Bruce Bowie – Undeniably Antarctic: Glacially Perfect Hip Hop

Bruce Bowie’s 2017 debut album Undeniably Antarctic is a diverse mix of euphorically inspired Hip Hop Rap tracks which any Kanye or Jay Z fan would appreciate. Each beat behind the album is hyped up mix of rhythmic electricity. There aren’t many Hip Hop artists who have created such a massive sound with their first ever album, it’s clear that Bruce Bowie is not your average Urban artist. His lyrics tackle the real issues, behind them, is the Dance EDM inspired beat which switches it up from hookish drops to tantalisingly tangible waves of Trap. In tracks such as ‘Came II Far’, he winds back his flow and adds some Old School Soul to his sound. It’s not every day you’ll stumble across a Hip Hop album that has the ability of keeping you immersed from the first track to the last. Yet Undeniably Antarctic is a rollercoaster of evocative sound that hits you like the full force of a waterfall.

You can check out Bruce Bowie’s album Undeniably Antarctic on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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