Breweth – Continuum: Viscerally Wounding Lyricism around Perfectly Polished EDM Beats

Eminem is back, and so is Breweth with his second single Continuum. The Hip Hop Rap artist may be relatively fresh from his inception, yet his style has already matured into a feverish momentum which is as easy to feel as it is breathing.

Continuum isn’t a track which hangs around before kicking into verse, the Rap bars hit you with the sobering lyricism around the aggression, terrorism and fear which we are all forced to contend with in today’s society. The up and coming artist’s delivery is as fresh and visceral as the wounding lyricism which draws you into the poignancy of the track. Whilst I wasn’t overly fond of the female vocals which were weaved into the mix, there is very little to fault about the perfectly polished EDM Hip Hop beat which carries an unholy amount of bounce.

You can check out Breweth’s latest single Continuum for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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