Buffalo Boy has released enticing single ‘Rabbit’

Buffalo Boy has dropped their latest single ‘Rabbit’ a rather mysterious and eerie piece filled with insane instrumentals and smooth vocals.

The instrumentation gets it’s time to shine through this track, starting off with a suspenseful sound effect that gradually builds up and leads into the soft riffs on the guitar as the light tap on the drum begins.

A rather intriguing element of this piece is that the vocals tend to keep at a very low pitch, and the instrumentation pushes through and constantly keeps at that high volume. Overpowering the vocals as they fade into the back.

With the tone of voice it is quiet but still has that softness to it, even though you can’t always hear it over the heavy instrumental that cuts through.

Head on over to Spotify now to listen to Buffalo Boy’s single Rabbit.

Review by Karley Myall

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