Caesar – Lust: an alt-electro pop exploration of intimacy

Singer-songwriter, Caesar, may have started their music career as a country artist, but if his latest electro-pop hit, ‘Lust’, is anything to go by, darkly sensual electronica is where his signature sound boasts maximum efficaciousness when it comes to pulling you into vivid imagery, soul, and ingenuity.

Stabbing synth notes join reverb-soaked drumbeats in true contemporary style which resounds with the same appeal as tracks by Cigarettes After Sex, Beach House and Big Black Delta, and Caesar works just as much magic with the lyricism. Usually, Lust is painted as sordid and sinful, at least to some degree, but through Caesar’s depiction of lust, you get to explore tender intimacy, and it is an exploration which you will want to make time and time again.

Lust is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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