Burniscous put an RnB trap pop spin on Sam Smith’s heartfelt hit, ‘Kids Again’.


A cover of Sam Smith’s wistful hit ‘Kids Again’ has joined alt-pop artist Burniscous’ collection of original tracks; it’s safe to say he well and truly made the single his own.

By moving away from the archetypal contemporary pop ballad mould and veering into the realms of EDM RnB Pop with a melancholic cloud rap twist, the cover increases the potency of the evocative sting while introducing the heartfelt lyrics to a brand-new audience. The excessive use of vocal reverb might be a little too much for some, but not for the thousands of people who have Burniscous firmly affixed to their radar and appreciate the echo of his vulnerable and raw tracks.

Burniscous’ cover of Kids Again is now available to stream via Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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