Brian Mackey – Don’t Own Much: A Rhythmic Dose of Melancholy

As soon as I saw the title to Brian Mackey’s latest single Don’t Own Much I knew that I was going to instantly fall in love with the up and coming artist. It’s a struggle, thrashing against the skewed notions of success to follow your success. If you think the concept is resonating now, just wait until you hear the vocals. The grounding effect of Brain Mackey’s vocal style was only amplified by the piano melody which injected even more pensive emotion into the mix. There is so much longing and humility written into the lyrics, it’s almost overwhelming as it comes alive through the New York/New Jersey-based approach to Americana Folk Rock. With his Pop inclinations, Brian Mackey ensured that the production on Don’t Own Much was absolutely flawless.

If you’re ready for the perfect dose of rhythmic melancholy, you can check out Brian Mackey’s latest single Don’t Own Much by heading over to Spotify.  If you find a way of getting the chorus out of your head let me know. I have a feeling it will be stuck there for days.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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