Call You Mine: Daniel Heyn fondly recalls that deep love on Why Did I F*ck It Up

As he reminisces about that special human who he cherishes so intently, Daniel Heyn wonders why he messed everything up when this was the only person in the world that he wanted to be with on his lyric video for Why Did I F*ck It Up.

Daniel Heyn is a youthful indie-pop singer-songwriter who has amassed an extraordinary total of over 500k social media followers.

Showing us his hunger to be signed to a record label, Daniel Heyn shall take your heart up into the clouds and into a romantic relationship that shattered in half when the opposite was supposed to occur. Honest in nature and steaming with passion, this is the kind of single that will have you gazing back into your memory bank.

Why Did I F*ck It Up from the 21-year-old indie-pop singer-songwriter Daniel Heyn is an emotional story that will strike the heart of all those who veered away from something so incredible. With pleasant vocals that will warm up your ears, this is a song that is packed with a contemplative aura that might take you back into a time and place you wish could be reversed.

On a catchy beat that might have you nodding your head for hours, this is a release for anyone who regrets when they messed up something so beautiful.

See this new lyric video on YouTube and find out more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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