anthem; the industrial rock aesthetics which follow act as further attestations to BaŁka’s ability to move sonic mountains with virtuosic melodic manipulations.

From the exponentially expansive crescendos to the transient installations of nature-infused cathartic tranquillity which follows like serenity after a storm purges the atmosphere, Ałive is definitive proof that few artists are as capable as BaŁka in depicting the duality between the brutality and ferocity of the human experience.

The inspiration for his powerful sound design is so much more than just an abstract concept. The thematic essence of his work hits you as hard as the beats, which goes a fair way in explaining how in six months within the industry, he’s already had an official release on MONTA Records, been signed by the LA-based music group, Cage Riot, and garnered over 30k streams.

Stream Ałive on all major platforms, including Spotify, now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Electro-House Goes Pop in Secret Wish’s EP Melody of the Music Man

Secret Wish

Secret Wish’s hotly anticipated EP, Melody of the Music Man, kicks off with the unfetteredly feel-good 7th Heaven Radio Edit before blasting into the 7th Heaven Club Mix, then progresses into the DJ Combo & Rayman Rave, Duumix, DIM3NSION, and Stelios remixes; offering nine different ways to experience the euphoric waves of electro house as they progressively crash on the shores of airwaves and dancefloors worldwide.

The opening iteration of Melody of the Music Man starts with a simple AVICII-esque piano melody before erupting into a disco-grooved EDM anthem for the ages, not just the summer; the appeal of an EDM anthem in this evocatively and melodically liberating vein could never come close to temporal.

The track reaches the epitome of sun-drenched rhapsodic bliss through layers of transcendentally augmented instrumental layers; the beats bring just as much enraptured ecstasy as the synths as they endlessly ascend throughout the progressive house mix that stands as a testament to the Belgian duo’s ability to craft infectious dance-pop anthems with global appeal.

Their music consistently tops charts across Europe and Asia, demonstrating their ability to transcend borders with crowd-pleasing anthems while injecting high-octane energy into productions hooked with a timelessly finessed pop sensibility. It’s safe to assume that Melody of the Music Man will be sitting scintillatingly pretty at the top of the charts before long.

Stream the Melody of the Music Man EP in full on all major platforms via this link from July 1st.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sharon West – Fake: A Euro Disco House Anthem of Pulsating Vindication

Sharon West’s latest single, Fake, created in collaboration with Nick Jay and Jean Luc is an electrifying euro disco house installation of euphoria underpinned by a scathingly sharp persecution of pretenders. The track’s synthesis of retro disco grooves, solid beats, and Sharon’s powerhouse vocals creates a hedonically rhythmic hit that delivers catharsis with infectiously kinetic rhythms that any dancefloor would want to devour.

Sharon West’s journey from live band performances to becoming a sought-after House, Dance, and EDM vocalist and songwriter is reflected in this potent release. Her evolution in the music scene has been marked by her debut album, Revelation, and a series of celebrated collaborations.

Now that Fake has permeated the airwaves, there will be no stopping West in her mission to revolutionise the airwaves. It’s so much more than a nostalgic nod to the forebearers of house; it’s a deeply visceral experience where familiar rhythmic warmth meets the searing burn of truth.

Stream the Radio Edit of Fake on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lose your head and your heartbreak on the dancefloor with Sam Macdonald’s nu-disco hit, I Wanted More

80s synth pop vicariously lives and breathes through Sam Macdonald’s latest nu-disco hit, I Wanted More, which is a testament to the artist and producer’s cultivated talent, honed while studying music production at Leeds Conservatoire.

Hit play and be force-fed ear candy through the synthesis of the rhythmically compulsive disco grooves and the 80s Madonna-esque vocals that don’t stop at soaring above the production; the passion within them wraps around the track like an incandescent aura you will want to bask in time and time again.

The euphoria within the fiery neon-lit tour de force, which finds a vindicating way to address the dejection of not being able to meet unrealistic romantic expectations ensures that anyone who has been burnt by that particular old flame before will be able to lose their head and heartbreak on the dancefloor with this flawless hit.

I Wanted More was officially released on May 10th and is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Pearl Poet – At the End of the World: Apocaloptimist Electro Pop

At the End Of the World by Pearl Poet

If the end of the world is nigh, we may as well follow the human proclivity to romanticise tragedy; there’s no better track to look at the apocalypse through an affectionate lens than the latest single, At the End of the World, by the Floridian producer duo, Pearl Poet. The pangs of euphoria as soon as you immerse yourself in the nu-disco landscape of melody, sincerity and harmony could turn up the heat in the bitterest soul.

As the lyrics and effect-imbued vocals euphonise on a thin line between existentialism and exuberance, the thematic duality of At the End of the World will take the reigns of your rhythmic and emotional impulses; relinquish control and you’ll find yourself in the safe hands of a gifted duo of apocaloptimist electro-pop producers.

The 80s pop aesthetic may continuously be revisited in 2024, but few artists are better placed to modernise the lush neon-lit synthetics as Pearl Poet. Wherever their creative journey takes them next, we want to be there for it.

At the End of the World will be available to stream on all major platforms from May 31. Stream and purchase the single now on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

R34L dawned a fresh era of alt-electronica with ‘NEW WAYS’

Trippy, transcendent, and rhythmically compulsive, the latest artfully orchestrated installation of alt-electronica, NEW WAYS, from the producer duo, R34L, comprising Sarah Hartman and Cason Trager is a cultivated vessel to spiritual ascension, wrapped in the aura of Lynchian reverie.

Hartman’s vocal lines harmonise with the divine high above the leftfield mix of electronica that will heighten any Portishead and Caroline Polachek-orientated playlists. The sense of soul that Hartman brings to the release in synergy with the lighter textures of the luxe track allows tides of catharsis to wash over you as the strong glitchy backbeat juxtaposes the lush layers with a sense of gravity that you’ll want to anchor yourself to time after time.

Whether you find your body beat to it or use it to slip into a sense of serenity by following the dreamlike progressions as they exit material reality, NEW WAYS defies ambivalence with its potent alchemy, which is likely to be extended through R34L’s upcoming 13-track LP, Falling in Place, which promises to place the listener in the unchartered middle-ground of indie-pop & club music.

NEW WAYS was officially released on May 10th; stream the single on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

From Surgeon to Synths: CORM!! Unleashed Electrifying Ecstasy with ‘Lose My Mind’

If you tune into one up-and-coming EDM producer this year, make it CORM!! His latest hit, Lose My Mind, which will euphonise the airwaves with exhilaration is set to drop on May 3; when it does, the impact will be colossal.

The anticipation for the first drop builds right from the intro of lush reverb and female vocals, which break through the arcane atmosphere to directly deliver a sensuously melancholic vignette of heartbreak.

The emotional underpinnings may be heavy, but the ecstasy within the electrifyingly layered and heavy bass-bolstered progressions carries them effortlessly allowing pain and vulnerability to transmute into a synthesised storm of vindication which proves that even if you do lose your mind, you can still come to life on the dancefloor.

When CORM!! isn’t proving his mettle as the architect of visceral EDM floor-fillers, he’s going by the name Dr Jason Cormier, donning a white coat and living up to his legacy as a world-renowned neurosurgeon. Inspired by the likes of Skrillex, Diplo, and Tiesto, CORM!! has a varied discography, ranging from dubstep, trap, future house, big room and pop; hit play on Lose My Mind, and you’ll meet a hybridic earworm that won’t just bed down, it will arrest your rhythmic pulses.

For the full CORM!! experience stream the official music video for Lose My Mind on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast