Broken Wireframes- Slow Burn I: rock and electronic intertwine

Broken Wireframes by Broken Wireframes

Broken Wireframes consists of a solo artist from Northern California, recently releasing his new single ‘Slow Burn I’.

Pulling a lot of elements from old school rock, it sounds similar to bands such as Muse, it shares that same element of using electronic styles but keeping the vocals at a low-pitch to give it that rock feel. Broken Wireframes shows that he can offer diversity whilst not being afraid to dive into different styles and combine them together.

It has these slow beats, with the use of acoustic instrumentals which give it this more relaxed sound. But then towards the end the tempo is turned up and the instrumentals begin to get louder as powerful drum beats begin to overpower the vocals.

It is different in so many ways and gives the listeners a variety of unique ways to produce a song that uses such diverse styles like electronic and rock, he’s made something that when you listen you can really feel the music and it makes you feel good.

You can check out Broken Wireframe’s new track by going heading to Band Camp.

Review by Karley Myall

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