Can’t be loved, Till I love myself: Javii reminds us to be kind to ourselves on ‘Self Love’

With a peaceful whistle and a gentle sound that has you feeling so tranquil, Javii tells us the message that we all need to hear on ‘Self Love’.

Joel Javier Zorrilla aka Javii, is a brave Miami, Florida-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter. He is a courageous creative who has endured a tough life and has used music as his escape, from a wind-swept upbringing full of storms and carnage. He chose to float away from the thunder on his guitar lifeboat — and is now free to be his own lifeguard — and swims majestically with a calm mind to help others.

This is the true story filled with heart-stopping moments, as you remind yourself to stop being so harsh when you make silly mistakes. The world can be gloomy and grey at times, as you look to love someone else during your journey of doing the same for yourself.

He has such a calming vocal exterior, that seems to brush away the dust that can fog up your mind. Each guitar strum is made with so much peace and care — as you feel like you are drifting from the bad vibes that are easy to soak into — moving into the road that you really want to be on instead.

Self Love‘ from Miami, Florida’s Javii, opens the creaking door to where you need to be, as the world blusters over your mind sometimes to shake all that noise on you. Having the self-awareness to take some time to mellow out and worry about yourself for a bit is definitely needed. Being positive and kind to yourself in this quick-swipe and compare society, is the only way to stay sane after all.

Stream this quality single on Spotify and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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