Casper Jones – Photosynthesis: A Hip Hop Track with More Wisdom Than the Dalai Lama’s Diary

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear a Rap artist taking his lyrics in a totally different direction to pretty much every other Hip Hop artist spitting weak bars. A warning to all you 420 friendly Urban music fans, you probably won’t appreciate the sentiment that Casper Jones puts out through his poetically penned lyrics. With Photosynthesis Casper Jones creates a fresh Neo Soul Indie Pop anthem packed full of up-beat vibes that doesn’t romanticise the hard and fast lifestyle.

He’s taken a step back and created a track that’s packed with more wisdom than the Dalai Lamas diary. “Most living to die, I’m dying to live.” – Show me one lyric that’s better than that. After checking out his debut single Photosynthesis which was released in March 2018 I shouldn’t have been surprised to learn that Casper Jones performed as a slam poet. To create his iconic sound, he mixed his love for the written word and Hip Hop with his passion for creating an immersive narrative through his tracks and nothing has ever sounded sweeter.

You can check out Casper Jones latest debut hit Photosynthesis on SoundCloud now. You can follow Casper on Facebook and keep up to date with his latest Soulfully Indie Trip Hop

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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