Capital P – High for This: EDM-Inspired R&B

If you like you R&B EDM-inspired and a little on the ambient side, you’re going to adore the softly hyped soundscape of Capital P’s latest single High for This.

The intro to the track orchestrated by the deftly skilful German artist kicks off at a tentative pace and seamlessly slides into a melodic synth-driven mix with just the perfect pinch of reverb by the time you get to the bridge. The track may run at a slower pace to your average R&B track, but the amount of harmony which is weaved into the multi-layered beat is more than enough to sink your teeth into. There are no dramatic drops or offerings of unrestrained vocals, High for This was just an offering of pure R&B Soul which is an absolute pleasure to slip into.

High for This was also the perfect testament to Capital P’s vocal ability; there aren’t many R&B crooners who could keep that same sonorously sensual rhythm right the way through the track. You can check out Capital P’s latest single which dropped July 20th, 2018 on SoundCloud now, you can also head on over to their official website for more.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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