CAT – Noah: There’s a New Girl Anachronism on The Scene

As soon as the video to CAT’s latest single Noah started streaming, there wasn’t the slightest bit of indifference, as I embraced the nostalgically haunting video unfold in a manner of quirky insanity that Amanda Palmer would agree was eccentrically fantastic. CAT’s chilling soundscape was one that I could never have anticipated. If you could imagine a crossover between Courtney Barnett and Warpaint, you’d get a pretty good idea of CAT’s pioneeringly resounding approach to her sound.

The Los Angeles based New Wave singer, songwriter, screen writer, actress and above all else genius goddess creates something completely fresh with her sound. The overall affect could only be described as overwhelming as her soulfully harmonious vocals resonate with the soaring synthesised beat. Noah isn’t just a track that you listen to, the vibrations of sound flows through you when the harmony really hits.

No praise would be high enough for the experience in aural and visual alchemy for CAT’s music video, so head on over to YouTube to check it out. Tell me if I’m wrong.

You can connect with CAT via Facebook & keep up to date with all of her artistic endeavours.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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