California R&B singer Morgan Crite brings us that special feeling with ”Look of Love”

Morgan Crite has a special voice and sings with such love and affection. ”Look of Love” is all about knowing that your special crush is into you too. You just know and feel it inside your body and bones. That is a stunning feeling and one that you cherish and wish could last forever.

Morgan is from Bakersfield, California and is making his mark in the music scene. With just three singles out he is a new name in the game but shows a lot of potential. His voice is pure and he takes us into his picture of love and seems to have that butterfly feeling inside his stomach. He is clearly taken aback and this is a really good R&B effort from the young singer.

Look of Love” will be a popular R&B song that is played when the lights are lit dimly and let’s hope that he creates more songs like this. I anticipate him joining forces with a female singer soon on a song as this will be an intriguing dynamic. Morgan Crite is a name to watching in the US music scene for 2020 and beyond.

Follow Morgan via Spotify and hear this song and more from this US singer-songwriter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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