Broken Bones Matilda Release A Lush, Haunting Masterpiece

If you have ever wondered what it would sound like if Nick Cave wrote songs for Fleetwood Mac, the answer might just lie somewhere in Madeleine, the latest release from Broken Bones Matilda. It has all the hallmarks of the a Cave penned ballad but with all the short-circuiting sonic turmoil removed and instead rendered with the lush, majesty of the aforementioned transatlantic stalwarts.

But Broken Bones Matilda are their own people and references aside they weave a unique tapestry of their own design from exotic folk, deft acoustic guitars lines and baroque pop, medieval vibes and arabesque richness, sweeping strings and sultry vocals. In lesser hands the sheer weight of the sonic building blocks involved would prove overpowering but such is the skill of this Bath quintet that it is so perfectly balanced that it is nothing less than a rich and haunting masterpiece.

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