Can’t tell us what to say: Passionate LA singer Eriel Indigo drops sensational video for ‘Renegades’

On a mission to tell us how it really is in the USA right now, the dynamic Eriel Indigo opens the door for the world to see her at her most vulnerable, yet never stronger on ‘Renegades‘.

Eriel Indigo is a supremely gifted Los Angeles based indie-pop, EDM, Hip-Hop music artist and captivating creative activist, with a true story to tell. She makes that music that eats deep at the core issues and she brings her awakened sounds to the world, through her brazen style that leads you inside, if you want to learn more.

Taped up to a chair and clearly tired of current affairs that are thrown at us each day which are so hard to ignore, she sings with such velocity and cuts right to the bones of major issues such as divisiveness, hate, media-controlled state-sponsored narrative, brainwashing society and other problems that shouldn’t be happening, in a supposedly smarter world. Sadly poor leadership at the top for too long, has caused these issues and this young artist is fed up with it all.

Renegades‘ from multi-genre LA singer-songwriter/EDM and Hip-Hop artist Eriel Indigo, is the wake-up call for all those who have been hiding under their blanket with the blindfold on recently. She tells it straight up in her own open-minded way and passionately speaks out about the current issues that she feels is wrong and needs changing as soon as possible.

When things are at its worst, we need love and strong leaders to come to the front and do what is right. This is a talented artist who is using her vast platform wisely and has sent Earth an eye-opening and truthful music video, that lays it all on the line for hopes of better days ahead.

Hear this fiery track on Spotify, watch this stunning video on YouTube and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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