Californian alt-rockers Add Moss deliver up some brooding mood music with new single ‘Innamoramento’

Martinez, California alt-rockers Add Moss had an interesting gestation, initially starting out life as a duo comprised of multi-instrumentalists Aussie Bridger and Joey The Coyote, before effectively becoming a solo album project for Bridger following the departure of the Coyote, and then gradually expanding, over time, to a full five-piece band (once again including Joey The Coyote).

Now onto their seventh album, ‘Innamoramento’ is a brooding, moody eighties-inspired take on dark rock, all slow-picked flanged guitar lines, driving drums, and echoey, ethereal bass backing saxophone and Bridger’s reverb-soaked vocal. Starting slow and building to greater and greater power, ‘Innamoramento’ is a classy mix of goth, prog-rock, and jazz fusion, reminiscent of a slower The Mars Volta, Seven Impale, or Closure In Moscow. It’s not the frantic, frenetic, multi-rhythm-centric Volta, for sure, but that proggy fusion influence is clear; this is grown-up alt-rock through and through.

The suitably dark and effected official video for ‘Innamoramento’ is on YouTube; check out Add Moss here.

Review by Alex Holmes

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