CAIA sleeks in with sexy ‘Doin To Me’

CAIA is back with his vibrant new song ‘Doin To Me‘ and this one is bound to be a bedroom winner.

CAIA is a former gymnast, model, DJ and currently a singer-songwriter. He shared what inspires his music, style and the people he finds most exciting in the world today.

Doin’ to Me‘ is a song that covers the topic of poisonous relationships that are addictive & harmful yet oddly pleasurable at times. You feel like you are in love but some things that your partner does makes you shiver sometimes. You are so far in that you choose to ignore the red flags for a while. How long will this thrilling but risky love last?

The video was directed by Francois Rousseau and Andre Atangana and as good friends of the artist, this team worked superbly on the exciting music video.

Doin’ to Me‘ from CAIA is a sexy, sultry and hot song that is about that passion inside. This is a song that has George Michael energy all over it and this is a fine artist that makes a summer hit here.

Stream here for the YouTube link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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