Broken Bricks deliver a faultless slice of chartable pop with ‘Slow Down’

Stripped back yet full-on ‘Slow Down’, the new single from electronic luminaries Broken Bricks, is a perfect blend of ‘real’ instruments, programmed drums and sequenced melody lines, and beautiful, fragile vocals. There’s a touch of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs to the chorus, maybe a smattering of Friendly Fires or Bat For Lashes across the track, and an element of Little Boots to the (mostly) female vocal delivery. A charming, perfectly-formed piece of electronica, dancey without being ‘dance’ and immediate without being throwaway, with ‘Slow Down’ Broken Bricks have delivered a faultless slice of chartable pop which insinuates itself firmly into your head, sets up camp, and simply refuses to leave.

Hear ‘Slow Down’ on Spotify. Follow Broken Bricks on Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

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