Boys Ride Bikes Release “Somagwaza Ii” – An Infusion Of Samples From South Africa And House Rhythms

“Somagwaza II” is one of those tracks that immediately will grasp your attention. With an extremely particular combination of sounds, which include samples from South African field recordings from the 50s and westernised House rhythms, this song has a very unique character to it and can definitely create a lasting impression. “Somagwaza II” is in fact a Kwaito infused track taken from a project entitled “South Africa Vol. 4,’  featuring the work of several different artists while focusing on one homogeneous theme.

What makes Kwaito music and “Somagwaza II” so unique is its ability to immerse the listener in a whole new different world through African samples and a particularly slower tempo which makes it very different from other types of House music. Apart from this, the song is also rich in catchy melodies, variations in texture, synth loops and rhythms which have the ability to carry you along and immerse you in the groove. Having said this, the most impactful element, without a doubt, is the distinctive vocal melody highlighting the South African sung lyrics which give this song a truly unique character. This is a song which is not only enjoyable to listen to but which also provides listeners with an immersive experience, transporting them to a whole new place.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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