Burning Windows – Tramp: Darkly Immersive Progressive Rock

While the latest track by Burning Windows “Tramp” kicks off as a doom-filled Progressive Rock anthem unfolding through lyricism so ominous that you’ll wonder if you’ve just been read the rights of passage into a Satanic cult there’s much more behind the intellectually-minded single.

As the track progresses, through the lyrics you’ll catch the elements of raw human emotion which drove Burning Windows to create such a darkly immersive soundscape. As much as you will appreciate the poetry of the lyrics, you’ll enjoy the sludgy, chunky guitar riffs even more as they wrap into an instrumental arrangement driven by pure restrained angst and get a sweet hit of instant aural catharsis. Even given the slightly Lo Fi production to the track, Tramp is still a promising hit which indicates a bright future for the up and coming powerhouse.

You can check out Burning Windows latest single Tramp for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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