Brittney Crush is watching from her ‘Window’

It’s always nice to hear ‘proper’, live guitar on an electronic-based R&B track, and the guitar part on Brittney Crush’s new single ‘Window’ is a superb, delicately played and funk-driven soulful groove sitting perfectly between the electronica of synth bass and beats and Brittney’s excellent vocal part. The latter is a deep, chilled, and mellow delivery, smooth and sultry, breathy and delicious, perfectly matching the lyrical themes of female empowerment, chasing dreams, living life to the fullest, and finding love.

‘Window’ is a beautiful return to form for Brittney Crush, whose debut album ‘Chameleon’ was released to critical acclaim in 2018, followed by the singles ‘Bad Girl’, ‘Pick Them’, and ‘Big Joke’; with performances opening for soul-disco legend Gloria Gaynor, and shows at the Staples Centre (for the LA Clippers and the LA Sparks, Brittney’s home-town NBA teams), and at the Taste of Soul festival in Atlanta, good things are already happening for Brittney Crush. On the basis of ‘Window’, those good things are going to get bigger and brighter in 2021.

You can see the awesome, 1970’s-tinged video for ‘Window’ on YouTube; check out Brittney Crush, and get hold of the new single, here.

Review by Alex Holmes


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