BuddhaMan Tha G.A.W.D. Dropps His Smoothest Hip Hop Drop Yet With “Worth It” ft. Kazee

BuddhaMan Tha G.A.W.D.’s dropped his latest track “Worth It” on February 1st and in the process treated us to a smoothly atmospheric release of Indie Hip Hop.

To bring a dynamic texture to Worth It, Buddha Tha G.A.W.D teamed up with Rap artist Kazee, the contrast between the two vocal styles makes sure that the single remains unpredictably immersive. With no hint of repetition, it was easy to soak up the semi-romantic empowering vibes of Worth It.

The light Indie melody mixed with the Trap beats in the multi-layer mix which left plenty of room for atmospherics in between. The tempo may have been slow and sweet, but the vocals and Rap bars were allowed to run heavy through the lyrics.

You can check out BuddhaMan tha G.A.W.D.’s latest single Worth It for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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