Calvin X has dropped The Summer

Calvin X has released track ‘The Summer’ the perfect feel-good anthem to boost your mood and bring in that enjoyable feeling of summer through the lyrics.

Starting off with that simple clasp of the strings on the guitar creating that smooth riff as the vocals begin to come in, infusing that more Rap element through the fast-pace verses and adding in that occasional distorted electronic style vocal that collides alongside the melody.

Everything about this song has this pure energy that pulses throughout, making it an enjoyable piece to listen too. That hard-hitting beat tends to cut through as the volume begins to get louder and the verses get quicker.

Having this rather mellow tone to the vocals, keeping the pace steady not tending to speed up, you can hear every lyric as it’s sung. Combining the melody and the vocals together to create this catchy and upbeat track.

Listen to Calvin X’s The Summer by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

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