Cash Johnson – Devotion Freestyle: A Killer Vibe from a Rythmic Mastermind

Cash Johnson may now just be my favourite freestyler next to Scroobius Pip. His fresh approach to Hip Hop is like a breath of fresh air, there’s no crass venom being spat through his flow it’s just pure lyrical poetry. With his music Cash sets an example to other urban artists, proving that you don’t need to rap about violence and drugs to make a hot track. Devotion Freestyle is a beautiful example of his motivational modus operandi, through his words he orchestrates high-vibe narrative which really lets you taste Cash’s passion for putting music out there.

As for the beat? Well, that’s absolutely flawless, it’s an ethereally light sound that contains pounding resonance amplifying the gritty yet beautiful lyrics that flow through a cacophony of rhythm.

Devotion Freestyle was released on February 26th, 2018, and you can catch the official music video shot by WhoTheWizz on YouTube using the link below:

You can connect with Cash & keep up to date with all of his new releases on Facebook:

For more beats, head on over to SoundCloud:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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