Captain Klas & Secret Circus give us a taste of freedom with their dark, menacing new single.

Deep, dark, menacing, with an infernal groove and sounding like the devil’s own rock band, Captain Klas and Secret Circus deliver a stunning, brilliant ode to – dare we say – psylocibin mushrooms and the power of hallucinogens in general with this absolute stormer of a lockdown track.

Opening with a threatening telephone call sample, ‘Once You Taste Freedom’ is part psychedelic electro-pop banger, part minacious alt-rock grind, all ominous synth bass, dotted delay, grindy guitar parts and a mildly distorted drum sound, all hemmed dangerously behind the oh-too-easily-breached cage bars of Captain Klas’ gruff, gravelly low-down vocals.

In keeping with the avant garde experimental nature of Secret Circus, there’s not just one video for ‘Once You Taste Freedom’, but six (count ‘em), all then composited together into one YouTube vid. This can’t be stressed enough, ‘Once You Taste Freedom’ truly is the real thing, an absolute gem of a track amongst the humdrum daily monotone of 2020 Lockdowns. Freedom’s one thing, for sure, but more pertinently – once you taste Secret Circus you definitely won’t go back.

See the video for ‘Once You Taste Freedom’ on YouTube, and follow Secret Circus on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

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