Caleb Bashioum Releases their latest Irresistibly Magnetic R&B Pop Ballad “Addicted”

Where many up and coming artists are failing to amass plenty of attention, that’s exactly where Caleb Bashioum has perceptibly succeeded. With his most recent single “Addicted” the Orlando artist treated their ardent fans to yet another irresistibly atmospheric R&B Pop soundscape which reinvents the R&B Pop ballad and makes it fit for 21st-century airwaves.

While the EDM beats lay down a dark yet deftly textured tonality, Caleb Bashioum’s vocals add layers of compelling, pitch-perfect harmony which allows plenty of soul to spill into Addicted. While the lyricism may have been a little archetypal for a sombre contemporary R&B Pop ballad, there’s absolutely no denying the potential behind Caleb Bashioum’s radio-ready sound. With the artist’s main intent behind his soundscapes being to leave a positive effect on the world, the magnetism of this artist is just one of the reasons why they are able to set themselves apart with such distinction.

You can check out Caleb Bashioum’s track Addicted for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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