Bray – The Aliens Are Here: Intergalactically Indulgent Alt Rock

There have been a fair few new artists who have sprung up in recent years with reminiscence to Bowie, the Arctic Monkeys even tried their hand at creating a sonically intergalactic soundscape, yet only a few manage to pull off the space oddity vibe whilst carrying their own distinctive edge.

San Francisco-based artist Bray happens to be one of those experimentally indulgent musicians who can make a sound which is so accessible come alive in a way like you’ve never heard before. The title track from his recently released album “The Aliens Are Here” kicks off with a prelude which would sound just as at home in an anthemic Pop Punk track. Yet, the reserve in the vocals, and atmospheric angular guitars which feed into the fusion of acoustic instruments and electronic effect are genre-defying. so, I’ll dub the Aliens are Here as a mesmeric work of aural ingenuity which Alt Rock never knew it needed.

You can check out the video to Bray’s latest single The Aliens Are Here for yourselves by heading over to YouTube or download the whole album via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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