Cash Gotti up the Ante with ‘Bird Bath’ Release

Cash Gotti is an artists who hails from a crime-infested neighbourhood in  Boston, Massachusetts but he has  pushed through the struggles of his youth to try and make a change. Drawing inspiration from street rap and Hip Hop culture. His musical output is all about inspiring and motivating and his latest release ‘Bird Bath’ is looking to build on these themes as he looks to build a solid career foundation with his strong Hip-Hop creations.
The new offering has seen the fast rising artist up the ante and sees him delving deeper into his soul. With solid lyrics and standout Hip-Hop beat it’s a track that has the potential to break down barriers and make Cash Gotti a star. It has a wonderful message and catchy production making it an inspiring ear-worm.
There’s no denying the obvious talents Cash has for creating standout Hip-Hop track and this latest release shines a light on exactly what he has to offer the ever growing scene. He’s different and fresh from what is on the charts at the moment and with ‘Bird Bath’ he has created a unique song that lets listeners know that he’s exciting and rising talent who is ready to takeover the Hip-Hop scene in the coming years.

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