Cassie Jean and the Fireflies keep it moving along with the fantastic ‘Mrs Mavis’

Taken off their 14-track studio-made album that was released on the 18th of March and is called ‘Heart over Head‘, Cassie Jean and the Fireflies get our fingers clicking with their new single that was created with so much love on ‘Mrs Mavis‘.

Cassie Jean and the Fireflies is an indie Americana, folk-rock, and retro country duo that was formed by Cassie Jean Barbaresi and Rich Odato.

Partners in life and music, they made a fateful decision in 2020 to completely forgo cover gigs and ride out the pandemic in their home studio.” ~ Cassie Jean and the Fireflies

Sending our smiles into a place of delight with a song that has you feeling like you are in a peaceful town where you don’t have to lock your doors and all the neighbours say hello, Cassie Jean and the Fireflies brighten up our lives with an enchanting single made with a catchy ambience, that shall take your heart and embrace it while holding your hand at the same time.

Mrs Mavis‘ from the indie Americana, folk-rock, and retro country duo Cassie Jean and the Fireflies, is a wonderful new release that brings you back to the innocence of music made with that loving natural energy. There are only excellent soundscapes and glorious vocals on offer, with lyrics that shall get you feeling alright again. Pure music for the soul, is exactly what you will find here and for that, we are truly thankful.

Listen in to this lovely new release on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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