Broken Boombox: TBK The Blind Kid flows with flawless abandon on ‘Nikes for my Chucks’ (feat. Black Theory)

As he attempts to retain his focus from all the temptations around each corner, TBK The Blind Kid gets our head nodding around like we are listening to a classic from the 90’s on ‘Nikes for my Chucks(feat. Black Theory).

TBK The Blind Kid aka Brett Devloo, is a Canadian-born, visually impaired hip-hop artist and avid skateboarder who has a Californian soul and loves to do things that break barriers that were considered to be impossible before.

Known for his uplifting music paired with lyrics that take you on a journey (a path less travelled if you will), TBK is driven to change the world with his limitless creativity and perseverance.” ~ TBK The Blind Kid

TBK The Blind Kid laces up and drops into our mindsets with a record that will have you shifting the volume up until the max. He raps with a poised style that has you considering like this is the vibe you have been missing lately and gives us a performance for the ages on this underground gem.

Nikes for my Chucks(feat. Black Theory) from the hugely motivational Canadian hip-hop artist TBK The Blind Kid, is a superb single which has a vintage vibe racing through the wheels at all parts of the skate park. With a sterling beat that seems to just get better and better, these two top-quality artists mesh so well and give us a real treasure here. It really doesn’t matter what shoes you have on, after all, it’s all about your driven-to-succeed mentality.

Stream this top single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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