Brazilian pop band New Unity escape the confusion from the current illusion on ‘Words’

As they swim quickly away from the utter perplexity that has engulfed something that was so strong before, New Unity wonders why it had to end this way on the emotional new single about those final ‘Words‘.

New Unity is a Brazil-based indie-pop band that rides against the normal tide and do what they feel is right to get their art out into the world.

We are trying something else, different from what people are used to here.” ~ New Unity

Gliding high to get away from the demanding vibes that threatened to wrap around their priceless soul, New Unity has such calming vocals and a sound that will have you in such a ruminative mood – as you look up into the sky for guidance – on how to handle such a tough situation.

Words‘ from Brazil-based indie-pop act New Unity, is a single that might cause you to pause and think back to when you were in a position where you cared so much but had to escape from something that wasn’t real anymore. The passion is so vivid here from an outfit that performs with sure a caring attitude and shows us that sometimes you have to do what is right for your heart to truly be happy.

Listen in to this new single on YouTube and see more on the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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