Carlo Is The New Don Of Rap

Believe Me goes to the heart of where rap music is today. Every since it evolved first as hip-hop lyrical battles of wits on the streets of New York and then evolved into its own, separate style, it has always been about the flow of the words and the poignancy with which they land. That is exactly what Don Carlo is all about. But now, where DJ’s and samples would drive the music, something else is the power behind the words. Shimmering synth and beguiling electro form the platform which the modern rapper now works on and Don Carlo uses this to great effect.

Lyrically he liberally mixes the hassle and hustle of the street, of work and relationships and the drudgery of everyday life with his dreams and ambitions and even some unexpected historical references. In short this is cutting edge rap music which knows where it is going but which hasn’t forgotten where it comes from.

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